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Body Composition and Physical Performance: Applications For the Military Services. National Academies Press US ; Excessive body fat connotes a lack of personal discipline, detracts from military appearance, [and] may indicate a poor state Hot male soldiers health, physical fitness, or stamina. The primary intent of physical standards in the military has always been to select soldiers best suited to the physical demands of military service.

This standard has usually meant the selection of soldiers who at least looked as though they could carry loads and fight well. Currently, body fat standards are part of the U. Army's fitness emphasis to ensure that forces ''possess the stamina and endurance to fight in extreme climatic and terrain environments'' Study of the Military Services Physical Hot male soldiers, For most of the past century, weight-for-height has been a key physical discriminator of a recruit's fitness for military service, but until recently, these standards were used only to exclude underweight candidates.

Weight-for-height standards were relevant when a sizable proportion of draftees and volunteers were malnourished, tuberculous, Hot male soldiers had parasitic diseases; underweight was a good marker of such individuals who were clearly unsuited to the physical demands of the military.

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The need for height-weight standards has diminished as the importance of these diseases has diminished. In addition to advances in health care, improved nutrition over the past century has produced increases in the mean height, weight, and fat-free mass of soldiers Table Karpinos, However, improved nutrition has also increased the importance of health risks at the other extreme of body size, with excessive fatness due to overnutrition.

Although tuberculosis was a leading cause of death in the early s, the leading cause of death in was heart disease Surgeon General's Report on Nutrition and Health, Prompted by these health trends and the current national obsession with body fat and fitness, the Hot male soldiers target of physical standards in the Army has shifted from underweight to overfat soldiers.

The use of these standards has also changed from simple entry selection criteria to Hot male soldiers that must be maintained throughout an Army career by appropriate nutrition and exercise.

Army Weight Control Program ARand the objectives of this regulation will be outlined here, as well as earlier policies and how the Army arrived at the current policy, standards, and method of assessment. From this historical review it will be evident that in the last decade, two important Hot male soldiers have been dropped, possibly inadvertently, from the current standards: All soldiers, regardless of rank, Hot male soldiers weighed at 6-month intervals to demonstrate that they are below tabled height-weight limits divided by gender and into four age categories.

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Soldiers exceeding these screening weight standards are assessed at the unit company level for body fat by an Army-developed circumference method, which is described below. If a soldier exceeds fat standards prescribed by gender and age, the unit commander must enter the individual in the U.

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Army Weight Control Program. The commander is required to provide motivational programs to the soldier, including nutrition education sessions and exercise programs. Hot male soldiers additional incentive to achieve the standards, the soldier's records are flagged to prevent: A medical evaluation is required for a soldier being considered for separation to ensure that the overfatness is not due to an underlying illness.

A soldier is cleared from the program only by achieving the body fat standard by the Army circumference method.

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