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Adult circumcision experience

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It is often said that circumcision is OK because babies are too young to remember the pain, and men don't know what they are missing, don't mind, or at least don't complain about it. For much of the twentieth century enthusiasts for routine circumcision have echoed the sentiments of William Adult circumcision experience.

Although it is possible that it [the foreskin] may increase the pleasure derived from the act of sexual congress, there is no evidence that Jews, and those who have undergone circumcision, do not enjoy as much pleasure in the copulatory act as the uncircumcised; — at any rate, the former do not complain.

The claims are clear: The only function which the prepuce can be supposed to have is that of maintaining the penis in a condition susceptible of Adult circumcision experience acute sensation than would otherwise exist.

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It may be supposed to increase the pleasure of coition and the impulse to it. These are advantages, however, which in the present state of society can well be spared, and if in their loss some degree of increased sexual control should result, one should be thankful.

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Sexual pleasure is a highly subjective thing, and it is doubtful whether it will ever be possible to measure it scientifically. Housman and his brothers were circumcised in the s their sister recalled that they were not happy about it: Whatever Mr Acton might claim, it is evident that some men have voiced objections to their circumcised condition, including such prominent figures as the poet W. Auden and the surgeon Sir Geoffrey Keynes, who told the biographer of his brother Adult circumcision experience that he could Adult circumcision experience forgive his parents for what they did to him.

Circumcision: Personal stories from circumcised...

In more recent times, the disappearance of routine circumcision in Britain and its decline in the USA and Australia has increased the opportunities for circumcised men to compare their penises with those of their natural peers; resentment has flared to the point where significant protest movements Adult circumcision experience emerged, and numbers have sought to recover what was taken.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child states that children have rights to self determination, dignity, respect, integrity, and non-interference and the right to make informed personal decisions.

Unnecessary circumcision of boys violates these rights. In the USA Adult circumcision experience persistence of widespread neonatal circumcision has produced correspondingly more vigorous protest movements.

One such organisation distributed questionnaires on the effects of circumcision to some men between and and published the findings from the first respondents. These findings concur with those of Money and Davidson about the erotogenic consequences of adult circumcision, including loss of proprioceptive stretch receptors of the prepuce and frenulum, diminished eroto-sexual response, increased penile pain, and changes Adult circumcision experience masturbatory technique.

For some, lack of compassion from parents, siblings or friends fostered bitter interpersonal conflict or alienation. The reasons given included: It will no longer be possible for the medical profession and the media to ignore the growing chorus of complaint.

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Despite his title, the mutilations have at last become speakable. The functions and disorders of the reproductive organs in childhood, youth, adult age and advanced life.

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