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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. A Help to the Foreign Learner? The relationship between man and God is a strong and fecund poetic topic, which marks the Romanian poetry between the two world wars. A special case is Arghezi, one Supersticioso yahoo dating the greatest poets of Romanian literature.

The theandric relationship is a constant theme of these poets, which lies, at least in certain periods, at the core of their work. The archetypal model of human communication with God are the Psalms of the Old Testament.

The Orthodoxist poetry keeps the spirit of the Psalms, in poems which affirm, praise, pray to God, lit from inside by the light of faith and hope. Sometimes, these poems achieve mystic accents Voiculescuin outstanding aesthetic objectifications. Arghezi recovers the biblical species of the psalm in the Romanian modernist poetry and consecrates it as a lyrical mode with a great poetic "Supersticioso yahoo dating." The Arghezian faith Supersticioso yahoo dating certainties, which never come.

With Arghezi, the tragic intensity of the existential experience generates remarkable effects on the aesthetic level, by a series of masterpieces of Romanian and universal poetry.

The first true Romanian poet places our poetry under the rule of the psalm, which is a multi-faceted spiritual fact. In the psalm, with a pattern established by the Old Testament, communication with God takes place on several emotional levels: The metaphysics of translated psalms is the biblical one, and no original elements can be "Supersticioso yahoo dating" here, except sometimes in the lyrical expression of emotions. The artistic metamorphosis, though, is spectacularly original and it is there that the future poetic evolution has its roots.

Dosoftei appears in a barren literary landscape, ruled by texts and religious translations with a pragmatic value. By translating the Psalter, the most poetical religious work, a deep and complex one, the Romanian poetic language is born. The raw material of the language is organised into very musical artistic forms, resonating with fascinating poetic euphony. On a different level, Arghezi will later start a revolution of poetic language. In time, the concept of psalm becomes the object of semantic expansion, within its original creation, acquiring the new meaning of an addressed lyrical discourse, with a metaphysical undertone, which is an important transformation.

In the modified poetic genre new highlights will appear, the man will overcome the apologetic and reverent attitude, becoming questioning, anxious, confused, rebellious, fierce etc. The religious poetry claimed from the psalms becomes the territory of new echoes, some of them transfigured from their established source, others non-existing in the Bible. The poetry of Rilke, Fr. Crainic, Ion Supersticioso yahoo dating and many others in our culture acquires new highlights, albeit in the biblical metaphysical reach.

Poetry as a Way to Pursue Divinity In Romanian literature, two Supersticioso yahoo dating a half centuries Supersticioso yahoo dating, Arghezi recreates the psalm, although other poets had written before him in the same genre, among which Macedonski. The genre of the psalm undergoes an interesting evolution: The man who recovers the psalm in Romanian literature and establishes it as a poetic genre is Tudor Arghezi.

In an open and creative hermeneutic act, we could find certain similarities, at least virtual Supersticioso yahoo dating, between Dosoftei and the great 20th century poet, which show Supersticioso yahoo dating a lexical, morphological, stylistic and even emotional level.

Dosoftei only translates the Gospel text, from Old Church Slavonic, and sets it in poetic metre, rendering it more accessible and more approachable, both with its substance losses and the poetic gains it involves. We do not then talk about substance innovations in the psalms translated by the poet-metropolitan.

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Other poets will later exploit these Supersticioso yahoo dating and create aesthetic monuments of universal value. Eminescu and Arghezi are two of them. His communication with God, a dramatic soliloquy after all, is an aggressive, disconcerting and tragic one, with collapse and rebellion, on a nihilist and on an affirmative note. In the Old Supersticioso yahoo dating, the Divinity transcends Supersticioso yahoo dating, being Supersticioso yahoo dating primordial, universal, incontestable Reality.

Arghezi understands God in a complex way, from a variety of perspectives: The depiction of the Divinity in Arghezi the psalmist is a fascinating one, of unprecedented complexity in Romanian literature, and the relationship between man and God — a truly astounding one, going through every possible stage of the relationship between the human being and the Sacredness.

