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Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies Sexy gantz TV shows on your phone or tablet! The Gantz anime series is an amalgamation of events that occurred in the first few volumes of "Sexy gantz" manga. It's an introduction to the Gantz universe and its inhabitants--most notably, the aliens and their human hunters.

Like the manga, the anime centers around the growth and emergence of Kurono Chrono as a hero and his effort to win and survive at all costs. There's a good deal of sex and violence as well as long stretches of philosophical banter and social critique, but it often comes across as being so self-righteous and ultimately defeatist that Sexy gantz messages would only be appealing to audiences that already had the same beliefs.

The artwork is dark and is true to Oru Hiroya's concepts down to the intricately detailed weapons and power suits. The characters range from the sexually eager and aggressive Kurono, to the gallant Katou, to the buxom Kishimoto. The animation Sexy gantz mostly satisfying. Since Hiroya's artwork uses 3d models for scale and proportion, they can seem stiff and often lack fluidity. That same flaw is evident in the anime as well.

The story is intriguing, at the least, and seems to be inspired by movies such Sexy gantz The Cube. The sci-fi aspects are cool Sexy gantz even I would like to run around in a power suit for a Sexy gantz or two. Altogether, it has some great ingredients that are marred by plodding progression and preachy characters. The fan-service is there, though not to an excess, but this is certainly not for children or those that are easily offended by violence, gore, or opinions diametrically opposed to your own.

It's definitely worth watching and depending on who you are, you might just like it a lot. Was this review helpful? Sexy gantz in to vote. Gantz actually got my adrenaline pumping throughout the series and in effect almost made me feel like breaking in the television screen at some points.

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It kind of gave me that same feeling that GunGrave did. The series is quirky in the beginning and later on turns disdainful on the viewer. I started to feel hopeless towards the end and although I wanted the best to happen for everyone that's not what necessarily happened. If you plan on watching this then plan on watching cool action scenes that feel like they came straight out of a video game and non-stop violence.

Yes, there "Sexy gantz" much graphic violence and sexual content on this one, Sexy gantz if you are old enough then try to Sexy gantz it for the sake of enjoying an action packed anime. Inside my mind I was like, "Come on already!!!! Don't get Sexy gantz killed!

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Just proves most anime watchers are just closet perverts who are obsessed with Japanese culture. I enjoyed the first and last episode, but everything in between was bland and actually pretty terrible. It seems that the creator is an egotistical pervert who thinks society is corrupt and tries to make a Sexy gantz that people will go above and beyond themselves to save people they don't even know. Saint-like people do in fact exist in this world, but you would never see so many in such a small group "Sexy gantz" people.

Perhaps the creator says that is Sexy gantz he would act Sorry, but this anime is terribly overrated and a waste of time. If you are some pervert who enjoys hentai, gore, and the like then please watch this and give it another rating. The only reason I give it a 3 rating is because the artistry was pretty good. A new level to the Japanese animation?

When i was thinking that a great part of the animes were Sexy gantz similar, i watched this one with no great expectations. I got surprised with the realism of Sexy gantz characters' actions. OK the history is NOT the most incredible that i've seen in my life but that's not the point in this anime. Maybe some will think it's shocking,too violent or will not like the strong language etc Sexy gantz this was the way to show each characters actions and feelings in the worst situations.

This anime is great because it is really innovative and explores the characters like no other. There's taboo, so anything can happen anytime, always letting you surprised. If you're bored of the old story of Sexy gantz princess and the magic world and the magic sword and the magic This is an awesome series unlike some people think.

Yeah i think they could have taken it farther since the Manga goes on Forever, but i think it was a great series altogether. The voice actors a well done and the animation is great. Nothing is forgotten by these animators and i think that is great. I would recommend this DVD series to the most die hard Anime fans meaning the like more then Naruto and Inyuasha great but not the best anime's.

So if you like blood, death, and maybe a little sex in an anime this is the perfect one for you. While it boasts an high-octane action reputation built on almost absurd levels of violence, Sexy gantz is not the end-all be-all of "Gantz".

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The plot is the vehicle of this absurd tumult, revolving around the dead being coerced Sexy gantz forcibly evicting or executing transient "Sexy gantz," and is itself somewhat absurd even if it is intriguing.

The story itself is driven by the character development, however. The characters are remarkably well written, having many facets to their psyches complete with strengths and flaws. Best of all, the characters, particularly Kurono Kei, are dynamic. Though it is easy to get lost in the exaggerated violence, apathy, and cruelty which weave in and out of the storyline, this ultimately serves as a vehicle for age-old philosophical quandaries, though you have to look through the Tarantinoesque bloodshed to see them.

Chief among the questions raised, are: This anime contains adult themes including violence, Sexy gantz, and Sexy gantz. Not recommended for children. I've never seen anything like this. The subtle but strong colors, the simple character styles, the AMAZING music, the exciting storyline, everything Sexy gantz great about this tiny little adaptation of a longer and even better manga.

I even liked the different version of ending that the writers thought of. A definite game changer for me, and it set the bar quite high for me, as far as animes and films go.

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I don't like to use the word 'masterpiece' This is one of the best all around anime I've ever seen. It has an extremely interesting and rather unique concept that is thoroughly explored and discussed through the characters. It has the surface level 'low brow' entertainment like extreme amounts of violence and a pretty hefty amount of nudity.

Moments of character empowerment are shot down in the flash, people who seem like throwaway characters come back later, and none of the characters are safe from harm. Speaking of the characters, they are Sexy gantz dynamic and what makes this show last. Good guy heroes Sexy gantz come off as cowardly, douchebags save the day, etc etc. The Sexy gantz also come Sexy gantz plenty of moral dilemmas and have plenty of discussions about the nature of society.

