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The Jackson Township Supervisors held their regular meeting at 7: Solicitor Bill Barbin could not be present for the meeting due to another obligation. Chairman Baker said, could we please have a moment of silence for a good friend we lost, Harry Baker.

Eugene Kist said, may I make a comment about Mr. Baker was a survivor of Pork Chop Hill. Board Roll Call was taken with all three Supervisors present. Public Comments Concerning Agenda Items: Steve Yurasek said, I only have one short comment.

You see where our Capital Reserve Fund is. Chairman Baker replied, everyday. Eugene Kist asked, How many police officers do we have? Supervisor Wallet replied, five.

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Kist said, if you add those wages up, that comes into an awful lot of money a month. Baker replied, the police are a large part of the Township Budget. Motion Wallet, second Westrick to approve the bills for the period of July 30, through August 26, The figures for July were as follows: Reportable Part II Crimes: Calls Resulting in Cases: Motion Westrick, second Wallet on approving the time sheets from July 25, through August 7, and August 8, and August Central cambria midget footbal, We go there with hundreds of little kids that want to have their names called Central cambria midget footbal or want to celebrate themselves as a team and we were hoping.

We intend to send out flyers through the School District. Chairman Baker asked, do you have a date in mind? Baker asked, do you have a time in mind? Normally the bonfire in Ebensburg starts at 7 but they only have one team, one squad of cheerleaders. Baker said, we would suggest the parking area back by the pavilions.

Baker replied, I think just a copy of your flyer would be sufficient. Burkett said, I appreciate that. Clair Michaels asked, can I ask you a question?

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Are you only gonna have one or are you gonna have maybe another one later on? Baker said, everyone suggests seeing how this goes and then look at next time. Eugene Kist said, is there any way you can put in the Township Newsletter about Mr.

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He survived Pork Chop Hill. Right now, I think we have 3 Supervisors that match no other Township around.

Baker has a business and economic times are not good right now, Mr. Wallet, Supervisor for Merlo for many years and he brings a lot to the table and the type of work he does, he can bring that to the table and Mr.

Westrick who has a Bachelors Degree and is head of a security for a college. Again, all three of our Supervisors now are second to none. I just wanted to make that comment. They had a meeting and they interviewed two potential businesses that will collect the Earned Income Central cambria midget footbal.

They only had two that responded.

They had another one but it was from out around Harrisburg somewhere. We have to make a decision. If it were to be somebody else. Like I said, they may interview this other person but they said to keep Sept. Everything has gone a lot smoother from the first couple meetings we had. Baker said, where they were rocky.

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