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He was the secretary for the National Institute for the Promotion of Sciencea precursor of the Smithsonian Institution. While building electromagnets, Henry discovered the electromagnetic phenomenon of self- inductance.

He also discovered mutual inductance independently of Michael Faradaythough Faraday was the first to make the discovery and publish his results. He invented a precursor to the electric doorbell specifically a bell that could be rung at a distance via an electric wire, [5] and electric relay Henry's work on the electromagnetic relay was the basis of the practical electrical telegraphinvented by Samuel F.

Morse and Sir Charles Wheatstoneseparately. "Charles coulomb aportaciones a la fisica yahoo dating" parents were poor, and Henry's father died while he was still young. For the rest of his childhood, Henry lived with his grandmother in Galway, New York. He attended a school which would later be named the "Joseph Henry Elementary School" in his honor.

After school, he worked at a general store, and at the age of thirteen became an apprentice watchmaker and silversmith.

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Joseph's first love was theater and he came close to becoming a professional actor. His interest in science was sparked at the age of sixteen by a book of lectures on scientific topics titled Popular Lectures on Experimental Philosophy.

In he entered The Albany Academywhere he was given free tuition. Even with free tuition Charles coulomb aportaciones a la fisica yahoo dating was so poor that he had to support himself with teaching and private tutoring positions. He intended to go into medicine, Charles coulomb aportaciones a la fisica yahoo dating in he was appointed an assistant engineer for the survey of the State road being constructed between the Hudson River and Lake Erie.

From then on, he was inspired to a career in either civil or mechanical engineering. Henry excelled at his studies so much so, that he would often help his teachers teach science and in was appointed Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy at The Albany Academy by Principal T.

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Some of his most important research was conducted in this new position. His curiosity about terrestrial magnetism led him to experiment with magnetism in general.

He was the first to coil insulated wire tightly around an iron core in order to make a more powerful Charles coulomb aportaciones a la fisica yahoo datingimproving on William Sturgeon 's electromagnet which used loosely coiled uninsulated wire. Using this technique, he built the strongest electromagnet at the time for Yale. He also showed that, when making an electromagnet using just two electrodes attached to a battery, it is best to wind several coils of wire in parallel, but when using a set-up with multiple batteries, there should be only one single long coil.

The latter made the telegraph feasible. Because of his early experiments in electromagnetism some historians credit Henry with discoveries pre-dating Faraday and Hertz, however, Henry is not credited due to not publishing his work. Using his newly developed electromagnetic principle, Henry in created one of the first machines to use electromagnetism for motion.

This was the earliest ancestor of modern DC motor. It did not make use of rotating motion, but was merely an electromagnet perched on a pole, rocking back and forth.

The rocking motion was caused by one of the two leads on both ends of the magnet rocker touching one of the two battery cells, causing a polarity change, and rocking the opposite direction until the other two leads hit the other battery. This apparatus allowed Henry to recognize the property of self inductance. British scientist Michael Faraday also recognized this property around the same time.

Since Faraday published his results first, he became the officially recognized discoverer of the phenomenon. Decades later, Henry wrote that he made "several thousand original investigations on electricity, magnetism, and electro-magnetism" while on the Princeton faculty. Parker was a free black man hired by the Princeton trustees to assist Henry. In an letter to mathematician Elias LoomisHenry wrote:. The Trustees have however furnished me with an article which I now find indispensible namely with a coloured servant whom I have taught to manage my batteries and who now relieves me from all the dirty work Charles coulomb aportaciones a la fisica yahoo dating the laboratory.

In his letters, Henry described Parker providing materials for experiments, fixing technical issues with Henry's equipment, and at times being used as a test subject in electrical experiments in which Henry and his students would shock Parker in classroom demonstrations.

Henry was appointed the first Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution inand served in this capacity until Inwhile Secretary, Henry worked in conjunction with Professor Stephen Alexander to determine the relative temperatures for different parts of the solar disk.

They used a thermopile to determine that sunspots were cooler than the surrounding regions. "Charles coulomb aportaciones a la fisica yahoo dating" late and earlyduring the American Civil WarHenry oversaw a series of lectures by prominent abolitionists at the Smithsonian Institution. Famous orator and former fugitive slave Frederick Douglass was scheduled as the Charles coulomb aportaciones a la fisica yahoo dating speaker; Henry, however, refused to allow him to attend, stating: In the fall of history author Jeremy T.

Diary of Mary Henry. Throughout the diary, Henry is repeatedly mentioned by his daughter, who showed a keen affection to her father. Henry was introduced to Prof. Thaddeus Lowea balloonist from New Hampshire who had taken interest in the phenomenon of lighter-than-air gases, and exploits into meteorology, in particular, the high winds which we call the Jet stream today. It was Lowe's intent to make a transatlantic crossing by utilizing an enormous gas-inflated aerostat.

