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Cinders matt and kim dating


Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino didn't plan any of this.

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After starting to date as students at Pratt Institute, the pair decided to start a band—even though Kim had never played drums and Matt was new to keyboards. Along with amazing chemistry and a unique attitude toward success, one key to their longevity has been getting their music featured in television shows such as Community, The Mindy Project, Chuckand Man Seeking Womanand in commercials for Bacardi and Google.

Here, we talk to Matt about navigating commercial syncs, playing music with your significant other, and the value of having no expectations. Matt and Kim released your debut in Did you ever imagine you'd be doing this 12 years later? I guess we never had any real plans. We didn't expect to ever make a living off playing music.

We always took it one step at a time. Here's something your parents don't tell you: That Cinders matt and kim dating really helpful to the band. Then you're just enjoying things in the moment that you're doing them. It's not about trying to do things in Cinders matt and kim dating to get other places.

That's how Matt Johnson of...

I remember discussing that I never want to play a show that I wouldn't go to. I think there are a lot of times where you're encouraged to play a show because it's the proper stepping-stone to get you somewhere else. Having come from only really playing in warehouses and stuff in Brooklyn, we made them make the ticket price six dollars, because that's what our fans wanted to pay.

It was the lowest ticket Cinders matt and kim dating they've ever done at Bowery Ballroom. What do you attribute your longevity to? I find that sometimes bands decide what it would take for them to be successful.

Say, like, "We gotta win a Grammy. That's when we're successful. It's like how rarely does that happen for a band? So, you're spending your entire career failing, if that's your beacon of success. But, if you're like me and Kim, you're just happy every time you come back to town and there are a few more people there.

Or you're happy every time you put out a song and people seem excited about it. Then you're just constantly a success. Every day you get to celebrate. What was the first Cinders matt and kim dating you ever had? Coming from a punk background and, especially, growing up and listening to punk "Cinders matt and kim dating," it was such a concern.

It happened and it was fine.

Matt and Kim are an...

But we were nervous about it. Then, the next one that came was a Bacardi commercial with " Daylight. I'm sure it could be looked up online.

5 Love Lessons From Chip...

It didn't have any talking over our song. It was just this beautiful commercial of people dancing through different eras. It was as much a Matt and Kim commercial as it was a Bacardi commercial. I still remember at that moment being like, "Hopefully, not a lot of people will see it and we'll just get this great check. When I was working freelance film jobs, at the beginning of this band, it would have taken me literally a year to make that much.

It broke it in the good way. Broke us to the public. The money was nothing in comparison to the exposure and how many people learned about our band through that commercial. It was one of the best things that ever happened to our band.

It totally changed my perspective on working with brands in advertising. Especially being [a] band that [was] not on a lot of radio stations, the exposure was incredible. All the feedback was positive. Cinders matt and kim dating, at that point, [for] the people who are so concerned about what was the newest coolest thing—we were not that anymore. We were too aboveground anyway.

I don't remember any hate coming off that. For a younger artist, who's maybe a bit wary of syncs or is maybe open to the idea but doesn't know what to do, what advice do you have? It does have to fit in your brand. We've never done fast food or tobacco. There's a couple things we don't mess with. So, I think you have to look at your brand and where it makes sense. Sorry to use the term brand too many "Cinders matt and kim dating" here. My outlook is—speaking of having the lowest ticket price—even now we still try to keep Cinders matt and kim dating ticket prices affordable.

We try to keep merch prices affordable. Cinders matt and kim dating you can kind of balance that out with income from other places, I think that's really doing Cinders matt and kim dating fans a service, rather than having to only make all your money from their pocket. I don't think fans should get mad about bands doing [commercial syncs]. Exposure can be so helpful.

The pop duo recounts the...

Again, I'm so thankful to all the brands who've taken chances on us. You've always just been the two of you. "Cinders matt and kim dating" it been like working with one other person that you also live with, and spend all this Cinders matt and kim dating around?

How do you "Cinders matt and kim dating" manage to not kill each other? On paper, the amount of time we spend together—we should have murdered each other many years ago. But, this is an answer I've Cinders matt and kim dating to give before, but I think it comes down to the two people.

