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Absence makes the heart grows fonder

Nude Photo Galleries Absence makes the heart grows fonder.

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Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Their relationships played out through radio, letters, airport sightings and a date secretly set up by young Jonah Baldwin, played by Ross Malinger.

absence makes the heart grow...

Like Crazy — Felicity Jones plays Anna and Anton Yelchin plays Jacob in "Like Crazy," a film about a British exchange student who falls in love with an American but is denied re-entry to the United States because she overstayed her student visa. Their relationship became the basis for the film "Before Sunset" and 's "Before Midnight. The film is based on a book by Nicholas Sparks.

After a short, intense romance, John, a member of the military, is deployed overseas, and the couple exchanges letters. Josh and his pals decide to travel from their school to Texas, where Tiffany attends college, to fetch a sex tape sent to her accidentally. Story highlights Long-distance couples contact each other more often, a new study finds Couples felt they shared more intimacy, rather than information Researcher: The end of summer doesn't just mean it's time to buckle down at work or head back to school.

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For many college students, autumn also signals a disruption in summertime loving, in other words, a return to the dreaded long-distance relationship. But are these types of relationships really so hard?

Proverb[edit]. absence makes the heart...

Or, as a recent study suggests, does absence truly make the heart grow fonder? But long-distance relationships aren't just for college kids; surveys show that about 3 million American adult couples live apart, too.

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Previous research has done little to make people believe these situations can work. In fact, one study suggested successful romances require regular face-to-face contact to succeed.

"Absence makes the heart grow...

That's why this latest studypublished in the June issue of the Journal of Communication, is so heartening. Researchers at Cornell University asked 63 couples in long distance and in geographically close relationships to keep track of how often they interacted with their partners and which type of media phone calls, texting, video chat, etc. The couples also kept diaries of what information they shared with their partners and how close they felt after interacting with them through these high-tech tools.

What's the meaning of the...

After a week, the researchers interviewed the participants and asked them about their satisfaction with the relationship. Perhaps not surprisingly, the long-distance couples contacted each other most often, about three to four times a day. But the researchers also found that this frequent contact may have forged stronger bonds between the partners.

His marriage proposal takes to the skies Man gets airport flash mob surprise Long-distance couples felt more intimate with each other than did couples who saw each other all the time, possibly because people in long-distance relationships willingly shared their feelings without being coaxed. They also felt more accepting of their partners' behaviors and felt like they were getting closer instead of just sharing information.

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Just as online relationships and Facebook flirtations allow us to idealize strangers because we don't have to live with all of their quirks, long-distance relationships may help keep the romantic bloom on the rose a little longer.

Missing out on the mundane allows for your relationship to flourish on the ups of life without having to worry about paying the bills, what to cook for dinner or getting the kids up and out the door in the morning.

It's long been taught by...

Can men and women be 'just friends? People in long-distance relationships would do well to be as honest as possible with their partners, and themselves, to ensure that their romance has the depth to last when they become geographically closer. Concerns aside, I believe that long-distance relationships may actually offer a valuable lesson for the rest of us.