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Women next door bondage


This is another video from a series of videos I made with Sahrye where she and I play lady collectors using the names Max and Lola. Max and Lola have had to go into hiding and decided to move their business out west for a short while. But they have found that it is hard to find girls in the area that will meet the wants and needs of their customers.

This story begins with a knock the door. When Lola answers, there is a big busted woman named Goldie who tells Lola that her car has broken down. When Lola hears "Women next door bondage" English accent, she asks Goldie if she lives near by.

When Goldie tells her that she is a tourist from over seas, Lola calls Max into the room. Together they grab Goldie and tie her up. Goldie tries to protest, but Lola stuffs a pair of her panties in her mouth as Max stands behind Goldie ready to tie a rag between her teeth to gag her.

Now bound and gagged, Goldie Women next door bondage to Women next door bondage loose. But with Lola watching over her, she has some real problems. This is because Lola has a real jealous streak when it comes to Max and she had noticed that Max could not keep his eyes off of Goldie enormous tits as the two were tying her.

So while Max is away, Lola torments their busty captive. After lifting Goldie's skirt to find she is not wearing panties under pantyhose, Lola decides to pull her top down so she can get a look at her big tits.

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A short time later Max returns and tells Lola he needs her help. So after crotch roping and hogtying Goldie, they leave her "Women next door bondage" to struggle hogtied and gagged as the couple makes preparations to deliver Goldie to their customer. Agent Knotts can't answer her phone! She is little too tied up right now! Jamie is a special agent and is watching some criminal. Somehow, he figures out what is going on. He gets into Jamie's room, grabs her and ties Women next door bondage up.

After he gags her, he torments her. Later in the video, he strips the busty agent down to her underwear and eventually pulls her big boobs out. It is Christmas time and Amanda has been out shopping all day. But when she returns home, she doesn't know that Women next door bondage is a man inside her house waiting for her. The minute she walks in the door, he grabs her and makes it so she cannot resist at all. Before she can do anything, he quickly ties her up with rope.

Then when she comes to, he stuffs her mouth with a pair of her panties and ties a rag over her mouth to gag her. Amanda is then left to struggle Women next door bondage and gagged She rolls around on the floor trying to reach the knots, but it is no use. There is no way for her to free herself. Later it is time for the man to make his get away. But before he leaves, he wants to make sure Amanda is better secured. To do this, he ties her to the railing of her stair case with her legs spread apart.

Finally before he leaves her, he pulls her top open and her bra down. This way, when her husband walks in the front door, the first thing he will see is his wife, tied up and gagged with her big tits out. Busty Bank Teller held hostage bound and gagged.

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Busty Bank Teller held hostage bound and gagged HD. After pulling off a heist at the bank, he decided to take Jamie, the bank teller with him. Once "Women next door bondage" got her to his place, he tied her up tight with rope. He then stuffed and taped a gag in her mouth to make sure no one could hear her cries for help.

After leaving her tied to a chair for Women next door bondage while, the man stripped Jamie down to her bra and pantyhose. Then after hogtying her on the floor, he pulled the bra down also. He snatched the wrong girl! But she didn't mind being his bondage slut for the night!

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He was sent to snatch a busty red head whose father was very rich. But somehow, he grabbed Women next door bondage wrong girl. Because although Lauren was a busty redhead, her father wasn't rich. She tried to explain this to the man as he tied her up. Then he stuffed and tied Women next door bondage gag in her mouth and now, Lauren couldn't say anything to get him to understand.

Then with Lauren stuggling bound and gagged right next to him, the man called her father to demand ransom. But when he called this man, the man told him that his daughter, also a busty redhead, was there home with him.

This is when Women next door bondage man realized his mistake. Now, he had no idea what to do with Lauren. But he knew he still needed to keep her tied up and gagged. In the mean time, Lauren found the situation comical.

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But being a very kinky girl, she also found her situation to be a big turn on. Somehow, she found a way to let this man know her feelings about how Women next door bondage she was.

When he "Women next door bondage" her that he was going to let her go unharmed, Lauren made sure he knew that before he freed her, he had to take care of her sexually. So when the man put her on her knees and started to take her garters off and lift her girdle, Lauren was very excited. Later, Lauren found herself still bound and gagged. But now her big tits were out and her panties were pulled down. As she squirmed and moaned on the sofa, she was happy to know that her captor wasn't quite ready to let her go yet.

Mom warned me not to be alone with Women next door bondage Gia's mom had dated this man in the past. But for some reason, ended up, marrying his brother. So now the man has became Gia's uncle. Gia is a very busty and curvy girl, with a nice big curvy butt, just like mom and just the kind of girl that Gia's new uncle likes. But knowing the Women next door bondage of kinky things the man is into and also knowing her daughter Gia is kind of slutty girl, Mom warned Gia not to ever be alone with the man.

Mom probably should Women next door bondage never said anything, because telling Gia this only made her curious. The story begins with Gia going to her uncle's place while mom an step dad are away. She has herself all made up very sexy. She is also dressed in a very tight, short dress and is not wearing a bra or panties under her sheer, seamed pantyhose. The uncle asks her why she has come over.

Gia tells him about her mother telling her to stay away from him and wants to know why. When she sits next to him and starts to flirt, the man tells her that it might be a good idea for her to heed her mother's warnings Women next door bondage go home.

But Gia is insistent and tells the man that she willing to try anything the man likes. She tells the man that her mother or his brother will never know. So the man grabs Gia by her hair and throat. He tells her that he likes to play rough. Much to his surprise, Gia tells him that she is turned on by this and also likes to play rough. Gia lets him know she would like that very much and soon she finds herself on her knees getting her hands tied behind her back.

The man expects that when she realizes what is happening, she will back out and everything will be OK.

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But again she surprises him and lets him go on tying her Women next door bondage. In fact as he ties her, she makes no effort to hide anything as her dress hem rises, the man can see the thin strip of hair just above her pussy. Gia is now very turned on and tells the man that after she is all tied up, Women next door bondage wants him to pull her pantyhose down.

The man tries to talk her out of this idea.

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But Gia is very serious about what she wants him to do to her. The man thinks to himself, "Maybe if I gag her, she will get scared and back out of this! The man then puts her on her knees and pulls her dress top down to expose her Women next door bondage tits.

This doesn't do anything to stop Gia from wanting this man to do very naughty things to her while she is tied up helpless. Finally, the man pulls Gia's pantyhose down and this causes her to just about lose control.

Her moans get very loud and breathing becomes very rapid. Now the man realizes that soon he is going to have to make a hard decision. Title 18 U. Unauthorized copying, sharing, distribution, reproduction, or any other use is a violation of applicable laws. All clips sold are to be viewed by the purchaser Women next door bondage and are not to be shared, traded or posted for others to download.

Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. All models on this site are 18 or older. All the Women next door bondage you will no longer find here.

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