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It is the sixteenth episode of season five and the 62nd overall episode of the series. The plot involves Walt evading a nationwide manhunt for him in order to return to New Mexico and deliver the remaining profits from his illegal methamphetamine empire to his family. He Tv total letzte folge online dating avenges upon the neo-Nazi gang who double-crossed him, killed his brother-in-law Hanktook Jesse captive and presented a threat to his family.

Knowing the cancer will soon kill him, Walt revisits his former acquaintances to settle his affairs and prepare himself for the conflict and his death. Upon airing, "Felina" was met with widespread acclaim from critics. Several critics have called it one of the greatest series finales of all time. Walt claims there are snipers outside aiming at them, and red laser dots appear on their chests.

Walt tells them that to ensure they adhere to his instructions, they will always be watched closely by the hitmen he has paid. Jones and Skinny Pete Charles Baker for participating in his ruse by aiming red laser pointers at the Schwartzes.

On his 52nd birthday, Walt purchases an M60 machine gun and retrieves the ricin from his abandoned house. He connects the machine gun to a pivoting turret inside the trunk of the old Cadillac Sedan Tv total letzte folge online dating he's now driving, which is rigged to the Volvo's remote unlock button.

He interrupts Todd Jesse Plemons and Lydia 's Laura Fraser regular meeting at a coffee shop and makes a business proposal, offering what he claims is a new formula for methylamine -free meth. Todd turns him down, but Lydia feigns interest to lure Walt into meeting with Jack, where he will presumably be killed. He leaves her the lottery ticket on which he'd encoded the location of his money. Following the shootout in the desert, the coordinates now reveal Hank Dean Norris and Steve 's Steven Michael Quezada hidden grave, and Walt advises Skyler to use the location as leverage in negotiating a favorable plea bargain.

Walt admits to Skyler that contrary to his previous claims that he only wanted to make money to support his family after his death, his life as a drug kingpin was for himself, and that he did it because he enjoyed it, was good at it, and it made him feel alive. Skyler allows Walt to see Holly while she sleeps. After leaving, Walt watches from afar as Walter Jr.

RJ Mitte arrives home from school. Walt meets with Jack and his men at their hideout, where Jesse is still forced to cook meth in an adjacent Quonset hut. Jack refuses Walt's meth formula offer and orders him killed. Walt diverts Jack's attention by accusing him of partnering with Jesse, to which Jack responds by ordering that Jesse join them so he can prove Tv total letzte folge online dating works for him unwillingly, not with him as a partner.

Upon seeing Jesse, Walt tackles him out of the line of fire and uses the Volvo button to remotely fire the machine gun. Everybody except Jack, Todd, Jesse and Walt are killed. As Todd stares out the window in amazement at the Tv total letzte folge online dating machine gun pivoting on its turret, Jesse strangles and kills him with the chain attached to his handcuffs, and then frees himself by taking the key from Todd's pocket.

After Walt picks up a dropped handgun, Jack attempts to bargain for his life with the location of the stolen money, but Walt ignores the offer and coldly kills him. Tv total letzte folge online dating gives the gun to Jesse and asks Jesse to kill him.

Jesse notices Walt was wounded from Tv total letzte folge online dating machine gun's fire and refuses, telling Walt that if he wants to die, he'll have to do it himself. He informs her that Jack and his gang are all dead and reveals that she'll soon be dead too because he put ricin in her stevia during the meeting at the coffee shop.

He crashes through the gates, screaming and crying with joy. "Tv total letzte folge online dating" enters the Quonset hut Tv total letzte folge online dating and smiles nostalgically as he admires the equipment, Tv total letzte folge online dating a respirator and rubbing a kettle.

His fingers leave a bloody trail on the kettle as he falls to the floor, collapsing from the wound. Police rush in with guns drawn as he lies motionless with a slight smile of satisfaction on his face. An officer takes his pulse. On September 18,it was announced that both " Granite State " and "Felina" would run 75 minutes, including commercials.

The episode title, "Felina", is inspired by the character Feleena from the song " El Paso " by Marty Robbinswhich plays a major role during the episode.

Since iron is a predominant element in blood, lithium is sometimes used in methamphetamine production, and sodium is a component of tears, the title was interpreted by some as "blood, meth and tears". However, there are multiple ways to synthesize meth from other ingredients, and several involve lithium. The Birch reductionalso called the "Nazi method," mixes lithium and ammonia to create a reaction.

Another, called the "Shake 'n' Bake" method, involved throwing lithium and several other ingredients into a single pot to create the drug. Both methods are extremely Tv total letzte folge online dating, as lithium is a highly volatile element.

Unfortunately, there's a big hole in this theory: Walt never uses a lithium-based synthesis in the show. Walt uses two methods throughout the show: Neither one uses lithium at any point, shooting a big hole in this theory.

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Felinae is a subfamily of the cat family which includes the domestic cat. Badfinger 's " Baby Blue " is played during the final scene. According to series creator Vince Gilligan, this is reference to the high-quality blue meth Walt had produced over the previous seasons and his life as a drug kingpin which the main character at last recognizes he had enjoyed.

It's tricky for us as music supervisors in that we keep pulling together ideas and revising them. None of us know the right answer until we are at the very end of that process and have cut and locked picture to work with.

Vince is just really talented "Tv total letzte folge online dating" knowing Tv total letzte folge online dating the final effect he is looking for, and knew early on that Badfinger's "Baby Blue" was the right choice for what he was looking to do.

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It took until the final picture was assembled that I was able to also see what a fantastic choice it was. Upon airing, the episode received nearly universal critical "Tv total letzte folge online dating." Club gave the episode an A rating, writing that "Walt's purpose is fulfilled, and he just stops". The MythBusters tested the machine-gun turret and proved that it was possible in real life. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved February 28, Tv total letzte folge online dating Archived from the original on February 3, Retrieved February 3, Archived from the original on February 4, Retrieved September 30, Retrieved "Tv total letzte folge online dating" 7, Archived from the original on February 28, Blood, meth and tears in 'Felina ' ".

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