For this reason psalms are just a moment in the full consideration of the spiritual drama. The "Supersticioso yahoo dating" meaning is the metaphysical one, and it explains the crisis that expands with every speech, taking delirious paroxysmal forms and causing negative, staggering revelations. The entire spiritual adventure of the poet develops towards this transcendent notion, hidden in foggy praise or Supersticioso yahoo dating by the light of revelation in various states.

Romanian interwar poetry is the aesthetic space of a great metaphysical fervour, an unprecedented one in the history of Romanian literature. In the context of the Orthodoxy inspired by the magazine, the most important exponents of this literary movement and of the manner of theandric communication promoted by it, in the traditional line of Orthodox spirituality, are V. Crainic and Ion Pillat. Supersticioso yahoo dating metaphysical poems, focused on the relationship between man and transcendence — an abstract transcendence, defined metaphorically by the expression The Great Anonymous — requires a special discussion which goes beyond the scope of this study.

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The metaphysics of Orthodox poets is the biblical one, mostly. Transcendence is depicted in the three states of the Trinity, in an approach that remains within the representation of Orthodox Christianity. Our poets come close to God on the mystical Supersticioso yahoo dating of prayer and effusion, reaching the union on different stages.

In their case, too, the representation of the Divinity is complex, without transcending the religious, dogmatic framework of the vision of the Sacred. On this level, one can compare it to the poetry of Fr. Jammes and Rilke, whom our poets knew, and the comparison would be better justified in their case than in the case of Arghezi, whose voice sounds isolated in metaphysical poetry.

From the standpoint of the form of communication, many poems written by Voiculescu or Crainic could be considered psalms, because they have a similar structure to biblical psalms and, a very important trait, most of them end on an apologetic note, independently of the content of their discourse.

The two religious moments of the metaphysical poetry between the two wars are contemporary. From this standpoint we notice mutual contamination, more or less substantial, more or less visible. Beyond the poetry of the beginning, where literary ascendancies Eminescu, Baudelaire, symbolist poetry are clearer, once his poetry was defined aesthetically, one can no longer identify influences on it.

Arghezi remains a singular poet who, through his work, exerted a major influence on modern Romanian poetry. Supersticioso yahoo dating, but most importantly, on V. Voiculescu, can be seen throughout the bulk of their work, with its complex manifestations in their vision and their lyrical expression. By promoting — like Baudelaire — the aesthetics of the ugly, Arghezi generates the renewal of poetic language in the Romanian poetry, opening new aesthetic horizons and spaces of expression, which had never been guessed or investigated before.

Arghezi creates a new poetic universe, with novel themes, some of which non-poetic, lacking the lyrical halo of traditional poetry, which he regains through remarkable aesthetic transfigurations.

In the middle of this universe there is the relationship between the man and the Supersticioso yahoo dating, which triggers an intense existential drama, since it refers to the very essence of being. One could say that Arghezi renders Romanian poetry spiritual, from the viewpoint of religious spirituality, he humanizes it, placing at its centre the deepest, most troubling theme of man: The poet brings a new vision, a very atypical one — related to the pattern of traditional representations — of the Divinity, going beyond the religious framework per se, and that vision has sprung from deep inner struggle.

Arghezi provides an aesthetic translation of the dramatic process "Supersticioso yahoo dating" searching for God, an endless source of suffering and agony, rendering it in memorable lyrical formulae that mark the evolution of Romanian poetry.

This search gives birth to aesthetic masterpieces in the literary world. When approaching metaphysical poetry, we must distinguish between the aesthetic and the religious, two different Supersticioso yahoo dating that do not exclude their overlapping, but they do not require it either. An entire religious literature from the history of spirituality, infused with mystical ardour and effusion, does not develop on an aesthetic axis.

Judging in the teleological terms of the relationship between man and God, Orthodoxist poets go further than Arghezi. As a matter of fact, it is not difficult, because the poet of the Supersticioso yahoo dating does not go anywhere. In the context of their poetics, Supersticioso yahoo dating. On the other hand, Arghezi never reaches the communication with God in the terms in which his spirit understands this communication; he never reaches spiritual serenity through the mystical union between man and the Divinity.

But his very gnoseological Supersticioso yahoo dating ontological failure is the source of the exceptional aesthetic metamorphosis of Supersticioso yahoo dating process of Supersticioso yahoo dating intensity, typical of the dramatic search.

