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Prayer for someone going through a divorce


Please pray that my marriage will be saved what god has put together let no man take apart. I worked Prayer for someone going through a divorce hard to provid for everything that she wanted, but now that times are hard - she wants me out of her life forever —and has asked for a divorce.

Forgive me Lord for my part in this rift that has developed between my wife and me - perhaps I put too much weight on providing for the comforts of life, without being the loving comforter she may have needed. Perhaps I looked too much outside the walls of my home for my own comforts too, and became too easily flattered by others who seem attracted to me… Forgive me for letting my marriage fail to the point where we may be separated … and even divorced.

But thank You Lord, for all You did for me at the cross of Calvary… I know that there is no sin that I have committed in thought, word or deed that was not dealt with by the cross — for we are told that the only sin that cannot be forgiven is unbelief in Jesus- and I trust in Jesus Christ as my Saviour…. Lord I pray that our marriage will not end in divorce but that by Your grace You would bring us back together again, to start afresh… with You at the helm of our home, rather than with me thinking I had to prove myself.

Thank You Jesus for being there for me. I went into my marriage for better or worse; for richer or poorer ; in sickness or in health - and expected it to continue until Prayer for someone going through a divorce parted us, but the emotional and economic strains on Prayer for someone going through a divorce marriage became so heavy that it caused us to separate and finally to divorce.

Although my husband took the decision to divorce, against my desire - I admit that some of the fault must lie at my door too… Lord I know that divorce is hateful to You and certanily not Your will for any of Your children — for You made man and woman to join them together in marriage as one — just as Christ Jesus is joined together with the Church as one — and I feel that having gone through this divorce is a violation of Your will for my life.

Lord … feelings of guilt keep coming into my heart and I have even thought that my part in the divorce would cause You to reject me as Your child.

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Remove any lingering doubts I pray, and fill my heart with Your joy and peace. Help me to live my life from this day forward in a way that is pleasing to You, Amen. For Strength During An Unwelcome Divorce Loving Father, my heart is heavy as I am having to face a divorce I never wanted and feel not only alone, but such a failure in Prayer for someone going through a divorce marriage.

Lord when we made our marriage vows to each other, I never contemplated the thought of separation, and certainly not divorce - Lord I was sure that You had brought us together and now my whole life seems to be shattered — and we are more like strangers than husband and wife.

Give me the strength and the courage to face this sadness in my life, Keep me Lord from bitterness and may I face the proceedings with calm dignity and not acrimony or hostility. There is much pain in my Prayer for someone going through a divorce, Lord. I pray that You will keep me from nursing any wounds and emerge from this ordeal closer to You.

Thank You that You have promised Prayer for someone going through a divorce be with me through all the storms of life — and lead me in the path that You have planned for me, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

Parents Prayer For A Married Son Facing Divorce Gracious God and heavenly Father — we rejoiced so much when our dear son was married to his lovely bride, but how sad that things have deteriorated to the point that they are going through a divorce.

Lord this is not what we would have chosen and I am sure that this is not Your perfect will for their lives. Keep us Lord from criticising what they are planning to do and may we be both a present and a prayerful support for our son and daughter-in-law, at this difficult time. Father, You know whatever the problem is between them, and I pray that both of them will seek Your face before going through this irreversible decision.

Lord we pray that in Your grace and mercy You would move both their hearts to rethink this decision — and may Your Holy Spirit convict their hearts and bring to mind the marriage vows they made to each other — in Your presence. Be with us all in the days that lie ahead and help us to keep our trust in You — knowing that all things work together for good to those that are Your children — in Jesus name we pray, Amen. Parents Prayer For Their Married Daughter Father it is with great sadness that we come before You, knowing that our precious daughter has decided to divorce her husband.

Oh Lord this must grieve Your heart as it does ours and we pray that they both may consider working this through together - to try to reconcile their differences. Lord we know that things in this world are hard and that marriage is not the bed of roses that the pop songs and romance novel make it out to be — but that a good marriage partnership has to be worked at from both sides, and often for a lifetime - if the result is to be the depth of mutual love that we know is possible, for those that are in Christ.

