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Whats a good place for a first date

Sexy Photo Whats a good place for a first date.

The scene is familiar: While this is classic first-date material, you may be looking for something a little different.

The best first date for...

Consider what you know about your date and choose a location accordingly. As long as you're thoughtful and personal, choosing a first-date location will be fun.

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Your partner won't enjoy the date if it seems thoughtless or impersonal. For example, if your date dislikes nature, don't plan a hike and a picnic. Think about what you already know about your partner.

Try to remember what you two have talked about together.

For a fun (and flirty!)...

What does your partner enjoy doing? What does your partner like eating? What does your partner hate? Communicate any important details to your date. Consider splitting the planning. Sharing the planning of a first date is a fun way reduce the stress of planning, while getting to know each other a little better.

You could decide the first half and your partner could determine the other, or you could decide where to go for a meal and your partner could plan an activity. If the first date goes well, you could continue sharing planning for subsequent dates. Instead of splitting up planning for a single date, take turns planning entire dates.

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Decide if your date wants to do something active. Active first dates are good ways to break the ice, if you don't know your partner very well. Play a round of laser-tag, mini-golf, or go bowling.

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You and your date can be as competitive as you like when it comes to keeping score. This low-stress activity can be great for first date jitters since you'll be in a casual atmosphere.

Find a park and go on a hike. Be sure to determine your date's skill level and preferences when it comes to hiking. Choose a trail that allows you to talk and enjoy each other's company, nothing too strenuous. Bring water and let your date know to wear comfortable shoes. Consider packing a meal for your hike. Look for nice places to stop and eat or wait till you reach the end of the trail.

You can tailor your picnic to be as casual or romantic as you like. This kind of date isn't for everyone. You'll need to know if your date genuinely likes the surprise element of not knowing what's next.

If not, have a backup date already planned. Try a completely new cuisine.

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First dates can be stressful; you're getting to know a new person or a person in a new way and vice versa. You can relieve some of this pressure by experiencing something new together. Trying a new cuisine can be a fun and easy new experience. Play tourist in your city. Go to a tourist attraction that your date has never been to or hasn't been to in a while. While you can casually explore the landmark, museum, park, etc.

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Take cheesy photos, consult the map, and stop by the gift shop on your way out. It may be hard to talk and enjoy yourself if you choose the attraction's busiest day and time of the week. Meet up for coffee or a drink. If you really want to talk and learn about your date, get coffee or a drink. Studies have shown that drinking coffee together can create a trustworthy feeling.

Go on a stroll. This is a simple way to get to know someone.

There's no pressure with a face-to-face discussion. Instead, you can meander along a path or through a city while you talk side-by-side. This is easily adaptable. You can walk through a park and people-watch or stop at shops as you walk around town. If you want to keep it casual, have brunch or lunch.

This way, there's a clear time commitment, alcoholic drinks are optional, and you can go your separate ways or keep hanging out after the meal. Consider the atmosphere of the restaurant. Avoid choosing fast food places, but don't choose somewhere too fancy if you want to have a relaxed meal.

See a movie together.

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The movie theatre is a classic first-date location: Just be sure that you both agree on the film. Renting a movie could also an option and would allow you to talk to one another; however, this may seem overly presumptuous for a first date. Choose a nice restaurant and eat dinner or go for drinks and dessert. Look for a place with a good menu, nice lighting, and enjoyable music that's not too loud.

Your date will be impressed by your thoughtfulness. Avoid ordering certain foods on a first date: Attend a small concert or performance.

These creative first date ideas...

If you want the chance to talk, pick a small venue where the music won't be too loud to talk over. You could also choose a theatre performance or larger concert. While you may not be able to talk, you could enjoy Whats a good place for a first date after the show while discussing the performance. Choose music or performances that both you and your date will enjoy.

A concert performance or theatre showing can lend sophistication and intimacy to your date. Explore a museum exhibit or art gallery. Keep an eye out for unique exhibits and take your date on a tour. If you prefer a less structured date, simply wander through the museum and discuss the pieces over coffee or drinks. While you can look for a museum that neither of you have visited before, you can also go to a museum or gallery that one or both of you frequently visit.

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