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Cs go matchmaking is bad


This is a subreddit dedicated to CS: GOdeveloped by Valve Software. Why is matchmaking so awful? Its so easy Cs go matchmaking is bad get out of silver even as a new player. I have no idea what those guys are doing.

Non-prime and prime MM is so broken atm because of there always being atleast one hacker in every lobby. Its like spinning the wheel of chance each time you join a mm game. I never spotted one cheating by myself https: The hardest part of low level comes from your team repeatedly losing the sites. If you have to retake almost every round, it's very hard to carry. It's common for people to not play very smart or cohesively.

Yes, you can take advantage of this - but it's also going to hit you in the back as well. Yeah, and with Silver most of the problem is with people not knowing the callouts and generally being so stupid and bad. Cs go matchmaking is bad

Because Valve Anti Cheat is...

You almost always get at least one in your team, and when they're one of the last left after staying at the wrong bombsite, etcetera the game is thrown very quickly. Firstly youre not one to talk since your gold nova 1. Second i doubt a gold nova could tell if someone cheats or not unless theyre obvious with an aimbot. Besides the fact that MM seems Cs go matchmaking is bad be genuine crap at times and has a high rate of hackers apparentlyI also wanna give my advice to some of you:.

Don't lose hope or dedication!

I think over 80% of...

While I find it absolutely amazing that the community creates those things, obviously to help people let me tell you about myself a bit to put things in perspective:. I started CS at 1. What I did was just Cs go matchmaking is bad the fcking game all day. And then we just played. Most of the today common terms just did not exist, partly Cs go matchmaking is bad the game was not cast so much on international stages. What I wanna say is: Just play and do not lose your confidence, nor your will to get better.

You didnt even know if their perception of low-mid was the same as yours. When I finally got to the EPS qualifiers I had never heard of most of the terms used today, but I had like a quadruplebillion hours of play. Of actual on field practice.

Don't warn me again for...

And I still believe to this day that it's what helps the most. Nothing will ever be able to replace on field practice. You can spraycontrol times but if you dont manage to pull it off in that 1v1 where you also have to decide if you should fake A or just rush A and outmove your opponent or face him and when to face him, all the drills won't help. I think there was chess, checkers, blackjack and poker and something else. The main problem with Silver MM is not difference in skill level but the casual attitude with which players play the game.

They have no concept of spray control, no map knowledge, no skill for using awp, they just don't know there is a thing called practice maps where you can learn basic things. After planting Cs go matchmaking is bad they will rush for kills and when they die and bomb is defused they will blame each other, why is it so difficult to Play time after plant. No concept of eco or dropping for teammates.

When you see your team Cs go matchmaking is bad already 2 why go for 3rd awp, I have played with 4 awpers only because I prefer ak and M4. I am going for eco with bcz my idiot teammates have been buying and now they are going for eco, 2 idiots still want awp from me.

Stuck in silver hell, Cs go matchmaking is bad confirm. Its so hard to rank up because its a team game. I end up topping game stats but losing game. I will literally top frag every single Game I play and I still loose. I will either tie and lose constantly for 4 or 5 games then Derank the win 5 or 6 games and rank back up to restart the process all over again. I love Silver Hell. I started out at Silver 1, I'm now Silver 3, and I've been able to unironically use dualies and shotguns all the way.

Cs go matchmaking is bad man i'm looking to start a team if your half decent and shouldn't be in silver i'll add Cs go matchmaking is bad to the teams discord for an interview if you want. Also master guardian on wingman if that helps.

Hey I'm looking for Cs go matchmaking is bad, looking for a team who can communicate, that's a main problem I find in silver. I want to get out of it and am looking for a team. I speak English and my discord is Shade I prefer silver MM tbh, as it allows me to get away with things that would probably be impossible to do on higher ranks. How did you even manage to win that round?

Holly shit, that's some serious skill difference. I would have serious problems playing against that team I am GN3. Man I have seen pro Silver's and shit house LE's the rank system means fuck all with the amount of smurfs, trolls and derankers in mm. I realized i haven't been playing prime, only trusted, and i think Cs go matchmaking is bad made all the difference, except in the opposite lol.

Because Valve Anti Cheat is...

Cs go matchmaking is bad am stuck around GN3 and I'd constantly get GN and some high silver guys that trolled or just ran around the map aimlessly.

Played my first prime match in over a year last night, and what do you know, the guys knew A smokes on mirage. I Suspect that the player numbers have decreased enough to the point that matchmaking has to go to different ranks to find matches. I'm not wondering how you got placed against them, I'm wondering how the fuck you guys won 1 round. Is this your smurf account? Sometimes I wonder if valve is putting likely Smurfs against people better than them to teach you a lesson.

Also, legit the winning team could have mostly ranked up with such a big win and some guys off the losing side could have deranked, so prior to the mm they were inbalanced but maybe not so much as looks in the post. But without taking it serious enough or forgetting its csgo and not COD, Cs go matchmaking is bad i could not understand why anyone would be a silver player.

Focus, its not that hard.

Because Valve Anti Cheat is...

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Silver hell is beyond horrible. Using a single grenade to confuse literally everyone on the other team? Why should they enjoy that? Do 3rd party services show your MM rank when you play? Because Valve Anti Cheat is a joke. It's honestly one of the worst anti cheats I've ever experienced. Match-Making, or MM for short, would be great if they did a. Valve Updates CS:GO Matchmaking Factors to Include Activities Outside the There's lots Cs go matchmaking is bad strategies that game developers use Cs go matchmaking is bad limit bad.

CS:GO matchmaking fix Germans speak english too but like 75% of germans cheat, its bad being iceland, because i never meet anybody.

Counter-strike: Global Offensive has a...

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