Prevent them from rushing into divorce too quickly we pray, and give them both the grace and the wisdom to seek You and Your will for their lives — and may they be reconciled with each other — and with You and draw ever closer to the Lord Jesus. Protect our little grandchildren, we pray and ask that they may not be hurt or emotionally damaged by all that must be going on in the home at the moment - pour out Your love and peace and forgiveness into both their hearts and renew a right relationship between them we pray — in Jesus name, Amen.

I have tried Prayer for someone going through a divorce be a good wife for many years and to stay with my husband and to be the wife he wanted - but things are just going from bad to worse.

His drinking and other unmentionable habits are becoming so uncouth and difficult to cope with, that I feel the only course of action is to go through a divorce.

It saddens me, as I love my husband Lord, but I fear for what he is likely to do to the children and to me when he becomes so aggressive.

Protect us Lord - protect the children I pray, and help us to escape from this bitter marriage. Show me what to do. Lead me through this painful process and bring "Prayer for someone going through a divorce" out the other side I pray — I will trust in You and not be afraid. Thank You that You are always there for me. I have been married to my husband for 27 years. It was never the best marriage but I stayed for our two children. They are both married and my eyes opened up, and all I saw was how unhappy I was.

After much cruelty and mental abuse, I left and have filed for divorce. My husband changed the locks on the doors and has caused much distress with my two children saying he will cut them off if they testify against him.

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He is paying for our daughter's college. I live with my daughter and her husband while I'm waiting for the court date to arrive. He has tried to Prayer for someone going through a divorce me to stay with him, offered me to come back.

We don't talk to each other, just live together, until Prayer for someone going through a divorce of us dies. He has threatened to go to my church family with lies and so much more to try and make me look bad. He says he's sorry for all he has done but in the next breath he tells me off. I just want to live again and be truly and honestly happy.

I faked it all these years so others wouldn't know. I'm asking God to Prayer for someone going through a divorce me beauty for ashes. I want to know what it's like to be happily married.

I pray that God blessed me to find my happiness!!! My wife has filed for divorce. We have an month-old son together. Our marriage is only 1. I do not want this. Please Lord calm the waters of this storm. Please help me, I'm at the weakest point in my life. We have 3 children and I am so hurt. My husband is already in another relationship with another woman, this woman has harassed me by calling and texting my phone. They have posted pictures of them together on Social media.

My husband has given up on the bible, I feel that he is mentally and spiritually loss!! Please pray, for me peace of mind and for God to heal my heart! Lord, I don't even know where to begin! I have been legally divorced since "Prayer for someone going through a divorce" he only stayed gone two months and we got back together. Lord you know I need you now! We have been together for 16 years and he has always had relationships with other women via text, facebook and e-mail but this last time he has a relationship with my ex-best friend.

I just have a hard time dealing with the hurt from Prayer for someone going through a divorce of them. We do have a year-old son together and I just pray that God will show him this is wrong. I'm unsure how much my child really understands even after I have talked with him.

I just don't want him to grow up thinking this is ok. Jesus, I need strength to deal with my ex-taking my child around my ex-friend and acting as this is right.

My husband has always told me that I was crazy and could not accept that he had friends so my self-esteem is running on empty and I do doubt myself.

God I ask you that you just come into my home and take over, make me and my child new again, take all the negativity away and heal the Prayer for someone going through a divorce from all of the emotional abuse, and give me strength in Jesus name Amen! Lord give me the strength to make it through this divorce. My husband of 16 years wants a divorce and is moving out at the end of our lease.

I really do not have a place to go to and can not afford a place of my own. He said that he will not give my any money. I loved and trusted this man for 16 years.

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I feel betrayed and broken. I suffer from depression and feel like I am going to have a mental breakdown. Lord give me the strength to make it through this difficult time. Breathe love, life, and forgiveness into my marriage. Where there is anger,resentment, hate,bitterness, I bind them and I declare peace, love, joy, patience, forgiveness, friendship.

Lord, I bind Prayer for someone going through a divorce the lies the enemy is telling my husband. You have given me the authority to claim victory over my husband. I have faith that You can mend and save this broken marriage. Prayer for someone going through a divorce husband and I took a vow before You and our family. I will not allow the enemy to destroy or have his way with my marriage.

In Christ Jesus name, Amen! I Prayed For This Prayed for 27 time. I ask for the peace of mind to deal with the craziness around me. Help me to get my home back and find some calm amidst all of the turmoil that this divorce has caused.

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