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Violetta 2 sezon online dating


I understand that some people are not happy about Tomasbut I like the fact that he tries so hard to win Violetta over but in the end gets sabotaged by Ludmilla! On the other hand Leon is sweet, "Violetta 2 sezon online dating" and romantic! Does anyone else feel that way? I live in South Africa and we are only on Episode 45!

Tomas and Vilu are alone in the supply closet What on earth is going on?!!! The English one is sweeter.

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Yeah I get what you're saying! I support Leonetta but I love the way Tomas tries so hard to win Violetta's heart. And, yes Brigit Mendler appears in Season 2.

Also, Ludmila changes her style a lot in Season 2 and Herman finds out about Violetta's singing at the end of Season 1: I know where Tomas is in season 2 I speak French so I watched the last episode of season 1 and he said to Violetta that he is leaving because he wants to do something eles with his music. And also in season 2 there's a new girl named Lara. In our country we are in season 1, episode But i watched videos on youtube.

Hi there, I live in the UK and we are on ep I already know what happens on season 2 though because I watch on youtube. Everything i watch on youtube is in spanish which I don't understand but I watch previous episodes and I understand all of it. Watch it on youtube but Violetta 2 sezon online dating you don't want to see any spoilers then just wait for it to air. I know this was long but i hoped it helped. Tomas isnt in season 2 x But maybe he might be in season 3 x How great would it be if DiegoLeon and Tomas were in season 3 together x: Diego is another one of Violetta's love intrest in season 2 x Eventually they date x And makes Leon very jelouse xx.

Please, do Violetta 2 sezon online dating spoiler Well i know Tomas doesnt return for season 2 as he leaves for Violetta 2 sezon online dating as he wants to follow his dream. I watch all the episodes in season 2 as i can somewhat understand spanish i do not see Tomas Violetta 2 sezon online dating any of the episodes but was metioned a couple of times through out the season.

It hasnt been announced if he is back for season 3.

I looked Violetta and Tomas...

Maybe find out soon as Season 3 will recorded some time in April xxxx. Which episode do Tomletta kiss? I saw Violetta 2 sezon online dating kiss on in the Spanish episodes????? If he isn't going to be returning for season 3, I'm not going to continue watching Violetta I don't care about Leon or Diego, I just want my tommy back. I want him to come back so badly x the show will have so much drama and its amazing so far but it would be great if he came back xxxx.

Well, I'll tell you many things. First, you post a lot of spoiler here. Second, you post inappropriate language too. Third, this is important, you live in Netherland, right? Well, you wanna know why the names are like that too, right? Maybe is because there's some names that people in your country can't pronounce it, so they change it, but trust me, it have the same meaning.

TomasLover Who wants to protest with me? I think Tomas should come back for season 3! If you do want to join my Violetta 2 sezon online dating follow or favorite the fanfic author awesomeness Maybe we can get the writers is Violetta to bring him, because people have protested for their favourite characters to come back in the show and it happened Violetta 2 sezon online dating they protested.

So please protest with me! Hi I'm a new fan of the show Violetta but here in my country Singapore they just aired the show. The full episodes are on Dailymotion or Videolog but they're in Spanish, there isn't any English episodes online unfortunately: This is awesome anon! I can't believe that now Violetta is on Asia: Violetta rock around the world!!!!

Hey guys ive got more information of violeta 3 watch this video apperantly it say tomas in in season 3 this is said by tini stossel aka martina I will send the link. I wanna watch violetta online but it seems theres no website that has all the episodes! And can anyone sugguest any good website? An episode is like 45 minutes. If you're looking for Spanish episodes you can go to website named Capitulos de Violetta.

And if you're looking for English, I'm so sorry because I don't know. You can get the Spanish episodes on Violetta 2 sezon online dating websites Videolog and Dailymotion as well, but I don't think that there's any English episodes online, sorry. Anon no need for the language please and having a Tomletta and Leonetta war is not necessary thank you x. Anon your actions are out of order her.

We ask if u can keep the language to age appropriate please. Okay, I don't get this very much. Tomas is in season 3. But i am so happy for this: Please don't post messages like this one, it's Violetta 2 sezon online dating spamming since its mostly empty and doesn't contain a lot of useful info. I think his IP address changed Fran, so that's probably why he was able to post after he was blocked. Anyway, it doesn't really matter now, I blocked both IPs so he shouldn't be back anytime soon: But there's coming many new characters.


Third season starts to shoot in April. I know that becouse my friend have friend that have someone for family who know someone from Violetta cast.

As I know, Violetta S3 will start in like August. Violetta 2 sezon online dating I know it? Well, now Disney is rerunning S2 and S2 have 80 eps, in a week, they air 5 episodes, which mean that is in 16 weeks and 16 weeks is approximately 4 months. Now is April and 4 months more is August. A really loooooooooooong time to wait: Omg I'm so happy that Thomas will be back I love tomletta and leonettahi I live in Qatar but not from Qatar lol I was freaking out when I heard they where going to Qatar in season 1 but sadly they would not completed violetta's sing life so I was happy too when they stayed!

Here in Qatar where still waiting for season 2 we just finished season 1 yesterday and having repeats to wait for season 2 heated there is a lot of drama eek! Violetta 2 sezon online dating I'm a girl. His name is not there: Ok, I'll tell you a fact: Not all the characters from the main cast must to appear on the first episode.

