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Dating parade flags


Click thumbnail to view larger. Advanced Search My Account. Very rare Confederate parade flag in the Third National format. Block printed on coarse, glazed cotton, this is perhaps equivalent to the earliest example that I have ever encountered in any parade flag of the reunion era. In addition it is the only one I have ever "Dating parade flags" in this exact variety.

Note in the great variation in the shape and size of the arms of the stars. A larger center star is always a nice feature; note how the Dating parade flags is upside-down in its orientation on this particular example.


This would have had no intended purpose, but it is peculiar to the modern eye and adds to the attractive nature of the overall design, which has very strong folk qualities.

The crude stars are more Dating parade flags of examples made during and prior to the era than they are among those made afterward, like this one.

The flag would either have been made for use by the United Daughters of the Confederacy UDCwhich was established in and thus pre-dated the United Dating parade flags Veterans UCVwhich formed in and served as the primary post-war organization for Confederate soldiers. The women came first because it Dating parade flags safer for them to organize than it was for the men.

The Confederacy had three successive national designs, known as the first, second, and third confederate national flags. It consisted of 7 white stars arranged in a blue canton, and three linear stripes instead of thirteen 2 red with one white in-between. For this reason, the second Confederate flag was adopted on May 26th, It was white in color, with the Southern Cross the Confederate battle flag serving "Dating parade flags" its canton.

Soldiers and officers alike disliked this design because it looked too much like a surrender flag, and, if given the opportunity, they would dip the end in blood. Note Dating parade flags if you were to replace the first third of the flag with a blue vertical bar, the result would be the French tri-color, the national flag of France.

This fantastic flag, dating from...

Many people are surprised to learn that the Southern Cross, by itself, was not the national flag of the Confederate States of America. Officially, in rectangular format, it served as the Confederate Navy Jack. It also received widespread love in the South because the second and third national designs were not particularly admired by Confederate soldiers, the Dating parade flags for reasons previously stated and the third because the design was so short-lived.

The solid oak or chestnut frame has pressed decoration along both the inner and outer edges and dates, retains its original varnished surface with great craquelure, and Dating parade flags to the same period as the flag ca Dating parade flags Spacers keep the textile away from the glass, which is U.

There is minor to moderate Dating parade flags and staining throughout, accompanied by minor fabric loss in the white portion of the field and minor fraying along the edges.

The wear is particularly attractive. Many of my clients actually prefer early flags to show their age and history of use. The makers of powerful Classified Scripts solutions.

RARE 13 STAR PARADE FLAG DATING TO THE CIVIL WAR PERIOD () OR PRIOR, WITH AN EXCEPTIONALLY RARE AND BEAUTIFUL. Parade flags, affixed to sticks and waved when "Dating parade flags" in parades or This well made and attractive parade flag of 30 stars pre-dates the Civil War and is very. 48 Star American Parade flag, printed on coarse, glazed cotton, with a stylized letters, below which, in an interesting, elongated typeset, is the date "".

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