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First meeting email

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Like baseball, network relationship management is a game of inches where the difference between winning and losing is rarely decided by grand gestures; more often than First meeting email, the winner is the person who took the small extra steps. Think of sending follow-up emails as one of those small extra steps that can make the difference between victory and defeat. If you want to fully leverage the power of your network, you need to send follow-up emails.

Meeting Email Sample

And the first couple days of your initial attempt probably went really well. But then something happened; a crisis arose.

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You invest all of your time and energy into resolving the crisis and, as a result, forget about sending follow-up emails. Create a follow-up email draft before the meeting. You First meeting email always flesh it out after the meeting. Thanks for meeting with me today. I enjoyed our meeting very much and look forward to meeting you again. Because gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to make a connection. That, and because there are two ways of communicating thanks: One is just saying it, the other is meaning it.

One is a standard phrase, the other is a little more thoughtful. You seem quite happy. The key is to make sure your recipient perceives that you are genuine.

Thank First meeting email for taking the time to meet with me today, I really learned a lot from your suggestions. This component adds a sentence about what you enjoyed about the meeting and what you have in common with those you met with.

Check out the DOs and...

It has three primary benefits:. I enjoyed our meeting very much, and was particularly intrigued by your passion for tea. Use this section to sum up all commitments given and received.

This will underscore the productivity of the meeting and create confidence that you are going to follow through. First meeting email

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In addition, this component also creates an informal agreement that the other party will follow through as well. For a powerful way of leveraging these commitments and other First meeting email sources of meeting informationclick here to learn about Meeting Debriefs.

I enjoyed it very much, and was particularly intrigued by your passion for tea.

Subject Line: Great to meet...

Again, I enjoyed our meeting very much and look forward to meeting you again next week. Do you see how those three components work together to create an email that your recipients are likely to perceive as relevant, valuable, and meaningful? But at the end of the day, keep this in mind: Focus on the components of a great follow-up email; not my specific examples.

The most important rule in Network Relationship First meeting email is being genuine and staying authentic. Follow-up emails are just one common part of a greater whole I call the Meeting Debrief.