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The General Shareholders' Meeting registered a quorum of With this trend, the group Chairman foresees the dividend continuing to improve. Furthermore this positive evolution is backed up by the 35 analysts who follow Iberdrola. Throughout the year, in accordance with its business model, Iberdrola continued to concentrate on its internationalisation and on the renewables, networks and energy storage business areas.

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The group Chairman recalled the integration of the businesses Iberdrola clientes gestion online dating Brazil, Iberdrola clientes gestion online dating gave rise to the new Neoenergia, the country's biggest electric utility and the leader in Latin America in terms of the number of customers, in which Iberdrola holds a In the renewables business, highlights were the commissioning of 1, new megawatts MW and the start of construction of nearly 6, additional MW.

These two projects illustrate Iberdrola's firm bet on offshore wind generation and innovation. In networks, was marked by the completion of the undersea connection between Scotland and Wales, known as the Western Link, with the capacity to supply four million households, and the installation of more than ten million smart meters in Spain, on the home straight of the STAR project.

At the same time, Iberdrola is developing initiatives with batteries in the United States, Spain and the United Kingdom. The decarbonisation of the economy, to meet growing demand while at the same time confronting the challenge of climate change, will entail greater electrification. An effort constituting not only a moral imperative, but also one that has provided and continues to provide great business opportunities.

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In this regard he referred to the recent report of the Committee of Experts for the Climate Change and Energy Transition Act, praising the broad consensus achieved for its approval. He highlighted job creation, with 4, new hirings in alone, which together with the 6, personnel incorporated in Brazil make up a total workforce of around 34, The company's commitment to stable, quality employment is reflected in the fact that One of the ways in which this commitment finds expression is Iberdrola's bet on young talent, as reflected in the incorporation of Iberdrola clientes gestion online dating holders and apprentices.

The Chairman of Iberdrola also referred to the commitment to gender equality, pointing out that over the past ten years the number of female managers had increased tenfold, now surpassing This release does not constitute an offer of purchase, sale or exchange, nor a request for an offer of purchase, sale or exchange of Iberdrola clientes gestion online dating in the United States of America or in any other jurisdiction.

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Géstion de Marcas Audiovisuales, S.A. publicitárias efetuadas pelos clientes em televisão foi utilizada Iberdrola clientes gestion online dating informação disponibilizada pela Iberdrola sobre a. The date of this Base Prospectus is 28 July This premium per MW is not applicable for wind farms brought on line in book-entry form and the book- entry registry is kept by Sociedad de Gestión de los Sistemas Iberdrola Clientes.

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