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Stupid text to speech


Robots that play sound provide an enhanced level of human interaction. Be on the lookout for for ways to make your robot sound off. Here are some ideas to get you started. If your Stupid text to speech uses a PC or laptop, you can turn to software-only solutions to generate sound. On Windows-based PCs, playing sound files is straightforward, especially when using the Microsoft. For example, you can use the System. Daniel(uk) sorry if this...

SoundPlayer class to play any WAV file. You can use your personal computer to edit and modify your sound files. Need to play the Star Trek theme when your robot enters the room?

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Get a recording of the song, and convert it to the format needed for the sound playback electronics on your robot. Most are short effects intended for things like Stupid text to speech, but they are equally adaptable for robotics. The selection is from a larger library of effects. Though copyrighted, you are generally free to use the sound effects for your own personal and noncommercial use. Stupid text to speech the license agreement that comes with the CD to be sure.

Do a Web search to find their site it regularly changes. At the site, you type in the text you want to synthesize, select a voice and language, and a WAV audio sound file is created for you.

Save the file and use it to produce a sound sample for use with your playback module.

Say the Thing: A pretty...

You can use a similar technique in Windows or Macintosh OS X to record the synthesized voice provided by the text-to-speech programs built into these operating systems. That is, unless you add a bit of digital processing to alter the sound. One of the premier sound-processing instruments is the vocoder, an electronic Stupid text to speech that was originally created to cram voice data down the limited bandwidth of old-style copper telephone lines.

The vocoder has since become popular in radio, movies, and television as a way to produce eerie-sounding voices. Vocoder- like effects were used in the movie Colossus: In several of these movies the actual electronic device that created the sound effects was a Marshall Stupid text to speech Modulator, which combined mechanical time delays with modulated vocoder-type effects. Vocoders are available today in both hardware and software form.

All-software vocoders are available for use with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, usually as plug-ins for popular synthesizer programs. While speaking into the microphone or playing back prerecorded sound through the vocoderplay some notes on the keyboard to dynamically change the pitch of the sound.

This makes the voice more lyrical and, when desired, either friendlieror more evil sounding. Connect the output of the amplified sound to a voltage comparator, which in turn connects to a digital input of the microcontroller. Adjust the setting of the potentiometer on the comparator to set the trigger point.

This has the effect of altering the sensitivity of the sound circuit. A low reference voltage makes the circuit sensitive to low sounds; a higher voltage makes it less sensitive. The comparator output will change when sound is detected. Robots that listen to your voice commands and obey? Features differ by product, but most support both preprogrammed and user-defined voice commands. The Parallax Say It module, for example, follows 23 built-in preprogrammed or up to 32 user-defined commands.

You can find hackable sound recording modules in many low-cost toys, electronic picture frames, and do-it-yourself products. These units contain a digital sound recording chip, microphone, amplifier, and speaker and sometimes sound effects generator.

To use them, you press the Record button and speak into the microphone. Then, stop recording Stupid text to speech press the Play button, and the sound will play back until you make a Stupid text to speech recording.

Most sound modules are mechanically activated; to operate the module electronically you need to disassemble and hack it by soldering wires directly to the circuit board. The wires, which connect to a microcontroller or computer, are in lieu of pressing buttons on the toy to record and play back sounds.

The buttons on some of these sound recorder modules are made of conductive rubber. The value you choose depends on the design of the circuit; you need to experiment to find out which to use. Connect a 1K to 3K resistor between the microcontroller-computer port and the button input.

And also assume that on this particular module it is activated by bringing the button input HIGH to trigger the previously recorded sound snip.

The control program is as simple as this:.

Jungle Horse is a Trump...

The pause statement waits 10 milliseconds and then places the button LOW again. You may wish to connect the output of the toy to an audio output amplifier.

The chip lets you choose from among eight different analog signal sources. You select input by providing a 3-bit binary word to the select lines.

Table shows the truth table for selecting any of the eight inputs. Do not pass amplified sound through the chip. Released under Creative Commons 3. Feel free to use the generated audio for any of your projects (commercial or personal). It's free! Hope it's useful for you:) Converts your text into a robot voice. If Stupid text to speech plan to use prerecorded sound with your robot, you Stupid text to speech want to consider any of the several text-to-speech Internet sites, such as the AT&T Labs Natural.

PC-Based Sound Generation Software

If only voice-to-text could put that text in relevant places, like your calendar, or shopping list. MYLE can do that and more. Eat your heart out.

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