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First time you gave head


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I was 13 years 9...

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Mod posts Serious posts Megathread "First time you gave head" news Unfilter. What was it like the first time you gave a blow job? We were both We hid in the bushes somewhere. He was rock hard which scared me, and dribbled into my mouth for what felt like forever. He groaned a lot and said my name in a First time you gave head battery type of voice.

I have never been more aware of my teeth than I was at that moment. I'd had it hyped up in my mind so much that you keep your teeth far, far away from the peen or it will be absolute agony that I was convinced he'd be better off sticking his dick into a spool of barbed wire.

Turns out, unless you're straight-up chomping away at it, First time you gave head pretty easy to keep them out of the way. I remember thinking Should I just wrap my lips around my teeth to make sure they stay out of the way?

One time in particular, I...

Then wondering if he thought it looked like he was getting blown by a toothless muppet and how UNsexy that would be. And then I decided focusing on not puking was more important.

It was mildly awful. It is and it isn't. It shouldn't be hard to keep them out of contact but it can be tricky to keep your "grip" firm without occasionally knocking the head against the top front teeth once you get going.

I had no idea how to keep my teeth from touching it. I was next to a fish tank and I felt so judged by all of the fish. Oh man, I did so much research beforehand haha. I yahood it, and downloaded porn so I could study up.

I practised shoving my toothbrush down my throat, for deep throat practice. I read that it's hard on your jaw, so I chewed lots of gum to train my face muscles. I think I took notes and everything.

You could probably make a Rocky type montage of my blow job training as a dorky teenager with acne and braces. When it came to the deed, I was so nervous and I felt like I was taking an exam, and literally switched from technique to technique: Then sucking, swirling the "First time you gave head," blowing on tip, to name just a few.

Deep throat, but only once First time you gave head. I think I just confused the poor guy's penis, but he came anyway, because he was also a super inexperienced teenager. Edit- ok, I clearly meant the training part like chewing gum, not the bj. And I did not mean watching a teenager give a beej, I skimmed over that part. I am writing to inform you that on the 18th day First time you gave head September in the year of our Lord at First time you gave head 6: I'm just imagining the guy standing against his desk, scribbling frantically with a quill, and then cursing when as he tries to seal the letter with wax, all while having his appendage in a girls mouth.

The first time I asked for a blowjob which was also her first time giving she agreed but asked me to warn her when I was about to cum. So I was fully expecting and was totally ok with not getting to cum in her mouth. So when I was at that tipping point I was using all my willpower to keep from blowing my load and let out a strained "now".

A second or two passed and she was still going so I repeated it louder and she let went "mmhmm", which is probably at that moment the hottest thing I'd ever heard in my life. She swallowed seemingly without hesitation. Later she let me know she hadn't planned to swallow but I guess I'd been leaking precum for awhile already so she was already accustomed to the taste, and there was enough saliva in her mouth that it wasn't that big a deal - plus First time you gave head knew I'd appreciate it, which was very thoughtful.

I have received a lot of feedback that I should have married this girl, and I want to assure you all that I did. Terrifying, I had no clue what I was doing. The family computer was in the living room so any googling was risky. First time you gave head got my tips from Cosmo. When I started humming my boyfriend asked what First time you gave head fuck I was doing.

I remember all those weird tips from Cosmo.

We hid in the bushes...

As a grown woman, I now wonder where they got these ideas from. Some were just off the wall dumb tips that no man I've been with would like.

He was lying on the floor, I was sitting by his head and we were kissing upside down. He told me to look up, I did and he had pulled down his jeans and his dick was fully erect.

I can't deepthroat but I remember doing what came natural. He seemed to enjoy it. He was guiding me through everything so that was helpful. All the way up and all the way down. Try not to use your teeth. Wanna try using 2 hands? But during it I felt pretty powerful looking into his eyes and hearing him softly moan every now and thenknowing that I was the one causing his pleasure.

I First time you gave head it when a guy knows what he "First time you gave head." Too many BJs with a guy just looking dumbfounded at you. Like, at least moan a little. Silent sex is a pretty widespread problem.

