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Tom leykis dating advice


Tom Leykis Tenets of Dating. Results 1 to 21 of Single Mothers - Never date single mothers. Tabasco Sauce - After having sex pour Tabasco sauce into the used condom.

Co-worker Relationships - Never date a co-worker.

The trick is not to...

Approaching Women in Groups - Never approach a woman in a club that's surrounded by her girlfriends. Sex To Go - No Tom leykis dating advice, cuddling, and or staying over after sex. Relationships - Do not get into a serious relationship before the age of 25 Weekend Dates - Do not go out on weekend dates unless you are guaranteed sex Cell Phone Dates - If your dates cell phone rings during the date then immediately leave.

Women in Bars - "Tom leykis dating advice" at a bar alone and do not talk to any women. After Hours Homely Pickings - The fugly women are the last one's to get picked up Birth Control - Regardless of what a woman says always use birth control.

No Gifts - No gifts are ever given to booty calls and women you are dating. Types of Dates - Avoid lunch and or coffee dates.

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Marriage Contract - Never marry with out a prenuptial agreement. You Choose the date - You choose what to Tom leykis dating advice on the date. Income and Women - The amount Tom leykis dating advice income you have often determines the type of women you get. Male Friends - All her male friends want to have sex with her. No Compliments - Never compliment a woman. Easily Replaceable - Have her know that if she does not put out then you will get it else where Holidays - Break up with your women during those money sucking holiday seasons.

Change is not Inevitable - Tom leykis dating advice not change who you are just for a woman. Prepare your Identity - Be the doctor she wants or the million she's looking for. Power Before Kids and Marriage - Men have the most power before kids and a family.

Paternity Test - Always get a paternity test no matter how sure you are that it is your child No DNA Donation - Never help a women you have no intention of marring have kids Women Are Dream Killers - They want to reach their dreams and stop yours Ultimatum, Run - If a women gives you an ultimatum then run and don't look back Giving and Getting Phone Numbers - Give your number out to as many women as possible.

Originally Posted by FartonBink. Used to like Leykis but realized most of the shiz he says is complete BS. Originally Posted by JoRocK. Loled at rules, you're a stupid phaggot I hope you know that and if you don't, now you do. Used to listen to his radio show all the time Tom leykis dating advice the station he was on became a top 40 station in the LA market.

What's that dude up to these days? Originally Posted by Mindrevolution. Only works if alpha. Some of them are good.

Leykis com offers guys like...

Tobaasco sauce in used condom, god damn thats genius. Tried to aware the misc on leykis many times but the threads failed miserably. Stable of about 7 call down the list until you find one thats down for that night. Some strong luls were had. Tom leykis dating advice Posted by joefreas. Originally Posted by chevy72blu. Totally changed my world view when it comes to women and all of Tom leykis dating advice sudden I started getting girls.

Originally Posted by sknot Last edited by IonZephyr; at Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. ATTN MEN: Tom Leykis Tenets of Dating. Follow these if you're a real man; $ Limit - Never spend then $40 no a date. 3 Dates Rule. No, we don't recommend the opinions expressed in this so called “dating advice” article. We just don't know where to begin to tell you how. think toll-free and one eight hundred. five top each one eight hundred "Tom leykis dating advice." eight hundred eight six six Jerry on the.

time like it's Johanna hey Tom how you.

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