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The movie Allan wu nude log come to the screens tomorrow 9 Septemberstars local favourite Zoe Tay alongside Hong Kong actor Kenny Ho, Ipoh lass, Christy Yow, and Chinese American hunk Allan Wu, together with a host of local talents, some Allan wu nude log and some less so.

While that may be an attraction in itself, that should not take the attention away from what is a excellent film with a story line that attempts to broach what can be considered to be a difficult subject to address in the local context where pain, suffering and death, particularly of the heroine that in another context, can sometimes not be well received.

From left to right: Danny Yeo scriptwirterShirley Au Allan wu nude log breast cancer survivorand Lee Shyh-Jih scriptwriter during the sharing session after the preview, sharing insights on the screenplay and Shirley sharing her real-life experience on being a breast cancer survivor.

While I felt that the movie was a little slow moving at the beginning as the characters are introduced to the audience, I thought the the script was expertly handled, in particular the handling of how the main character, Cecilia or Sissy as she is fondly called, played by Zoe Tay, undergoes the ordeal of finding out that she has fourth stage Breast Cancer and living through the Allan wu nude log of uncertainty, fear, pain and hope.

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Thinking that I was in for a long minutes, I soon found my eyes glued to the screen as what I thought was a really wonderfully written script captured my attention, not dwelling at all on the pain and Allan wu nude log as one might expect, but how under the unfortunate circumstances, the family which was beginning to fall apart, pulls together and becomes one again.

What the scriptwriters shared was that the thinking behind this was the portrayal of the strength that the suffering person can exhibit and it is often the case that they are the strongest person in the family, as the other family members find themselves at Allan wu nude log loss as to what to do or say … and it is around their strength, that everyone pulls together.

In introducing a younger character, Kristy Christy Yowa successful model with a high net worth boyfriend, who has a family history of breast cancer, helps to also bring the message across to those younger than 40, who can also be afflicted. Kristy fears that in removing the affected tissue, she would not just lose her career which depends very much on physical perfection, but also her boyfriend.

But happily for her, perhaps with seeing what Sissy was going through, she decides to make the unkindly cut, as we see in the final semi-nude scene involving her.

Overall, Love Cuts is certainly a movie that was well worth spending my Sunday afternoon at. Forty-something Cecilia Zoe Taybetter known as Sissy to her friends, is a cheery and vivacious seamstress. Diligent and keenly devoted to her art, Sissy has earned a respectable reputation in the trade for her superb craftsmanship and exquisite style. Sissy is recognized as an exceptionally talented seamstress, not Allan wu nude log in her community but also garnering clients from far and wide.

Wai Mun Kenny Hoher husband of many years, is the captain of an acclaimed Chinese restaurant.

Although somewhat discontented with life since his migration from Hong Kong to Singapore, he and Sissy are a loving Allan wu nude log and enjoy a blissful marriage. They have a year-old son Edwin Goh and a nine-year-old daughter Regene Lim who has a very close relationship with Sissy and is a source of great cheer and comfort to her.

In a twist of fate, an unexpected occurrence befalls their seemingly mediocre and uneventful lives. One day, as Sissy feels a hard lump in her left breast.

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