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In the months before, his small logistics-software company had lost two of its biggest customers.

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Other accounts were on the bubble. Immediately after the shooting, Frank Morgiewicz, LaVoie's second in command, gathered employees in a conference room, told them what he knew and sent them home, asking them to return to work in a few days. Then, ignoring his own command, he started working the phones.

Over the weekend, Morgiewicz Arrowstream online dating with Jeff Dorr, head of sales, and Bill Michalski, who oversaw the company's products. But you have to get to work. Their to-do list was daunting. People were wondering what was going to happen to the company. In the days after "the incident," as ArrowStream employees uniformly refer to the shooting, some customers came by for face-to-face reassurance, Morgiewicz recalls.

Are they financially stable? From a technology standpoint, were they going to have a vision that would keep them relevant?

LaVoie co-founded the company in as a logistics-services provider that arranged deliveries of products from suppliers to restaurants. Byit had morphed into a tech company after it began selling customers the software it was using to find the most efficient shipping options. It also built a software that provides data and analytics on a restaurant's entire supply chain, giving operators a real-time view of every item they buy, how much it costs, whether the price matches the contract and the quality of the product.

Morgiewicz, 63, a former food-service consultant, joined ArrowStream as a logistics exec in He was promoted to chief operating officer in For "Arrowstream online dating" its sudden misfortune, ArrowStream had two things "Arrowstream online dating" its favor: Months before LaVoie was shot, he had started laying out a plan to turn over day-to-day operations.

The company also Arrowstream online dating a new strategy to overhaul its software after losing those two big customers. Its technology product was hard to use and lacked features customers wanted. Worse, ArrowStream struggled to explain its value to customers.

The shooting forced the company to push ahead faster. DeFrances had been told a week earlier that he would be Arrowstream online dating, police said.

LaVoie died in October.

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That left the triumvirate of Morgiewicz, Michalski and Dorr, who had been hired on a few "Arrowstream online dating" earlier. In the first days after the shooting, the three gathered employees for daily stand-up meetings. As things settled down, the daily meetings evolved into monthly gatherings.

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Management shared more information with the rank and file than before, including detailed financials. At first, many employees didn't fully understand these numbers because they'd never seen them.

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Openness showed up in other ways, too. The software development team, which was working under tight deadlines for the new products, decided to eliminate cubicles in favor of a bullpen, he says. Only a few Arrowstream online dating have left, and they "would have left under normal circumstances," Morgiewicz says. Headcount remains at about It has doubled the number of clients since and now does business with 20 of the largest restaurant chains.

Whatever turmoil Arrowstream online dating going on internally, you, as a customer, didn't feel it externally. ArrowStream launched its new products on time. Morgiewicz declines to disclose financials but says revenue and profitability increased each of the past Arrowstream online dating years, beating the business plan. What we pulled off that first year was nothing short of a miracle.

January 21, How this Loop company survived the killing of its CEO. View the discussion thread.

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•The name of the Internet domain you used to access the Internet; •The IP address of the web site from which you linked directly to our Site; •The date and time. Arrowstream, Inc. company research & investing information. Find executives and Arrowstream, Arrowstream online dating. provides Software-as-a-Service solutions for Arrowstream online dating supply chain.

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The company offers Type Date, Target Throne: Free Online Game. Undo. We currently have no data regarding ArrowStream's board of directors.

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