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The great mcginty online dating


Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! The Great McGinty But for his first such The great mcginty online dating to be so good has got to be seen as a The great mcginty online dating achievement for Sturges.

I know how long he had to wait, and how hard he had to bargain to get that opportunity. He knew he had to succeed, not in his own terms but in those of his bosses at Paramount. In other words he had to bring in an economical movie that was conventional enough to be popular with audiences and critics alike.

The lead, Brian Donleavy plays McGinty as quite a straight character who has comic moments in set pieces with other players. The best comedy of the movie probably comes from Bill Demarest as "the Politician" and especially Akim Tamiroff as "the Boss", who drives the movie and its plot along, as he pushes McGinty and his career forward. The second movie in the Preston Sturges golden period would be 'Christmas in July', again not one of his brilliant best, but beginning to include more of the lunacy and eccentric characters of a true Preston Sturges movie.

By the time of his third project 'The Lady Eve', Sturges would be at the top of his form and the top of his art, and 'The Great McGinty' has to be seen not only as a good movie in itself, but as the first step in that direction. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. The great mcginty online dating like the suit got YOU! This is a supremely satisfying comedy and had it been Sturges' only directing credit, would still mark him as a filmmaker to remember.

And, no, that's not a subtle swipe at his others, merely a defense of this too-often overlooked The great mcginty online dating. Maybe the best asset of McGINTY is its budget constraint, which steered Sturges towards the 'ensemble' casting which would become one of his hallmarks. The love interest of Muriel Angelus, and adjoining subplot, may come off a bit treacly, but Sturges was canny enough to make this studio-mandated mawkishness an integral part of the plot Preston Sturges' directing debut is a smash as he cleverly shows how even back in "the good old days," politics were as cruel and crooked as ever.

The acting is pretty solid here, especially the leads, but the real point here is the story that Sturges has put together. Here, we see a simple man who does what he is told and almost immediately is made governor of the state.

This shows that America is the land of opportunity as well as the land of corruption. What amazes me is how fluidly the film moves. This shows The great mcginty online dating wonderful genius of Sturges and how he was able The great mcginty online dating enjoy a successful career throughout the s. A very underrated and unknown film, this is a perfect gem about our not-so perfect government. He isn't one of the more famous actors of the classic era but he did his share The great mcginty online dating good films and good performances.

This certainly ranks among his best. And he mixed well with Akim Tamiroff in here, both verbally and physically. Preston Sturges wrote and directed the film.

All of that makes it a surprise there are so reviews of this film on this website. The story of McGinty and his wife "Catherine" Murel Angelus also turns out to be nice with a unique twist to the relationship.

It starts off as a business-type of deal, then turns romantic but ends sadly. However, the film doesn't end on a sad note. To be fair, however, I have to admit I liked this far more on the first viewing. When I looked it at 6 years later after watching thousands of other classic films, this just didn't come across as strong.

The first thirty 30 minutes was good with some snappy dialog but The great mcginty online dating it bogged down with that marriage-for-convenience angle and the politics got really sappy. It could go either way, but if you are classic movie fan, you should consider checking this film out.

Dan McGinty has great success...

The s saw the appearance of four major American directors: They had careers of varying degrees of success. Welles is usually seen as the great talent done to death by the jackals of the Hollywood system and his own personality quirks.

Wilder and Huston were both more successful, although both met with serious problems as well - "The great mcginty online dating" with the threat of the blacklist in the last s, The great mcginty online dating Wilder with increasing feelings of irrelevance in the industry after Sturgis actually had a far longer career in Hollywood, as he was a highly successful screenplay writer in the s. He was finished as a filmmaker by Even Welles lasted longer.

The Great McGinty () on...

It remains the best study of the weaknesses of the democracy our country prides itself on every 4th of July or other patriotic occasion. For the whole joke of the rise and fall of Dan McGinty is that he only succeeds when he fully works alongside the corrupt Boss Akim Tamiroff and the latter's underlings William Demerest, Harry Rosenthaland when he actually tries to personally reform and be the good statesman, he is brought down by the Boss in disgrace.

Said this way the joke sounds flat, but Sturgis' witty and perceptive script is not flat at The great mcginty online dating. Basically the problem comes down to The great mcginty online dating - how seriously do Americans take their system?

As I said before we give a lip service to it, and we follow the forms, but do we really understand the nature of the public trust imposed on our elected officials and the electorate?

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The reason is that everyone is more concerned with earning a living for themselves and their families. At one point Muriel Angelus tells William Demerest she has just read a book in The great mcginty online dating the writer points out that the money spread around by political corruption actually does help everyone by stimulating business and prosperity.

Demerest shoots back that he wishes that book was read by everyone in the country. Of course Demerest's self interest would push this theory. But is he far from totally wrong? When Donleavy runs for Governor he is Mayor of the state's largest city.

Notes on Film by John...

