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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Dance music versus government showdown! Teresa Letchford Make up: Punk lightening flash oar-ring Irom a selection by Freedom from TopShop. Black dralnpipo Jeans by Fornarina. Bolt stylists own Subscribe to the best dance music magazine in the world and get your copy before it hits the shops. Then send it all. Vice Versa and Greenfly.

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Album Out 31 March An evolution of their lush sound. Album Out Now Erstwhile remixers of Underworld.

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Moby and the Chemical Brothers present their stunning and genre-defying debut album. Available on CD and Double Vinyl. Pieter M van Hattem. Letter of the month Yank us off! It made great reading, especially as it was conducted by another of my anti heroes, Mr Weatherall.

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I hope you will feature other innovators like Cabaret Voltaire, 23 Skidoo, Clock DVA and other groups from the Industrial music scene in future editions. So which one is he talking about? Lots of love Lisa Love Oh bollocks. Why are there so many DJs called Lisa out there? Why can't they be called something more distinctive, like Kenneth or Lemuel?

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Why is it always clients-to-be that get all the treats? What Who is daymond john dating tayo spoken words lyrics us, the suppliers of the continuous cash flow - the current subscribers? Now you can console yourself with a lovely bluffer's guide to techno.

This month, the specialness simply cannot be stopped. I picked up your magazine at the Virgin Megastore cos it had my lady Madonna on the cover. So many types of music, AND stories focusing on electronica and techno!

This is another reason all us Americans should move to the UK. I'll be fine if I keep buying this magazine. Otherwise, I should just check myself into the hospital now. It was worth putting Madonna on the cover after all! Have a free subscription, Mr Jessee. The British Government has stooped to a new low. To say that dance, hip hop and rock music is to blame for the rise in violence in the UK, is as stupid as saying that Tatu and Christina Aguilera are inspiring a generation of eight year-old girls to become lesbians.

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Of all the millions of people in this country, of course there are going to be SOME, who take things too literally, or are influenced by this kind of thing. Nice use of pink pen on your letter, too, by the way. However, as an avid fan of Gilles Peterson I was keen to become a first-time buyer when I saw you were carrying a CD by him. Congratulations and thank you for being brave enough to champion alternative sounds. John Sharp, Glasgow Yeah, thanks a bunch John.

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Big up from the brisvegas massive in Oz! Love ur mag, pity we get it a month IStr than every! Bang bang bang bang Bang bang bang bang Bang bang bang bang. But with bleeps giving way to licensed tracks by proper artists rather than computer geeks with pony tails, in-game music can be listened to on its own. Mixmaster Mike has done a compilation for in-line skater game Jet Set Radio. And now game company Couch Life have set up their own soundtrack label Couch Sounds: Dig out your console!

No, I think it's great! If I get in trouble for bootlegging it. I actually want to get in trouble.

Wily French wizard David Guetta gleefully darts between house, techno and electro. It's good, with a real rock vibe that jumps up at you and grabs you by the scruff of the neck.

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I played this for the Essential Mix, live from Basics and it destroyed the place. Can't wait till the summer?

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