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Women licking each others asshole

Nude photos Women licking each others asshole.

I love eating my wifes ass when she allows it.

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This is mostly when she feels clean and confident. If you can imagine, whilst eating my wife in doggy position, my nose is literally rubbing against her asshole.

My wife cleaned herself thoroughly as we were both up for a sex marathon. I immediately took out my tongue from her wet pussy and licked her asshole in one long stroke. She was shocked but gave out a big sigh. Honestly, I discovered me Women licking each others asshole my ass licked whilst getting aggressively stroked is my preferred choice of ejaculation for a long time.

But really, try it. You have nothing to lose. Whatever happens in the bedroom is Women licking each others asshole you and your partner. Taboo intimate acts bring couples closer. There was once a time when I used to find the thought of eating pussy disgusting. Getting your anus licked feels fantastic. Sex involves both receiving pleasure from your partner and giving pleasure to your partner.

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So if it feels good to me if my partner licks my ass, it must feel good to my partner if I lick their ass. Giving them pleasure gives me pleasure. First of all, like having sex - butt action… and licking pussy are acquired pleasures.

The same way, I remember being 16 and seeing Women licking each others asshole late erotic movies. But here I am, 30 years old and just the sight or thought of the pussy makes me hard.

Anal is the most dangerous of all the plays, because there are a lot of germs in the butt. Because there are a lot of nerve ending and erectile tissue for women around that area. The problem with anal is that so many people have anxieties or insecurities around their most intimate and private area.

But if you overcome those limiting beliefs, which are not true by the wayyou will unlock so many pleasures!! Still I wanted to at least help her explore these pleasures. Over many lovemaking sessions I showed interest to her butt…then getting closer to her butthole.

I kept telling how sexy her butt is to me and how attractive her butthole is to me. There were also several times when I Women licking each others asshole mentioned and talked about anal sex with her.

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The best time to talk about it is after sex. That time it ended with just my finger in her while taking her doggystyle from Women licking each others asshole. She orgasmed quickly by stimulating her clitoris and told how she really felt some new sensations: For guys or ladies…massage your genital area… massage the anus, massage everywhere around. There are so many more hidden pleasures there than just rubbing penis or clitoris.

Happy exploring and hope this helped for you to become a little bit more open-minded! When I am with a woman I love, I want to know every single inch of her I don't know where urges come from.

I want to know what her armpit tastes like, I want to know what her asshole tastes like. I want to know every single thing about her body. Now, when I'm not having sex, I would never think of putting my tongue on her asshole. But, when she has me edging for 30 minutes, and is driving me absolutely insane Women licking each others asshole lust and desire I'll try to get my tongue up her ass as far as I can.

Every one has his own fantasies during sex. There are varieties of fantasies people are doing.

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Secondly this might be his partner like to be licked from back that,s why he is doing this to satisfy his partner. Actually during sex it is un predictable, you can do any thing which you can never thought about it. That time is very aggressive you can do any thing. Why do some people enjoy licking their sexual partner's ass?

Answered Oct 18, How does it feel to lick an American's ass? Why do some people lick toads?

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Why do people tend to lick their lips? Why do people hurt other people?

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Why do they enjoy humiliating others, and enjoy bullying? Thank you for your feedback! It sounds like an unpleasant act to perform to many people, and there is certainly a stigma attached to it among the public -- when people have heard of it at all.

But with proper personal hygiene, it doesn't have to be unpleasant to perform at all. Being rimmed feels fantastic to many people -- there are so many sensitive nerve endings there that can feel pleasurable. For many people of all genders and orientations, giving this kind of pleasure to a partner is a wonderfully enjoyable thing to do. Some people like doing it because of the pleasure it gives, others because they are turned on by butts in general and perhaps like other kinds of anal activities, and still others simply because the taboo aspect of doing something thought of as dirty like that adds excitement.

Or it could be all of the Women licking each others asshole. It's still not a sex act that's that easy for a lot of people to talk about, even when they are open to their friends about other parts of their sex life.

But it can be enjoyable to do and give a lot of pleasure, and hopefully over time it will become a more accepted thing to do.

Because yeah, it's a lot of fun.

It is just one of those thing. Because my mind says I enjoy it. The nerves in my tongue feel good. Knowing that her ass is private, is easily dirtied, and yet she still trusts me to please her how she wants to be treated adds to the enjoyment. The fact that she cares enough to make sure she is clean helps. I enjoy many things about licking a woman's ass, but not just any woman.

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I have to have serious romantic feelings for the woman in order for the enjoyment. I guess that's just the way God made me. Related Questions Why do people bite their lips sexually?

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