The meaning of this spiritual process is restoring the theandric communion or asserting it through the existential and stylistic ways of religious faith and apology, expressed aesthetically. In this case, the process translates the evolution of the spirit towards metaphysical certainty; this evolution is interrupted from time to time by more Supersticioso yahoo dating less serious existential crises. God is the transcendent and immanent Absolute; He is the Logos, ruling over Universe and man alike.

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In the centre of the system sketched by Orthodoxist poets, who transfer the representations of Orthodox Christianity to the universe of poetry, there is the biblical Divinity, taking the form of the Trinity, which we discover through the Christly revelation. Thus, the transcendent ideal of the Orthodox poets, lyrical exponents of Eastern faith, is Supersticioso yahoo dating God of Christian love.

His search can be considered a perpetual oscillation between contingency as a dimension of limitations, expressed Supersticioso yahoo dating the symbols of closure, darkness, night and death, and transcendence, an obscure, impenetrable and incognisable, which conceals the Divinity anticipated Supersticioso yahoo dating the spirit, whom we cannot communicate with. God is a nebulous incomprehensible entity for Arghezi, a concept, not reality. His spiritual adventure between the telluric and the metaphysic evolves in large helixes at the centre of which we find the concept of God "Supersticioso yahoo dating" His representation, within a complex yet contradictory gnoseology.

The interior process covers all the possible states of human conscience, and, on the way there, it reaches terrible intensities. The revelation is invoked at high temperatures, and when the spirit becomes incandescent with experiencing the Sacred, the epiphany occurs. Arghezi has the ludic revelation of the Divinity, which must not be understood in the infantile, parodical and imitative meaning, but rather as a means of innocent intimacy with the Sacred, through a pantheist revelation, the universal epiphany of the infinite God.

The supreme revelation is Jesus Christ, God incarnate, whose nature the poet understands fully after a first nihilistic and sacrilegious perception. Arghezi reaches the extreme point and proclaims the man is a demonic copy of Jesus, the Messiah of the darkness.

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The series of epiphanies alternates with moments of rebellion, though, of agnostic vehemence and even nihilism. The rebellion triggered by the lack "Supersticioso yahoo dating" communication with God reaches pagan heights and turns into a challenge to the metaphysical presence, a radical negation, even blasphemy.

Looking for God through reason can only prompt a state of perpetual, sometimes paroxysmal tension. Hence, his tension and the aggressiveness of his search, the violence of his negation and his rebellion in knowledge. The rational dimension of the process of knowing God could refer to another great religious poet, Paul Claudel, an author of psalms, where reason is natural, as it should be in Catholicism.

The poet is Supersticioso yahoo dating Jacob fighting not the Angel, but rather God Himself, with an obscure yet overwhelming presence, who lacks faith, humility and hope, however. Aspiring to communion, Arghezi fights God with improper weapons, from Supersticioso yahoo dating sphere of reason.

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Orthodoxism, in its lyrical transfiguration, has a strong ontological undertone. The spiritual process Supersticioso yahoo dating not based on cognitive causes, because the Orthodox religious experience transcends knowledge in the Cartesian way.

The Supersticioso yahoo dating psalmist, like the Davidic one, does not invoke signs of the divine existence, because God is the absolute, immanent and intranscendable Reality, but rather he searches for deep spiritual communion. The Orthodoxist spirit does not look for certainties, because he has them. In his communication and communion with the Divinity, his certainties, his faith and his hope are a priori states, and he builds the process of theandric communication on them.

The spirit, anchored in the paradigm of religious experience, perceives the relationship with transcendence in a passive, "Supersticioso yahoo dating" way, living the struggle on an ascetic level and the communion on a mystical one. In the Orthodox lyrical landscape, only V. Voiculescu reaches the pure tones of mystical experience, in the last part of his creation. Marques, Natália Santos: [email protected] Correction Date.

verbal para aquisição de comportamento “supersticioso” [Assessing the role of. Si hay un momento histórico en que se ha usado, de manera amplia, el pensamiento Supersticioso yahoo dating, ese es la Edad Media. La posesión. + e-mail: [email protected], [email protected], in a large-scale process of stylization and bringing biblical psalms up to date, pero también de fuerza física, el carácter supersticioso, crédulo e introvertido en .

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