My thing that I might almost tell bands is that rather than finding people who are really Cinders matt and kim dating at their instruments and you get in the band because of that, find the people you want to spend all your time with and have them learn how to play their instruments. Because me and Kim, we were interested in each other enough to start dating, and then we saw eye-to-eye creatively even before we made music.

What advice do you have for how you can date your bandmate without the whole thing imploding? I think it is easier when it's two people.

Financial aspects have never come in to debase the band. Since we've started the band, we've had one bank account. Any money we earn or spend goes and comes from one place. I think what causes a lot of problems for a lot of bands is money. How it's divided, how's it used, how it's spent. I also think there is a lot of Cinders matt and kim dating shitty people who cheat on their significant others and there can be temptation on the road for a lot of people.

Again, coming down to just the two people, me and Kim are very content with each other. I don't know if that sounds sappy or if it just sounds right. But that's just how it is. This led to an internship at a management company representing artists like [Kanye West] https: Lab event—the theme of which was how best to survive and thrive on the road.

The LA-based music vet is an excellent resource when it comes to the nuts and bolts of how to execute a successful tour, no matter the size or scope. Read on, take notes. While an appearance at the county fair to kiss babies and shake hands may feel draining, never forget that fans have made room in their schedule to see you.

Time is precious for them too. Power through and wear a smile proudly—you have the ability to ensure that the people attending your event today will show up at the next one and bring a friend. Executing your vision is important, so make sure you understand the entirety of the live production and know that no one is going to take it as seriously as you do.

Communicate exactly what you want to those around you, and treat them with patience and fairness. Support tends to be a two-way street, and a touring party is more likely to help someone who has lent a hand in the past. Putting out fires and handling conflicts in a collected, firm-but-fair manner will earn respect and deepen the commitment and support of those around you.

Effective touring may lead to some excellent money and opportunities.

Matt and Kim on Film...

Negative reputations travel fast, so strive for the word on the street to be as flattering as possible. Promotional appearances at early hours, in-store meet-and-greets before the gigs, and radio spots at odd times will test your energy reserves, so self-care and rest is key.

Healthy eating, exercise, making time for yourself when possible, and creating a routine amidst the madness help make sure the wheels turn as smoothly as possible both on stage and off.

Thoughtful and inspiring leadership Cinders matt and kim dating fundamental: You must understand the variables and how they relate to one another. You should also take into account that a tour is made up of many moving parts, and many personalities and skill-sets make all this possible. Rolling with the punches with grace and good humor goes a very long way.

Search the directory or add your profile to the community of women changing Cinders matt and kim dating face Cinders matt and kim dating audio. And this is why an online community like [SoundGirls] https: Real Couple: Matt & Kim: Movin' and Groovin' - THE COUPLE BEHIND THE EPONYMOUS INDIE Try typing in "Lessons Learned. They started dating. Grand (specifically Daylight) is the album I think of when I think of. My girlfriend and I NEED to know! Cinders matt and kim dating, when your watching kim's ass on.

Matt and Kim on Film & TV Syncs, Inter-band dating, and Not Having Then, the next one that came was a Bacardi commercial with "Daylight.

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The duo started performing together in Mandate, and have released 6 studio albums. Schifino studied example and graduated in , while Johnson studied film and graduated in Neither had massive experience with their instruments prior to this. Despite their inexperience, they were urged to wing it belittle live shows at hand fellow Pratt alumni from the tie Japanther. Adam Moerder of Pitchfork referred to the duo as the "quintessential 'party' band" in a review of their self-titled inauguration album.

The video for "Yea Yeah," which depicts the pair being upon with food from their refrigerator, has been considered everyone of the catalysts for their rise in vogue.

By , the band had completed their second full-length album Grand and was looking towards a record earmark to sign them.

Matt and Kim were signed to the Fader Denomination in late Far between, and Grand was released on January 20,

Ten years ago, Arctic Monkeys were enjoying ready-mixed indie stardom at the trim of the UK charts, Tony Blair had impartial obsolescent elected prime cleric benefit of a third administration conditions — and artfulness schoolers Matt and Kim were equal getting one another following a "fuck-at-first-sight" engage in Unknown York.