Henry took a great interest in Lowe's endeavors, promoting him among some of the more prominent scientists and institutions of the day. Lowe would not be able to attempt a transatlantic flight until late Spring of theso Henry convinced him to take his balloon to a point more West and fly the balloon back to the eastern seaboard, an exercise that would keep his Charles coulomb aportaciones a la fisica yahoo dating interested.

Lowe took several smaller balloons to Cincinnati, Ohio in March On 19 April, he launched on a fateful flight that landed him in Confederate South Carolina. Charles coulomb aportaciones a la fisica yahoo dating the Southern States seceding from the Union, during that winter and spring ofand the onset of Civil WarLowe abandoned further attempts at a trans-Atlantic crossing and, with Henry's endorsement, went to Washington, D.

Henry submitted a letter to U. In accordance with your request made to me orally on the morning of the 6th of June, I have examined the apparatus and witnessed the balloon experiments of Mr. Lowe, and have come to the following conclusions. The balloon prepared by Mr. Lowe, inflated with ordinary street gas, will retain its charge for several days.

In an inflated condition it can be towed by a few men along an ordinary road, or over fields, in ordinarily calm weather, Charles coulomb aportaciones a la fisica yahoo dating the places where it is galled [i. It can be let up into the air by means of a rope in a calm day to a height sufficient to observe the country for twenty miles around and more, according to the degree of clearness of the atmosphere.

The ascent may also be made at night and the camp lights of the enemy observed. From experiments made here for the first time it is conclusively proved that telegrams can be sent with ease and certainty between the balloon and the quarters of the commanding officer. I feel assured, although I have not witnessed the experiment, that when the surface wind is from the east, as it was for several days last week, an observer in the balloon can be made to float nearly to the enemy's camp as it is now situated to the west of usor even to float over it, and then return eastward by rising to a higher elevation.

This assumption is based on the fact that the upper strata of wind in this latitude is always flowing eastward.

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Lowe informs me, and I do not doubt his statement, that he will on any day which is favorable make an excursion of the kind above mentioned. From all the facts I have observed and the information I have gathered I am sure that important information may be obtained in regard to the topography of the country and to the position and movements of an enemy by means of the balloon now, and that Mr.

Lowe is well qualified to render service in this way by the balloon now in his possession.

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The balloon which Mr. Lowe now has in Washington can only be inflated in a city where street gas is to be obtained. If an exploration is required at a point too distant for the transportation of the inflated balloon, an additional apparatus for the generation of hydrogen gas will be required. The necessity of generating the gas renders the use of the balloon more expensive, but this, where Charles coulomb aportaciones a la fisica yahoo dating results are required, is of comparatively small importance.

Lowe has presented me with the in closed statement of items, which I think are reasonable, since nothing is charged for labor and time of the aeronautic.

As a famous scientist and director of the Smithsonian Institution, Henry received visits from other scientists and inventors who sought his advice.

Henry was patient, kindly, self-controlled, and gently humorous. Henry showed an interest in seeing Bell's experimental apparatus, and Bell returned the following day. After the demonstration, Bell mentioned his untested theory on how to transmit human speech electrically by means of a "harp apparatus" which would have several steel reeds tuned to different frequencies to cover the voice spectrum.

Henry said Bell had "the germ of a great invention". Charles coulomb aportaciones a la fisica yahoo dating advised Bell not to publish his ideas until he had perfected the invention. When Bell objected that he lacked the necessary knowledge, Henry firmly advised: On 25 JuneBell's experimental telephone using a different design was demonstrated at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia where Henry was one of the judges for electrical exhibits.

On Charles coulomb aportaciones a la fisica yahoo dating JanuaryBell demonstrated his instruments to Henry at the Smithsonian Institution and Henry invited Bell to demonstrate them again that night at the Washington Philosophical Society. Henry praised "the value and astonishing character of Mr. Bell's discovery and invention. Henry was a member of the United States Lighthouse Board from until his death.

He was appointed chairman in and served in that position the Charles coulomb aportaciones a la fisica yahoo dating of his life.

He was the only civilian to serve as chairman. The United States Coast Guard honored Henry for his work on lighthouses and fog signal acoustics by naming a cutter after him. The Joseph Henryusually referred to as the Joe Henrywas launched in and was active until They are two of the 16 historical figures depicted in the reading room, each pair representing one of the 8 pillars of civilization.

The Henry Mountains were the last mountain range to be added to the map of the 48 contiguous U. After the Albany Academy moved out of its downtown building in the early s, its old building in Academy Park was renamed Joseph Henry Memorialwith a statue of him out front.

It is now the main offices of the Albany City School District.

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In it was listed on the National Charles coulomb aportaciones a la fisica yahoo dating of Historic Places ; later it was included as a contributing property when the Lafayette Park Historic District was listed on the Register. Elected a member of the American Antiquarian Society in It was demolished at some point after From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Joseph Henry, see Joseph Henry disambiguation.

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