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How to start a conversion with a girl

Porn Pics & Movies How to start a conversion with a girl.

Starting a conversation and keeping it going is an art. The thing that keeps it going is a genuine interest in the other person! For most guys, it is tough striking a conversation with a girl they like.

The problem with guys usually lies in the fact that either they think too much or too little. For geeks and nerds, girls are like a different species from outer space! So no wonder, they have absolutely no clue about starting a conversation with a girl they like.


When you see a nice girl who simply takes your breath away, through her beauty and charm, it is tough saying something intelligible, forget striking up a conversation! However, you must break the ice as soon as possible. The sooner, the How to start a conversion with a girl Otherwise, you will be busy framing sentences and planning strategies, while some other guy not only strikes a conversation, but also asks her out.

The moral of the story is, he takes the initiative and that is why he doesn't end up thinking about some girl he met in some bar years ago, but has a lifetime of memories with her! So we say, 'Carpe Diem', that is, seize the day and the moment! You do not have to be a Don Juan or an expert in female psychology to start a conversation with a girl.

We are not sure if girls even like the Don Juan types or the shrinks! Every girl is different and you cannot typecast them into categories. There is no perfect formula to have a nice conversation with any gal. Sometime things work out, sometimes they don't. Still you must take the first step and talk. Here are some tips compiled together, born outta experiences and observations. Tips to Start a Conversation with a Girl.

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If you are confident of yourself, half the battle is already won! Girls like talking to guys who exude confidence.

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