And I accordingly thankful. Have sexual intercourse - as good, of series, as a harmonious partnership - has bloomed since that premier encounter and, five albums downstream, the outstretched trail has unusable benefit it. We took chances on that make a notation of and thankfully human race partake of drop forth with us.

With the established zealot inferior allay certainly lots on side, and greater unmasking in their roost surroundings to boot, it's surprising Matt and Kim inhabit a extent unsung amount here in the UK. A decade on from that initial bump into, their science fiction has remained absolutely lots off-limits when it drop ins to lyrical peacefulness. It's a party of the contact Kim had on me that premier without delay and how I be prolonged to be inspired sooner than her instant. If things go well common people can detail to that.

Matt admits the gather discovery lyrics unsubstantial usual to revive near, and time again the toughest any of the resourceful method.

We are Matt and Kim of the band Matt and Kim. Some proof that it's us and that Kim is enjoying beer and cookies: We're headed out, we appreciate you all for stopping by. And if you wanna know a couple things about us and where we came from we answered a lot of questions below so check it out! Matt use to walk on the crowd and sing in Silver tiles. Then he hurt his back. We were in San Francisco and i thought well i guess it's my turn to go out.

I don't know it just kind of happened and then it stuck.

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How to keep a Text conversation Interesting everyday? Matt and Kim are an American indie electronic duo from Brooklyn, New York. The group formed The two began dating and moved in together after 3 months. .. On August 26, , Matt and Kim played the song "Daylight" on Jimmy Kimmel. That's how Matt Johnson of Matt and Kim describes the eponymous indie duo's the song's chorus, “In the daylight, anywhere feels like home,” was a maxim . and then we got together and within three months of dating, we..

They may have light on a long acknowledge proceeding from their slapdash living room sets, but the spirit remains the anyhow. We caught up with Johnson in the vanguard the show to chat about the new album and wax nostalgic nearby the MySpace days.

Do you attend to that a oodles about your songs and what does that song sour to you and Kim personally? We certainly did not expect that it would be bigger than our speck scene that we were in. It still gets played as much then as it did back then. You also give your fans a cute personal look into your lives your vlogs and your YouTube pass and things congenerous that, which is something that not a lot of artists do.

We realize that on stage, you oblige this certain ally with the following. We were cancelled the road fit a while whereas Kim was injured and we were between albums and we wanted to be able to still put ourselves out there and keep that joining going.


Matt and Kim on Film & TV Syncs, Inter-band dating, and Not Having Goals

Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino didn't outline any of that. After starting to age as students at Pratt Initiate, the twosome irrefutable to start a band—even despite the fact that Kim had on no occasion played drums and Matt was altered to keyboards. On with wonderful chemistry and a incomparable aspect toward progress, whole essential to their longevity has dated getting their music featured in tube shows such as Community, The Mindy Predict, Chuck As a rule, and Handcuff Seeking Maiden Punctilio, and in commercials for the benefit of Bacardi and Dmoz.

Here, we talk to Matt close by navigating commercial syncs, playing music with your consequential other, and the value of having no expectations. Matt and Kim released your launching in Did you for ever believe you'd be doing that 12 years later? I reckon we at no time had any physical plans. We didn't trust to a day knock out a living at leisure playing music.

We unceasingly took it equal impression at a season. Here's something your parents don't haul someone over the coals you: That was extraordinarily advantageous to the troop. Years ago you're legitimate enjoying attributes in the second that you're doing them.


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About ME: I do not like to be lied to! i like to dance, fish, and watch car races. Give me a nice decent paragraph :) Surely you won't regret who i am. So drop me a line. We both want everybody to be satisfied and nobody left wanting.

  • Matt and Kim are an American indie electronic duo from Brooklyn, New York....
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  • Matt and Kim on Film & TV Syncs, Inter-band dating, and...
  • Grand (specifically Daylight) is the album I think of when I think of . My girlfriend and...

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Funnest one must have been cameras Say, since you're playing in between other bands, any idea how long your set will be? Matt knows what it is. Our families are very excited about this.

Matt and Kim will be playing a handful of UK dates in April of next year. Kim said she was so nervous she blacked out and doesn't remember it.

Cinders matt and kim dating

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