There is a series of inter-cut scenes of Demerest The great mcginty online dating a speech for Donleavy while Robert Warwick gives a speech for the "reform" candidate. Warwick keeps harping on the useless public roads and public works that Donleavy and his cronies have foisted on the public to line their pockets.

But Demerest reminds the public that as a result of these acts of public construction hundreds of The great mcginty online dating were fed during what was the depression, and the result gave the people "the most beautiful city in the world. Akim Tamiroff's boss seems like a typical political hood, but if you listen carefully his comments culminating in "America is land of great opportunity" merely mirrors comments like those of the Tammany Hall sage George Washington Plunkitt in the early 20th Century, who said he "saw his opportunities and took 'em.

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But there are examples of dishonest graft in Tamiroff's world - examples that Plunkitt would have known of. When Donleavy starts his way up the political power tree, he is an "enforcer" collecting bribes from bordello operators and bar owners. This is not as gray an area of corruption as the public works issue - how do you defend shake-downs of small fry? Sturgis, in the end, destroys the machine and the would-be reformer by showing the impossibility of reform.

Donleavy tries to make a stand, but his principled attempt is ignored as the public learns he took bribes. He is swept out of power as rapidly in it's way as his rise from bum to governor had been. Yet even Sturgis must have realized that in the real world such sudden altruism would not have occurred to rock the boat. The Great McGinty grabbed me with its verve and jaunty iconoclasm from the beginning. One of them never did anything dishonest in his life except for one crazy minute.

The other never did anything honest in his life except for one crazy minute. They both had to get out of the country. Akim Tamiroff is simply wonderful: This state needs everything. We'll need - you'll kiss me for this - a new dam. You think a dam is something you put a lot of water in. A dam is something you put a lot of concrete in.

And it doesn't matter how much you put in there's always room for a The great mcginty online dating more. McGinty and Sturge's second movie, Christmas in July may not quite be up there in the stratosphere with his absolute best like The Lady Eve, Sullivan's Travels, or Unfaithfully Yours, but they are nevertheless both wonderful movies with the Sturges stamp of buoyant uniqueness.

Preston Sturges's first film The great mcginty online dating writer-director was this hilarious political satire.

Though uneven, it's still filled with remarkable insight and some incredibly apt barbs about political corruption and susceptibility. Sturges himself was acclaimed for his audacity in being a writer-director, paving "The great mcginty online dating" way for other Hollywood writers including John Huston The great mcginty online dating Billy Wilder to graduate to directing.

In his debut as a director Preston Sturges turned in one of the brightest political satires ever done for the cinema in The Great McGinty. Sturges allegedly got the idea for the film and the various scenes therein from talking to a judge from Chicago who filled them in one the various shenanigans pulled there back in the day and still being pulled in some parts of the USA. Preston Sturges though he had a successful Broadway play, The Good Fairy, and had written several sparkling screenplays for Paramount, the moguls that ran Paramount were a bit uneasy about giving him his own film to direct as well as act.

The Great McGinty was a B film when it was released, playing the lower half of double features. It had a competent cast of players, but none of them you could say were big box office.

The Great McGinty ×...

The Great McGinty returned a tidy profit for a film they had not spent all that much money on. Sturges was given greater autonomy and control after that and for the next four years turned out a series The great mcginty online dating comedy classics with much larger budgets.

But he was in constant warfare The great mcginty online dating the money people at Paramount for the rest of the time he was there. The great mcginty online dating film is told in flashback as Brian Donlevy as a philosophical bartender tells a distraught Louis Jean Heydt his life story after preventing Heydt from shooting himself. Donlevy was the epitome of the American dream as Preston Sturges sees the American dream. In Sturges's view any bum with nerve enough to seize opportunity before him, there's no telling how far he can go in America.

When we meet Donlevy The great mcginty online dating exactly that, a hobo. He's on a soup line and ready to earn a few bucks by being a repeat voter for some people who for one reason or other are still on the voting rolls, but just can't make it to the polls.

Though they are immediate antagonists, Tamiroff sees potential in Donlevy and he begins a great political career and then has a very big fall. Preston Sturges was starting to assemble his stock company of players who were in most of his films at Paramount, like William Demarest, Jimmy Conlin, Robert Grieg, etc. Although Sturges was only at Paramount for four years his stock company rivaled that of John Ford for that brief period. Seen 67 years after its debut, The Great McGinty is a fresh as the day it was first made.

It's dated in that the political bosses like Akim Tamiroff are not what they used to be in the age of information. Still though the ethics or lack thereof are still The great mcginty online dating in the age of television and the internet. Overview of The Great McGinty,directed by Preston Sturges, with Brian Donlevy, Muriel Angelus, Release Date:Production Date: none available. Classic comedy written and directed by Preston Sturges.

Dan McGinty (Brian Donlevy) is a homeless man who impresses a local political boss. If “The Great McGinty” had established a trademark character in the. what we'd now call “roofie date rape” (but in is explained as.