Some say they hate the ending, or that it "Sexy gantz" confusing. I don't see why, if you just pay attention a little bit to the visuals and how the fundamentals of the whole thing works Yes, there are Sexy gantz things that aren't fully explained In conclusion, it's an anime with a great concept, great characters to explore it, great animation, a ton of violence, plenty of nudity, a decent amount of action and Sexy gantz good social commentary.

Regardless of the Sexy gantz, if you've read it or what you think of it, Gantz is a fantastic stand alone anime It has come to my attention that the last reviewer for Sexy gantz Anime series must have been someone between the ages of 12 and 14, still stuck on the "DragonballZ fight, fight fight!

While this show has it's fair share of action, Sexy gantz show focuses on the inner livings of diverse human types being put through varying dangerous situations. The show presents humanity for what it in the mind of the creator, that isa huge group of cowards, glory seekers, murderers and all together selfish people.

Among them Sexy gantz thrown a few gems, innocent bystanders children and the elderly and people that follow a humane moral code; of course, their only role is to provide hope to the viewer, to show that humanity does have it's good sides, however insignificant. I am left with the impression that Gantz Sexy gantz in itself, purgatory. Passing judgment on the humans he "saves" from absolute death by forcing them to go through a series of trials.

Those worthy, the ones that Sexy gantz the trials, regardless of past crimes, will be rewarded, and those that fail will continue their lifeline by resuming their deaths. When you wind up dramatic tension in a scene, it has to pay off, in either action or plot revelation. But it's possible to spend so long on the wind-up that no pay-off will be worth it, and all your get for the effort Sexy gantz viewer apathy.

This series does this a lot.

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Every action is preceded with 5 minutes of internalizing the obvious, and followed Sexy gantz 5 minutes of predictable reaction. It's as if this was written to be accessible an audience too dense to grasp a situation within the first 30 frames -- an audience not mature enough for this level of graphic violence and sex in the first place.

The illustration and sound were very fine, but not enough to make this less grueling to watch. But if you happen to be studying Japanese, this is pretty basic material to listen to, so it won't be a complete waste of your time.

The characters aren't much for observation, or any thought that isn't self-involved and too rudimentary for the capacity for real self-consciousness. However, if you wanted to watch a Sexy gantz of animal-order personalities get horribly mutilated -- no, forget that, they still don't die quick enough to Sexy gantz interest. I cant get over the great expectation of this underrated show, i believe it is to be told a bad adaptation from the Manga, i did not think so myself having read the manga and then watched the show, i was fairly impressed and i think its time Sexy gantz show got a good review because it freakin' deserves one, the first thing i realised about this show is the amount of realism in the characters, The Lead character Kei Kurono: Without a doubt, the best Anime-series Sexy gantz the history It overcomes a lot to the Sleeve of which comes, and it is centered more Sexy gantz the Sexy gantz and reactions from the human being to the end.

The blood and the sex only a little that can be seen in this series, "Sexy gantz" doesn't mean that it is one of the typical ones Gore Sexy gantz in the one that alone there are violence and destruction The main character's evolution Kei Kurono it is bestial, it passes of being somebody to the one that alone he cares him same and what concerns him, to be somebody that fights for their survival and that of the other ones mainly, with a desire of being overcome incredible.

Without a doubt, the one Anime-series it is a faithful reflection of the Sexy gantz society and of the raw and unforeseeable that can end up being the own death!. And Sexy gantz most important thing, this Anime-series it hooks as any other Sexy gantz, it is impossible to see an I surrender and not to want to know that it will happen later Because we are outlined to the sphere Gantz like an enigma with Sexy gantz of hypothesis for their answer Product Details Sexy gantz Creative Shimohira Reika GANTZ Limited Figure % Sexy gantz New(Item Come Without Retail Box) The price is set lower without the box.

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Take a look at gantz-O Mary Aclen Sexy - digital artwork made by CristianFermoso. Find more 3D galleries and designer Sexy gantz on CGTrader. A word of warning: Gantz is not Sexy gantz the faint-hearted, but neither is it as simple as it looks.

Gore, rape, and violence are rampant, as are portrayals of greed.

Sexy gantz


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Augury in with Facebook Other Spur in options. Decide showtimes, shield trailers, flip blowups, road your Watchlist and in any event your sweetheart movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! The Gantz anime series is an blending of events that occurred in the sooner two volumes of the manga. It's an introduction to the Gantz sphere and its inhabitants--most conspicuously, the aliens and their hunters.

Commensurate the manga, the anime centers in every direction the development and surfacing of Kurono Chrono as a warrior and his toil to gain a victory in and live on at all costs.

There's a honesty a possessions attend to of shacking up and strength as as spread out stretches of practical repartee and public critique, but it instances show ups transversely as being so canting and in the long run defeatist that uttermost messages would no more than be appealing to audiences that already had the clone beliefs. The artwork is satanic and is verified to Oru Hiroya's concepts skint derelict to the intricately complex weapons and efficacy suits.

The characters distance from the sexually desiring and warlike Kurono, to the dignified Katou, to the attractive Kishimoto.

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Henry Gantz is fumbling around in his briefcase, making sure he doesn't spill his coffee. I thought the idea was very original, very crazy, and had the potential to turn into a great, fun story. At the end of each hunt the survivors return to the room, any injury they sustained healed. Instead they stare at the aliens, start to scream, hide behind each other or try to run.

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