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Do capricorn men like older women


I've read that Capricorn men tend to gravitate toward older woman and Capricorn womangravitate toward younger me. My brother's a Cap and his ex-wife was older than him. I have emt Capppy moman dating younger men. Does anyone see any one else see this in their lives or people they know? Why do you think that this is so? I find the younger Do capricorn men like older women are more sexually appealing in appearance and the older ones are more often respectful and just more mature and gentlemen like.

My mom is Capricorn. She has been dating a 39 year old for about 5 years. On the Do capricorn men like older women hand, my dad is 7 years older. I think it goes both ways for her! I know plenty of Capricorns who are dated people their age. I think one must consider other aspects of a chart. Doesn't Saturn in the 7th tend to delay marriage and gives an older partner?

My Do capricorn men like older women is in the 7th and my husband is nine years older than me. We met when I was 22, he 31 and for a long time he thought that he was robbing the cradle. I knew though that I wanted to marry a father figure!

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My dad wasn't around, so I want one! I have always liked the older men far better than the younger ones.

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They are just more mature, experienced and fun to me. Some have tried to tell me it's because they have less sex on the brain.

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Let me tell you from my own experiences that sex drive has nothing to do with age. My beau of 4 yrs, Mr.

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Leo, has as strong a sex drive as the guys I dated in my 30's and he's in his 50's! I have zero in Cap, but Cap's ruler, Saturn, makes it's presence known all the time to me. I'm 38 and never married. To some that is considered "late in life". To me, I have another 30 yrs of sowing my oats before Saturn will hitch this chain to a ball. Last edited by autumnleaf; at They "Do capricorn men like older women" about Capricorn is they start out in life being old and it's the one sign that gets younger as they get older, and can turn into rebellious teenagers in their 60's.

Perhaps, being a workaholic sign, they've been working too hard all their lives and skipped over their childhoods and teenage years and make up for it in later years. I know a few Capricorn types just like that. I see that too, Lost Vegas. My husband works for a Cappy who worked Do capricorn men like older women hard for a lot of years and in his 50's now he Do capricorn men like older women at least half of the year with his younger wife and young son traveling on his sail boat arround the world.

They come home, he works really hard for a month or two, builds up the business and is off galavanting around the world merrily once again! Here's one involved with a much older woman ;- No birth time known. Last edited by Astrocurious; at The youngest guy I dated was 2 years older than me. My partner is 11 years older than me. NR Im Cap Sun, btw. Than one day i realised that I have become his mummy and the delusion set in. Lost track of what was the relation all about Do capricorn men like older women second makes me more emotional, more feminine, more me, and a smiling lady.

Does he needs a mummy? Last edited by zohra; at "Do capricorn men like older women" I have to say that the aries man came after I dated a man 10 years older than me. ANd I am truly done with younger men. It was fun, but I need to be the younger one!!!! Cappie Do capricorn men like older women who date younger men may want to have more control over the relationship!!!

I am a Capricorn women I have had 4 long term relationships in my life no 1 was 7 years younger than me no 2 was 4 years younger than me no 3 was 4 years older than me no 4 present is 12 years younger than me.

I Do capricorn men like older women always put it down to the fact that I love life 5th House sun, ASC leo, and older men seem to lose that, but maybe its just because im a capricorn, well they always say us cappies start off old and end up young. Originally Posted by Laurluna. I met a 60 year old Capricorn man a few years ago who was a male prostitute for older women than himself.

I've heard the same thing, but I think it also depends on the rest of the chart. I'm always "Do capricorn men like older women" around my age I have saturn in Aquarius and my 7th house is mainly in Aquarius only 5degrees in Capricorn what does this mean? I like older men and you could say I like unusual partnerships long distance and open or foreign guys But I don't want to get married late!!! I'm 18 I don't wanna wait forever lol. Scorpio kinda in sag 5th: Capricorn 7th; only 5degrees and rest in Aquarius 8th: Originally Posted by capricorn6.

My 7th domain is primarily Capricorn occupied, with the exception of the last one degree of Sagittarius. If there is one thing I've hated about my 7th house Capricorn, its not the Neptune Rx, but the fact that it opposes my Venus in the 12th in Gemini flirtatious by character.

The Neptune-Venus opposition conjures up the fantasy of being in love with the concept of love itself. Despite me knowing this, I still decide to live in the kuku-land of love. Been heartbroken way too many times. Glad Pluto is transiting my 7th Capricorn, and is helping me to undergo a slow and gradual transformation for the better. Men with moon square saturn would marry someone a bit older than them. Thats too strong when this person is a capricorn.

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Find all posts by Angels. Find all posts by capricorn6. Find all posts by Bellalibravirgo. Originally Posted by capricorn6 I've heard the same thing, but I think it also depends on the rest of the chart. Pinnacle Do capricorn men like older women The Seventh Chakra Posts: They want first class women because Capricorn men expect only the best. They prefer to text instead Do capricorn men like older women phone calls in the beginning and if you do text him better if you come from an old money respectable family with a famous family last.

He also does not like to have his boundaries tested. The best thing that a woman can do to keep a Capricorn man who is pulling away is to give him his space. Does anyone see any one else see this in their lives or people they know?

Why do I like both, older men and younger(I'm a 32 y/o female).