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I joined this forum to compare my recent stupid character move to others' folly. I'm wondering if anyone can match or beat this: My party consists of eight characters: Corona and I worked up the following plan: Corona and I go in under cover of invisibility, with haste and my countersong. I also cast harmonic chorus on Corona. Unfortunately, countersong has a time limmit. Corona is still casting fireballs and using blastglobes when this happens so I decide to maintain the harmonic chorus instead of renewing my song.

Corona Single and sober dating slaad d&d I both fail will saves against the twist's Dispair Song and are drawn towards it. We snap out of it when the tree beats us nearly to death. Being invisible, and arround ft from the rest of my party, I know I can't get their attention undaided. I therefore cast the spell Amplify and scream at the top of my lungs for help.

My party Single and sober dating slaad d&d me, as I intended. Unfortunately, they also hear the night twist, as they had been just out of range prior to my spell. Eventually, everyone fails a will save and is drawn towards the twist. Rubin's familiar dies and so is given a new save, which he makes.

Rubin then slings some spells at it before he fails another save. After healing himself with potions, Corona drops his sphere and gets to a relatively safe position to sling more spells at the twist. It tries to neutralize Corona with phantasmal killer and insanity spells, but fails.

It does manage to kill Rubin as well as Corona's familiar before it is felled by his spells. Upon the twist's death, Corona has to save against its death curse, which he fails. Final Tally of the Battle: Canary, Rubin, and Rubin and Corona's familiars dead.

Corona now has a night twist's death curse on him, so his rest is inturrupted by nightmares. Therefore, he can't prepare new spells. Also, the only spell our party has available to fix it is limmited wish-- which he's the only caster able to prepare it Canary and Corona's Single and sober dating slaad d&d were raised.

Rubin's player brought in his back-up character. What are the odds? Seems to me like the real mistake there was dropping the countersong. A moderate reduction in damage output is a minor handicap in comparison to failing a save vs the kind of save-or-lose effect this thing was apparently putting out.

But the Amplify spell did alot more harm than any of our group ever thought it could. Also, what I should have done was to cast sonorus hum before the harmonic chorus, then I wouldn't have had to chose. The game was all about pulling the strings and indirect control of a historicaly important guy.

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The guy in question was a roman centurion and his mother-in-law was a celtic priestes druides or something with loads of mystical tatoos and stuff. Needless to say, he didn't trust her one bit.

One player decided, that this very important guy would trust his mother-in-law more, if he knew, what all those runic tatoos ment, so he tried to forcefuly implant that knowledge into him. Most of the players tried to persuade this one player, not to. He did it anyway.

Extreme facial deformities

The only thing left to do, was to rewind the time and needless to say, we botched the roll. What game was this?? Hmm, sounds Single and sober dating slaad d&d Continuum, except you can't really 'rewind time' in continuum. Well, I have a longrunning necromancer character from the Frealms, specifically Mulhorand. Despite maxing out her Knowledge: Religion, the first time the party ran into vampires she tanked her roll iirc she rolled a 1so the GM ruled that they didn't exist in the sunny south and she knew nothing.

The party cleric had turned or scattered a bunch of spawn inside a house and we were trying to figure out where they'd gone.

The Halfling's son/familiar which is...

I knew better as a player, but my character tried to use a hand mirror to ascertain that it was safe to poke her head into the fireplace to look up the chimney. It looked clear, so Only making an exceptionally difficult Concentration check followed by a Dimension Door allowed her to escape after the spawn pulled her up and bit into her, Single and sober dating slaad d&d she was already down to something like 4 Con by then.

Ever since, she's had an unaccountable predilection for the color bright red. The system would be called in english "Lords of Fate". It's more then just obscure - apart from a short release in my country, it's nonexistant. The general premise of the game is, that the history is often decided by actions of specific important figures in specific turning points. As the titular lords of fate players have to nudge history into a proper direction with various magical tools ranging from simple suggestions to doing things personally as an avatar.

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The thing is, there are two groups of players with contradicting goals. To make things more interesting, you have to keep the VIP alive and sane - nobody knows, what would happened otherwise.

It was actually very fun - I wish I could play it again. I bet it was fun! When I said, "that sounds terrible," I meant the actions that led to the VIP going nuts, not the game. In a 4E game my ranger went ahead on scouting detail and found a room with some big animal stalls and tracks he identified as belonging to offalians.

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While he signed this information back to the rest of the party so that we could come up with a plan, the guy playing the warlock got bored and decided his character wanted to come look too, poor defences and low stealth score be damned. It played out something like this; DM: Make a stealth check for me. Oh, look at that, a 2. A pair of grotesque snakelike creatures, composed of the rotting flesh of long dead animals, come slithering out of their stalls looking for the source of the disturbance.

My character was able to get himself to safety. The warlock wasn't so lucky and wound up being eaten. She got better, and went on to taunt a dragon into becoming her personal nemesis. As a point of interest, in a year long campaign, the warlock has only Single and sober dating slaad d&d on two skill checks as far as I can recall.

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