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Dating a man with more money than you

xXx Videos Dating a man with more money than you.

Do you care if you make a lot more money than she does? User Name Remember Me?

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So, I have a date this weekend with a guy who seems to be doing very well for himself. He's sent me pictures of himself at home, and his place is way nicer than mine; he drives a nice car; has a great job; etc.

He also seems to come from a good, solid family, whereas I keep my distance from mine, as there's some craziness and substance issues running through it. I think he likes me because there's good attraction, I'm all creative and imaginative whereas he's more conventional and groundedand I'm fun and have an uplifting effect on him.

We also have a lot in common, and he tells me I'm much more on his intellectual level than the women he usually dates, who are often good-looking but dumb. My small business is doing well and I'm stepping things up, but I'm still pretty frugal. I'm going to move to a nicer place when my lease is up in September, but until then, I have a modest place to live that's a bit rough around the edges.

Dating someone with a lot...

His place looks way nicer than mine. He has a house with "grown-up" furniture and styling, etc. I'm just wondering what the men think about dating a woman who makes less money than you. Share Share this post on Digg Del.

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Originally Posted by Ruby Slippers. More important issues to concern myself with when meeting a girl.

I am dating a guy...

Love is the persistence of admiration. High income, just icing on the cake, not at all part of the main equation. The only way it would become an issue would be dating a woman very obviously living beyond her means, that would be flaggy.

Have a great date! Originally Posted by gaius. Most successful men prefer it. You're fine since you work and support yourself.

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