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Superhero online dating profiles


I never went on a date with anyone from those sites, mostly because I found the whole thing somewhat icky. But I did get a good bit of enjoyment out of reading the profiles. People try so hard to look good, but most of the time they come off looking desperate, slightly crazy and totally, unintentionally hilarious. It got me thinking about how hard it must be for superheroes and comic book characters to have real relationships.

So where do they go to meet other singles? They probably have to go online. Would they reveal who they really are? Would they advertise their powers? So many intriguing questions abound, that I had to see for myself. Sometimes I feel like I come from another world; I have a hard time connecting with people. Helping people makes me feel good. And so does a nice pair of red boots. Someone who is not afraid to fly. My perfect mate would be plucky, smart and mischievous.

Interest in journalism a BIG plus. Well, Greek mythology, anyway. I look great in blue stars underoos. I like to wear gold bracelets. I can astral project into mythic lands. I demand honesty from people. And I like to spin in circles sometimes. Someone who will respect me both as a woman and as a creature of this earth. Someone who can match my strength and intelligence, yet will appreciate my softer side. I need someone undaunted by my prowess as a fighter, and not intimidated by my connection to Superhero online dating profiles Gods or my ability to stand toe-to-toe with Superman.

That or that cute guy from The O. Or tap the "Superhero online dating profiles" at a sushi restaurant, to piss of Aquaman. Do not use the lasso of truth on a guy when you ask him if you look fat in those jeans. He will invariably tell the truth. And the truth hurts But you know what? I really did look fat in those jeans.

I like the city. I like to go to school. Sometimes I shoot spider webs out of my wrists. And by unknown I pretty much mean bugs. Spiders are people too, you know. They get a bad rap, but I like them. There was a mugging I had to stop. Next time, only introduce girls to your ugly friends, so that you look more attractive by comparison.

Who I am is irrelevant. Who I could be is much, much more important. One day a blond, one day a redhead, one day the guy that runs the counter at ; whatever keeps me interested. Someone who gives as good as he gets.

Someone who really likes the color blue. Mutant healing powers are a "Superhero online dating profiles," as I can get a little… Superhero online dating profiles, aggressive. Someone who likes body hair. Someone who is perhaps telekinetic and looks like a hot dutch actress. Someone who does not have the ability to shape shift and who hates the color blue. Moody chicks are ok, too. If her father is a member of the Yakuza, probably not a Superhero online dating profiles idea to date her.

If her boyfriend can shoot optic blasts out of his eyes, probably not a good idea to hit on her.

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I can be ignored, I can be destroyed. But as a symbol, as a symbol Superhero online dating profiles can be incorruptible, I can be everlasting. A girl looking Superhero online dating profiles date me must have no fear. No fear of bats. And they must not be allergic to black latex. First I would be on the roof of a tenement, watching you walk home. Some criminal would accost you, try to steal your purse, or something.

Then I would shoot a batarang at him, fly down and kick his ass. Nobody who likes cats. Nobody who has an affinity towards plants.

Superhero Online Dating Profiles: Incredible...

I am quite sneaky. Unless you looked right Superhero online dating profiles me and noticed my eyes had gone pure white. Other than that, absolutely no tell-tale signs. The same thing that happens to everything else! I could so rock your world!!! After all I hope to be an Evil Villan some day soon, and try and take over the world.

I would love for you to stop me… He He. Your email address will not be published. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Posted on November 16, by Jason Matthews. Looking For a Super Girl Vitals: Come lasso me… Vitals: Female, age unknown, The O.

Must Love Bugs Vitals: I could be anybody, but I wanna be yours… Vitals: Wanna do this, bub? Male, age unknown, Wherever I Superhero online dating profiles well please About Me: Wanna Weather the Storm "Superhero online dating profiles" Me? Jason is also an accomplished playwright. Find Jason Matthews on Twitter www.

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This entry was posted in FilmMiscellaneous Pop Culture. September 21, at 4: Hey Batman, I could so rock your world!!! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Proudly powered by WordPress. I don't know if you guys heard, but America has a new power couple--Superman and Wonder Woman are officially an item. In honor of the. Superhero Online Dating Profiles: Incredible Hulk Online Superhero online dating profiles Profile.

Hellboy's online profile Online Dating Profile, Superheroes, Avengers, Folk, The. I've been thinking a lot Superhero online dating profiles those online profiles this summer, especially when I go to see superhero/ comic book movies.

Superheroes aren't.

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