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Hollywood u dating options for women


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Your Character is a student...

Frequently Asked Questions 8. New entourages, new buildings, A-Listers! You have graduated from high school and got money and reference from a mysterious benefactor to enroll at Hollywood University, a special college for showbiz talents. Like all school stories, there will be plenty of dramas on climbing your way to the top, punching above your weight, finding romance, nurturing friendships, learning about other people's lives, fighting evil rivals, and of course, finding the identity of your benefactor.

App's size will significantly increase with "Hollywood u dating options for women" saved settings, characters, and progress. If your smartphone was released afteryou have the good chance of being able to play this game.

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Many Hollywood U players started as High School Story players and the games share similar mechanisms. More shady characters, money and fame have become so important, expectations have become more demanding and unrealistic, and rivals have become meaner.

The dialogues are also looser, although the swearings are still mild. It's quite unlikely that your special friends from High School Story will join you in Hollywood U that would mean High School Story is overbut they might make cameos time to time, either to advertise High School Story or for a special crossover.

I cannot repeat the game to review the lines like in any other adventure games; you are likely to play Hollywood U outside; and the game will not punish you for making the wrong choice. Hollywood U is an "Hollywood u dating options for women" game, unlike High School Story. You have to be registered to access the General Board.

Can I date more than...

The game has great Help section. Tap the List section above Store icon and tap Help. When you search for "Hollywood U", you might get results related to rap rock Hollywood u dating options for women Hollywood Undead. You cannot undo the choice and change your main character's "Hollywood u dating options for women" later on. While it's fun to Hollywood u dating options for women as someone else, think about the romance.

What is your sexual preference? Think about the power. Do you want to become the best actor or actresses? A successor to great male directors or the first block- busting female director? New Calvin Klein or Estee Lauder? Then, you have to choose one of three career paths: Movie Star, Director, or Fashionista.

They are similar to the three primary groups of High School Story: Jocks, Nerds, or Preps. After you've costumized your character, you may link her or him to your Facebook or Game Center profile. Of course, unlike the Sims, there's no story difference despite whatever your career path is.

As a fashionista, you are still expected to walk on the red carpet.

When you wake him up,...

As a movie star, you will work closely with the wardrobe and special FX team. Hollywood U has elements of adventure games where you pick an option - some even timedcity building game but very simpleand Role-Playing Game where you take quests from Hollywood u dating options for women students and build your reputation in Hollywood. There are two currencies - cash and diamonds. Just like in other free-to-play games, you get cash over time from buildings and Hollywood u dating options for women and as rewards for completing questswhile diamonds are designed to be purchased with real money.

Unlike High School Story, Hollywood U is more royal in giving diamonds as prize of completing quest welcome to Hollywood, baby. You level up characters by attending workshop. Get a student including yourself into the workshop and they will stand there, first for a minute and then for hours while texts above them describe what they are doing read them, they are funny - like "calling your people" for an agent and "wielding dual" for an action hero.

You'll unlock new clothes at level 5, 25, and Many quests demand characters to be at certain levels to play. Finally, you can get two diamonds for every other hour either by making a purchase or watching ads. The university in Hollywood U Hollywood u dating options for women very simple, very unlike a real college.

In fact, it's your private estate. The most important building is the DORM. There are dorms for movie stars, directors, fashionista, and later on Hollywood u dating options for women pop stars, stunt crew, and screenwriters. Other groups sharing traits with them can stay in any hangout that shares their traits. The catch is, there is limitation for amount of buildings and decorations you can have. The good thing is Hollywood U basic dorms can hold more students than High School Story's hangouts, so no one will run out of dorms at this point.

You level up students in workshop second workshop is premiumdate special romance interest s in Amour you can only date special characters right nowand recruit new student from Club VIP. The recruited Hollywood u dating options for women sits in the Admission Office. If the student is unwanted, you can sell "defriend" her or him for cash. He or she won't give you a bad review on Metacritic, believe me.

This is the only way to gain XP, as side quests are rewarded by currencies instead of XP points. An example of gameplay in Hollywood u dating options for women U goes like this. For the primary quest, you need to get in touch with Lisa.

Besides yourself, you need Ethan for the smooth talking and Addison since she knows her godfather just an example. After waiting for hours, you'd get XP. Then you might have to convince her to move to your school - the hard way. The game will give a multiple choices and you have only about 5 seconds to tap on the right options.

Even if you mess up, Lisa will end up joining your school - you just don't get bonus money. Then, in second quest, you are in a motorcross race and an Action Hero gives you a crash course. You have to level yourself to Level 12 to enter the race, wear the right clothes, and the Action Hero gives you pro tip on when to Hollywood u dating options for women and where to swerve.

When the race begins, the game will challenge you in five seconds on whether you got the tips right or not. No punishment if you mess up. Just an unhappy face, a little taunt from your rival, and no bonus cash. Finally, for the third quest, the Celebutante needs a Fashionista for her big break, so pick them. They might ask you for a suggestion whether she should look sexy or sweet for that premiere.

Then the Celebutante and the Fashionista want to celebrate the great night with an after party, so put them into Club VIP. There are also premium quests, with diamonds as price of admission, or which require you to wear a premium costume priced in diamonds instead of cashand they are usually limited for days.

The quest disappears if you don't buy the price of admission by the time limit. When you've got into a quest, however, the game never forces you to spend diamonds or buying a premium item to complete a quest.

Nor it gives you a deadline to complete the quest. Since this is Hollywood, Hollywood U has two gimmicks. Some quests may have deadline to collect and if you continue the story before the given time limit say you have to wait for 2 hours and it promises reward if you collect the quest in 3 hoursyou'll get bonus diamonds. Second, some quests have a better option much like the dialogue option in Persona 4 that requires more courage that would cost you diamonds to choose.

My advise is to ignore them. If your phone tells you a quest is completed and you're free, go ahead and claim it. If you need Hollywood u dating options for women sleep or study, let it go. Same goes with the better option. Your diamonds would be worthy more in buying premium quests or unlocking premium dates than Hollywood u dating options for women Bianca or Brian Ratzik that time only. "Hollywood u dating options for women" Sinclair Fashionista Your bestie and the first female love interest.

A nice blonde with posh name and 99 problems.

Bianca Stone

Don't you want to hug her? High School Story players point out that she shares surname with Kara, a character in that game. Ethan Blake Agent Your bro and the first male love interest.

He must be the youngest ever agent in business. An former child star who's gone wild. Aria Sheridan Celebutante Lisa's former co-star who is proud of her past unlike Lisa. May be ditzy at times.

She's a Celebutante so her parents are old money. She is a romance option in the Valentine special quest. He was a romance option in the Valentine special quest. A special effect specialist Hollywood u dating options for women a hipster nerd.

In the amazing simulation game Hollywood U, it's all about having the right entourage in Usually, the female versions of each type of Entourage is the most difficult to get, so you will. BUT on our characters profiles it states “Dating coming soon” inside the picture frame where .

So Hollywood u dating options for women want other options. When you wake him up, he takes you to the Hollywood sign, where he opens up to you about his past.

At the end of the date, you have the option to either kiss. A from options at how stable needed it means two birthdates to give us dating addison hollywood u., you want to the story line. Rarity bug hollywood university .

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