Characters from S1 like Broduey didn't appear on the first episode, or better say, he didn't appear on the first part of Violetta, he just appear on the middle of the series. Or Napo, he didn't appear on the first episodes, he appears like on the episode 3, 4 or 5. From S2, the character Esmeralda is part of the main character, but she start to appear on the episode on the episode 4 and she make her last appear like in the episode Angie is like that too, she appears on Violetta 2 sezon online dating two seasons, but she went in the episode So, there's a possible that they will appear on the episode 3, 4 or later.

But the interview was 2 months ago, and Pablo changed the look that looks more like Tomas. He might come back: Me too, but he was mentioned by several character like No Tomas in Season 2 and Season 3 sadly. But that means more Leonetta probally since they kissed at the Season 2 finale!

Guys, it's unknown what's wrong with Tomas in S3. The only way is wait for S3, that I hope that it will air soon. Okay, I live in nigeria in Africa and they are still pending on showing the last episode of season 1. Yeah, there are alot of haters, because some people don't like the fact that it's dubbed in English so whatever.

And they the television people stopped on the second to last episode of season one and then began the whole thing from the beginning.

This, forum has "Violetta 2 sezon online dating" me know a lot about the upcoming seaasons. There's a chance though he might return or he will be in a different episode.

Violetta () Martina Stoessel in...

I ship Leonetta but I still want Tomas there! In the last episode of the first season of ViolettaThomas said he he must go back in Spain because he received a job like singer there. He isn't returning in 2nd seasonbut there is a new boyDiego. He is from Spain too and she want to make Violetta fall in love with him just because he want to know some informations about his father from Ludmila. Violetta () Martina Stoessel in Violetta () Facundo Hache Herrera in .

Xabiani Ponce De Leon (Marco) started dating inbut broke up in Hello, Check arounnd July as Season 2 episodes will start Violetta 2 sezon online dating release around this time! Violetta 2 sezon online dating .

Nie z tego świata Supernatural...

We have no date when all of these episodes will be up!. Leon and Violetta go on a date, as they both lean in for a kiss Violetta's phone rings. Esmeralda tells Violetta to return home as.


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Violetta 2 sezon online dating

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Please Disney stop this show. Although Violetta tries to convince Leon that she didn't kiss Diego, he doesn't believe her and ultimately breaks up with Violetta. Maximiliano 'Maxi' Ponte episodes, Samuel Nascimento Jade, heartbroken from the rejection, decides to change her personality good into bad. He replied that he did not know that Lara would come to the party, and pointed out that she had spent the evening with Diego. Diego feels upset about not knowing who his father is and Violetta tries to comfort him.

What on earth is going on?!!!

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Auspice in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Find showtimes, watch trailers, thumb photos, track your Watchlist and status your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! I couldn't agree more with comments on every side how awful the program is. Disney must have legitimately run out of ideas to panoply a low destitute program like Violetta.

I have seen awful acting, but Violetta takes it to another straight with. Aside from the bad, awful and amateur acting, the program is present giving negative word out there to young children and teenagers about duplicitous This program is telling children and teenagers that it's okay to store lying covering entire lie with another , it's okay for adults to help cover up lies and that it's okay respecting teachers to awe, abuse as prosperously as blackmail students in their watch over.

Just encouraging children to lie. That is what my 13 year decayed said about the program " Expensive Disney, I don't know what is worse, the verifiable program or Violetta's attitude. No equal can get away with that sundry lies. Seriously, you've had your satirize, end it.

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Violetta 2 sezon online dating Rain city miracle 7TH GRADE DATING SITES Cambodia dating scams Hot native men The following is a list of episodes of the Disney Channel original series , Violetta....

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Three months after the end of Season 1 , the students are back for a new year at the Studio. Violetta reflects on the changes in her life and decides to get closer to Leon. However, a new boy named Diego arrives from Spain and interferes in her life, causing a strain between Violetta and Leon. Ludmila and Diego are childhood friends and have a deal that he will try to get Violetta kicked out of the studio in exchange for information about his father. Herman loses all his money due to Jade and Matias ' scheming, causing them to almost lose their house.

However, they are saved at the last minute by Esmerelda , an actress hired by Jade and Matias to steal Herman's money. Herman grows closer to Esmeralda, oblivious to the fact that she is not who she says she is, causing Angie to get jealous.

Tensions continue to rise between Violetta and Leon due to Diego, especially when Violetta is chosen to perform a duet with Diego at the YouMix show. During the duet, Violetta trips and Diego takes this chance to kiss her, angering Leon. Although Violetta tries to convince Leon that she didn't kiss Diego, he doesn't believe her and ultimately breaks up with Violetta.

After the show, YouMix offers Violetta the chance to became an exclusive star for them, which she accepts after thinking of her father's financial situation and the fact that she won't have to see Leon at the Studio as much. As Violetta gets closer to Diego, Leon spends more time at motorcross with Lara.

  • 2. Episode 2. 49m. Violetta refuses to wear the drab...
  • Ansel Elgort & Violetta Komyshan's Romance in Pictures reliable sign of a successful relationship,...
  • 'I thought he was so hot!' Ansel Elgort's ballerina girlfriend Violetta Komyshan gushes over the star, as she recalls...

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Men love the chase - but what about the ladies? 2. Episode 2. 49m. Violetta refuses to wear the drab dress her dad's fiancé has picked out. . Ludmila tries to convince Tomas that Violetta is dating Leon. 'I thought he was so hot!' Ansel Elgort's ballerina girlfriend Violetta Komyshan gushes over the star, as she recalls the sweet moment they met in..

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