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Can i get both ssi and ssdi

Hot Nude Can i get both ssi and ssdi.
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This is NOT legal advice. This blog provides general information about Social Security Disability cases.

You can receive both SSDI...

To discuss your particular. Please feel free to contact Disability Advocates Group at This is known as concurrent benefits. If you are a disability recipient who is currently getting a low monthly payment which typically happens if you have made low wages or haven't worked in recent yearsyou may be eligible to get concurrent benefits. The income limits can be very complex, and that's why it's so important to retain a disability attorney with experience in the field.

In addition to income limits, SSI has asset limits. If you have worked in a job that paid taxes into Social Security which qualified you for SSDI and your assets and income are low enough to get SSI, it's likely you will be able to receive concurrent benefits. Bear in mind that to calculate your eligibility for SSI, your monthly disability payment is factored in.

In some cases, that payment is high enough to disqualify you from getting concurrent benefits. Your income and assets will be reviewing in the same manner and the category of your claim has no impact on the claim processing. The definition of disability remains the same for both programs.

There are a few benefits to getting concurrent payments. You also may be eligible for Medicare as an SSDI recipient, but you should know that taking advantage of this requires waiting two years after you became eligible for SSDI.

You could receive Supplemental Security...

Most SSI recipients are only eligible for Medicaid. Although Medicaid tends to cover, on the surface, more services than Medicare, more doctors are open to taking payments from Medicare, making it easier to find a health professional.

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As you can tell, the process can be complicated. Obtain an SSDI attorney sooner rather than later to get your questions answered.

Disability Advocates Group is a law firm dedicated to serving individuals who have become disabled and are seeking to obtain the benefits they need and deserve. To discuss your particular circumstances and claim, please contact a lawyer in your area.

Please feel free to contact Disability Advocates Group at or online if you have any questions regarding your Social Security Disability claim. DAG Blog Stay up to date on the latest news in social security disability law.

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