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Why are russian girls hot

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Why are western men crazy from Russian ladies? You may not vote on this poll. Russian women are just hot and sexy. Results 1 to 20 of Add Thread to del. Why are western men so much interested in Russian girls? Though, i'm not ignorant of some of the reasons why western men would choose Russian women any time any day, but i need your contributions: Are Russian ladies really that sexy and beautiful?

I recall some studies been...

Last edited by Lampada; August 25th, at Share Share this post on Digg Del. Well, I simply met my girlfriend at a party.

I had no idea Why are russian girls hot was russian until she told me. Before her I had and still have no interest in Russian girls apart from her. But judging from her, they're super sexy. Are you desperate for sex? I personally think Irish girls are hot too or American or Latvian or whatever, well at least some of them I think your post is provocative because you are here just to advertise your dating site Advertising on language learners sites smells like popcorn pimp, don't you think?

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Judging from what i saw abroad, and comparing Russian girls to Why are russian girls hot or American counterparts, I might add that Russian girls are traditionally humbler and less demanding, and they generally have a bigger incentive to be humble wives to securely stay abroad. I wouldn't say that the sexual aspect though is unimportant as well; some say Russian girls are attractive.

They are more beautiful, yes. Depends on the person. I can't generalize as far as personality.

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My wife has values, is humble, knows how to cook good, etc. Surely Russian women are individuals and you can't generalise like this! Also, if an American man for example married a Russian woman and lived with her in Why are russian girls hot USA I think he'd be in for a surprise.

Most likely the Russian woman would start behaving like other women around her pretty soon. So much for his feminine "humble" wife! This objectification of Russian women irritates me as a woman. Obviously they can dress and behave in any way they like and I personally am not a massive feminist, and I believe in more traditional gender roles. But this discussion of them like some kind of "more desirable property" irritates me!

Russian women for that matter seems to be pretty good at dumping useless men who drink and behave like sluggards! The divorce rate there is high. I personally spoke to two Belarussian women who had got divorced because their husbands where behaving irresponsibly and boozing to much to sum up the situation. There are certainly more Russian women who married non-Russians than vice-versa. Well, it's just my opinion.

For a long time there was this silly thing called "Russian Brides.

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Even though I think this 'business' is a thing of the past, and probably should be. I had to clarify that I was indeed not one of these buy-me-a-wife-online people.

What a horrible concept, says I Russian women are often beautiful. Genetic interplay draws some to others, and so on and so forth, but for the most part, I think this comes from people simply seeing things as they want to see them.