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Dating status quiz


Are you either in or out of a relationship, and think a quiz guessing your relationship status would be a fun way to kill some time?

Or, have you genuinely forgotten what your relationship status is, and are seeking something to remind you? In any case, we have you totally covered! This simple Never Have I Ever Quiz will accurately assess your lifestyle and past experiences in order to predict your relationship Dating status quiz. Most people get into a relationship eventually, one way or another. After all, there's only so much you can do by yourself before things start to get dull.

However, people fall in and out of relationships all the time, as is custom behavior for human beings. Right now, you might be in a relationship or out of one, and that may or may not have something to do with the things you've done before, or have never done. So, let's see what's on your relationship resume thus far. You ready to play 'Never Have I Ever'?

To start this quiz off, let's see how much sleep you tend to get, or lack. Depending on your answer, we'll get a better sense of your relationship status. Have you ever felt the sting of insomnia, or have been awake for 48 hours for another reason?

Hitchhiking is a pretty crazy experience, at least that's what we hear. Of course, we've never done it, but you might have. If you're traveling somewhere far away, and have no money to get around, there aren't an abundance of options for you outside of hitchhiking.

If you've had stitches, you've likely been through a painful experience. After all, that's pretty much the only reason why you'd get stitches: You don't have to get stitches for fun, like Mr. Have you ever been on TV or the radio? If you're not in the field of Dating status quiz that puts Dating status quiz in that spotlight often, being featured so publicly is quite an experience.

Let us know if you've ever had it, and we'll try to figure out that elusive relationship status of yours. If you've cheated on a test in school, you're not necessarily an immoral person.

Sure, cheating is generally considered to be the wrong thing to do in all cases, but what's equally true is that kids Dating status quiz mistakes, and sometimes making mistakes is the only way to learn. If you've ever been in this awkward predicament, you might have experienced the trauma of falling down to your knees as you realize that the embarrassing message you wrote was sent to the exact worst person who could have received it.

Everyone needs a haircut, unless you Dating status quiz care about eventually acting as human broom for the world. Sometimes, you just "Dating status quiz" want to travel all the way to the salon or barber shop to get a trim. If you've been there before, have you ever tried to cut your own hair? We don't care who says it is, getting slapped in the face is never fun. It stings the nerves upon impact, and it's super embarrassing if you're the one who receives the slap in public.

Let us know if you've been slapped in the face, and we'll see if you're single or taken. Living in our relatively peaceful modern society, we rarely find ourselves tangled in situations that require us to run for Dating status quiz own survival. However, those circumstances do tend to pop up from time to time.

Have you ever had to run for your "Dating status quiz" life? Everyone cries once in a while, even the toughest people out there. However, most of us do it in the privacy of our own homes, when no one's around to see us do it.

Others, like Putin over here, cry in public, because why the hell not? If you've snooped through someone's phone before, Dating status quiz on you.

Are you just a friend...

You're not a secret agent and have no business doing that. It's fine as long as you stop now, which we're sure you will.

Push the Dating status quiz button and we'll guess your status. We're sure that you've seen an animal before, that's not what we're asking. Animals are typically all around us all the time, so seeing one isn't so Dating status quiz. However, riding on the back of an animal is a much more original, interesting experience. Ever done it before? Skydiving is a traumatic experience, which is something we've discerned from the stories we've heard about it.

We've also heard that "Dating status quiz" exhilarating and well worth the fright. That's good to know, for sure. Have you ever done it? Riding in an elevator can be a little Dating status quiz, but it's thankfully usually over in a few short seconds or minutes. Sometimes, however, elevators get stuck, with people in them, for a half hour or more. Now, that sounds pretty uncomfortable. If you get into the habit of speeding while driving even going just a bit over the speed limitthere's always a chance of getting stopped by the cops.

If that does happen to you, there's an additional chance that you're the type to try charming your way out of the fine. Fainting is bad, and not recommended. Of course, we don't faint, being non-corporal quiz programmers and all, but we do hear that it's not good, especially if you hit the Dating status quiz rather hard. Have you ever fainted before? Singing can be a fun Dating status quiz to do, but it can also be pretty embarrassing if you do it in public.

After all, singing loudly for all "Dating status quiz" hear open you up to ridicule, and ridicule is never a fun thing to experience. If you don't care, though, you might have sung karaoke in public before.

If you're on vacation with a group of people, it's important to understand the importance of creating and maintaining a good vibe. A vacation should be fun, fundamentally, and not dragged down by a Debbie Downer. You're not that person on vacation, Dating status quiz you?

Breaking something expensive sucks, according to the people who have done it and shared the experience with us. If you break things, you usually end up having to buy them after, in one way or another. Have you ever broken something Dating status quiz If you're not a reader, you can go ahead and skip to the next question.

If you are, stick around for a second, and we'll find out how voracious a reader you are. A person who really loves their books has finished at least one in a day, at least one day of their lives.

So, we've put a (very...

Most people stay as far away as possible from anything resembling a stage. Being around people on the sidewalk can be awkward enough, there's no need to amplify that with a spotlight.

However, you might be the type to welcome the Dating status quiz, giving some sort of gift to your audience.

Are you just a friend...

Everyone has Dating status quiz own eating habits, and the foods we consume go into making us who we are. These days, plenty of people have at least tried a meatless Dating status quiz, either vegan or vegetarian. Are you one of those? If you answered "Yes" to our prior question about snooping through someone's phone, you might push the same button here.

In that case, you're a real snooper! We won't judge you, though, at least not here.

In the world of dating,...

We're just collecting some data. There are some people out there who have experienced the sensation of drowning but have made it back before crossing Dating status quiz. They say it's strangely peaceful and serene. Still, we'll stay away from it, thanks. Have you ever been close to drowning? Walking is a great thing to do, and it's necessary in order for us to get Dating status quiz. However, we usually only have to walk in short bursts to accomplish our tasks.

Walking Dating status quiz five hours or more is a rare thing to do. If you're the type to get into minor or major altercations with randoms that you meet on the street, then it's likely that you'll say yes to this one. Being yelled at a stranger sucks, though we wouldn't know anything about that, Dating status quiz course. Have you ever gone camping before? Being that we are civilized creatures, there's little to no concrete reason for us to go sleep outside, unless we really want to.

Personally, we're fine wandering the digital hallways of the internet. There are roofs out there, as you know. You probably also know that some of these roofs are suitable for supporting the feet of people, sometimes several people "Dating status quiz" a time. In fact, you might have even been on one of these roofs before!

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First dates are great, that is when they work out, of course. Sometimes, when they really work out, you might even find yourself doing a certain deed with your date within just hours of meeting them.

Have you ever done that? With everyone having a smartphone on them at all times, there's always a chance for you to be featured in the next mega viral video. You just have to be caught doing precisely the right Dating status quiz at precisely the right time. Looking for even more animals in your life?

Then you should join The BuzzFeed Animals Club Facebook group to talk about animals to "Dating status quiz." Not sure if your new crush is Dating status quiz for you?

Want to know if he loves you back?

What's your relationship status? Shh!...

Take these fun love and relationship quizzes to help decode your love life!. Are you just a friend or in Dating status quiz intense relationship? Let us interpret the signs for you! Take this quiz to determine your REAL relationship status!.

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