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I talk to myself yahoo dating


Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Is it weird that i talk to myself? Ok so this I talk to myself yahoo dating going to sound really weird and probably creepy. But I recently discovered that i talk to myself Im not sure why, but i do it constantly when im alone.

I never do it unless im alone but ive been catching myself doing it, and ive been doing it for years and years. I even laugh out loud and I even laugh out loud and talk to myself when im alone watching TV!

You can be brutally honest. I want to know the truth. Am i extremely weird??? I can give you my aim screen name if you I talk to myself yahoo dating any more questions, thanks! Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Are you very lonely?

Are you commenting back to the tv as if it was a person? You should spend more time with people since you only talk to yourself when you're alone. Omg you dont know what a relief it was to read this haha! I've never "I talk to myself yahoo dating" my friends cause I'm scared I have like some kind of mental I talk to myself yahoo dating I'm 15 and they would probably laugh at me or be creeped out.

But my parents both have full time jobs and I cant drive or have friends over when their not home, so after school I'm always bored and find myself just making random comments out loud.

I'll be watching tv and start laughing hysterically saying "What a retard" or "Omg he is so effing hot". I always cant stop talking once I start. I dont think this is abnormal, at least I hope not!

No, because I do this as well. I talk to myself mostly when I need to talk to something or thinking something through, but it needs to be spoken aloud for me to finally understand it? Maybe you're doing the same thing, or I just talk to myself cause I see myself as a funny person: I don't think it's strange, and I talk to myself yahoo dating shouldn't panic about it.

My dad did this when he lived with us, and I guess picked it up from him Does anybody in you family do this? You might have picked it up from a young age like I did. Or maybe you just need to vent out what's on your mind but nobody's around and you might feel a bit safer doing this alone?

Please keep in mind that these are just my own personal thoughts on the matter, I talk to myself yahoo dating I'm not certain.

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I really hoped this helped! No, that's not weird at all, a lot of people talk to themselves, but if you start have a conversation that may be different. And I talked myself from time to time, trying to remember something, repeating something somebody said.

So don't feel weird you're in the Norm. If you start I talk to myself yahoo dating arguements with yourself then it might be time to get help, but really most people do talk to themselves out loud sometimes.

I do when I'm studying or giving myself a pep talk when handing out resumes. I don't know you but maybe this is your method of finding the end of an equation or how you think out your problems. Perhaps, your like me and just can't stand dead silence and seek to live within the noise. Either way, just as long as you keep your mouth shut I talk to myself yahoo dating topics that may be inappropriate or taboo and be quiet when necessary I talk to myself yahoo dating you should be just fine!

Years of professional counseling, OCD. Not properly like, having a conversation with myself, but if I'm home alone and I'm doing stuff around the house I might say ' oh polly you idiot' if I drop something or 'oh I forgot my keys' if i'm leaving the house. Just little things like that. Yeah it's kind of crazy, but as long as you don't do it when you're walking down the street then it's fine!

You're not mad if you're concious that you're doing it anyway!

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No you are not weird! Everyone at some point talks to themselves, there is nothing wrong with I talk to myself yahoo dating. Don't be so hard on yourself, sometimes talking out loud is a good way to sort things out. Related Questions Is it weird that I talk to myself? Is it weird that I talk to myself? Is talking to myself weird? Answer Questions Do youthink someone who hasbeen sexually abused as a child, can blame this event I talk to myself yahoo dating the horrible things they have done,or is more4 an excuse?

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