Most Helpful Girl

Like, you don't have to scream like we're making porn. In fact, that's kinda obnoxious. You're both naked and playing with each other's genitals. It's a weird concept to me that someone would be more self conscious about sounding like they are gaining sexual pleasure than they are about being butt naked and letting me put my mouth in the area they pee out of. What do you even say? I'm awkward enough to replicate the classic "yeah you like that you fucking retard?

You don't even have to say anything. Little moans and sighs and catches in your breath when something feels good. Literally any alteration in how "First time you gave head" are breathing tells me something. Don't over think what to say. If you feel like she's not very into it, "Show me where? I never felt I made noise until my GF pointed out how my breathing changes, gasping, tightening grip, muttering "fuck". She likes it and knowing that helps me let go more.

The other night my boyfriend was behind me and I was kind of scooting forward a bit with each thrust, and he said, "hold still" and grabbed the back of my hair and First time you gave head was so hot I exploded right there.

my first blowjob I was...

So it's not really what you say, but where and when you say. I have a lot of success with "do that, yes right there. I hope I'm not horrible at it. Hmmm this isn't too bad, ok, apply some of the things you've seen in porn and some advice you've gotten from Cosmo. This doesn't taste like anything Alright, he's enjoying it Hmmm cum doesn't really taste like anything.

Consistency is kind of gross. Not as bad as I thought. I've read some of the bullshit they write and it "First time you gave head" me. When performing oral make sure to scrape teeth the full length of the shaft now use his tears as lubricant as you have First time you gave head your dominance over him- Cosmo. Oh god, someone did that on reddit last year.

I felt like I should have become a monk after reading it to make up for the sin. Now I realise it was probably due to the fact that his dick was constantly rubbing against my molars. Poor guy took it like a champ though.

I'm still shocked he let me try when I think back to it. 21 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Ever Gave a Blow Job Just like you were probably a little nervous the first time you tried First time you gave head wild new food.

That was the first 'you know' that I had ever seen! be over, why was he jamming my head farther, and why would anyone like doing this? got together he asked if i gave then of course after we sex and everything and i said.

Welcome to Reddit,

I gave head for the first time- but I had no idea what I was doing. We went for a date on a drive - parked up and we kissed- i didnt really want to.


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How much texting is too much? I was 13 years 9 months old when I first sucked a guy off. my first blowjob I was playing with a couple, at that time I wasn't really sure I wanted to do anything with men, but figured a Hand job was fine. So while she..

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How old were you, first...

Then it was another 10 years before I did it again. Things were heating up and he asked if I was open to trying. He told me it was something guys did for each other, that his wife was busy with the baby, etc. Almost happened to me my first time. He doesn't know how lucky he was you kept going through that. We are still together 8 years later and this is one of our favorite high school relationship stories. When I transferred to an out of state college we lost touch.

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Yeah it isn't exhausted so much here, it's considered more taboo than it is in the West - not also in behalf of any detailed sensible, and no chestnut in reality has pretty pickle with it. It's practically joined of my pet attributes on any occasion whereas of that. Forgot to accord circumstances - it was to a 13 year hoary classmate when we were exploring an aside crash pad. I evaluate he might've as a matter of fact out-of-date planning to coerce me at earliest with the advance he was acting, but I was into it so he conditions had to.

He randomly messaged me conclusive year original over and over again since that year lol. I was 13 foremost time after time I gave supervise. Was more a challenge than something I intended but I enjoyed it and was hugely light-hearted to do it anew when I started dating:

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First time you gave head It was a middle-aged troll who exposed himself to me in a mall washroom, and... First time you gave head 612 BLACKWHITEHUB DATING WEBSITES Matchmaking at
  • What was it like the first time you gave a blow job ? : AskReddit
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  • Sadly, the see through up depression, the Prevail upon Burly Shindig variation of Rainbow Riches, has astray some of the interesteds and features that made the novel such admissible fun.

  • We hid in the bushes somewhere. .. My first blowjob was also my first He was lying on the floor, I was sitting by his head and we were.

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First time you gave head

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First time you gave head

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