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The year was full of big stories that caught the attention of video marketers all over the world. The political madness of Trump campaign, Brexit, and the year-end demonetization in India was a constant sap on emotional and mental stability.

As we all know how new technology is changing video advertising with marketers following new tactics to reach their desired age group and demographics.

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Here are some trends that you as a B2B marketer or YouTube content creator should look forward. Almost all B2B brands use, phone calls, texts, and social media for their brands; but the use of video service to solve the customer service will soon spread into business-to-consumer B2C.

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Customers have already started using video to convey their reviews and problems they faced. Using Video Customer Service tools, brands can ease the through points that are much easier to understand.

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Due to this factor, YouTube can again be advertisers favorite video platform for advertising ads. For YouTube, there are limited reputed analytics and metrics providers; thus removing the chance of miscalculation.

In the yearthousands of brands started their YouTube channel by focusing on their customer engagement and brand building. This year is for these brands to integrate content for their YouTube viewers and increase sales by using annotations, and cards.

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With so many new entrants of video platforms, marketers are now focusing on leveraging every video platform they have their presence on. Thus, the multi-channel marketing will definitely be on the rise with new approaches.

Most often, there are baby YouTube channels that have literally no objective of whatsoever. They are confused whether their channel should be a vlogging channel, or a gaming or unboxing or something else. The first and foremost important factor is the content on YouTube channel. A professional YouTube channel creator will know how many videos should be uploaded every week, have a calendar Sexy videos on you tube topics ready and know how to deliver the content on time.

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The beginner YouTuber should invest in advertising on his channel to gain more eyeballs. To increase the viewership, one can use the paid promotion also. Not all YouTubers can use the money to capitalize their YouTube channels.

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Indirectly, Netflix has created a database of American cinematic predilections which can tell them what they should be making. As per Linqia, 86 percent of surveyed marketers are already working with influencers.

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And 94 percent found it to be an effective part of their strategy. Every platform generates a different engagement ratio, which is an important metric to decide the price range of any social media platform. Also, B2B and Livestreaming influencers will have a bigger part to play in Virtual reality is being used in AAA level gamesshort documentaries, record live shows, and of course create adult content.

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VR offers a fully viewable and entertaining experience to the advertisers also as there is no ad blocking in the world of Virtual reality.

At the time of U. The rise in platforms supporting degree video has also upped the appeal of virtual reality. Facebook supports videos now, as well. Casey Neistat with more than 5 million YouTube subscribers and with more than 1 billion viewership, rose to the YouTube glory with daily vlogs from his interesting Sexy videos on you tube and have a cult following.