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Amanda and mccrae hook up on big brother

Nude Photo Galleries Amanda and mccrae hook up on big brother.

You would just pick someone that would win it.

Aaryn is a good competitor. McCrae says I worry about Helen. Spencer Amanda and mccrae hook up on big brother okay, okay, fair enough. Amanda says give it to McCrae, he is not going to use it. Spencer says yeah I know.

If either one of us wins it we cannot use it but I am telling you, you will not go home. If Andy has to get a little dirty. Spencer says yeah I know I am more worried about my safety than his hands. I will just have more fun with it when she is gone. I do feel that I can trust you guys. Amanda says we all need to stick together, we are all targeting the same people. Spencer asks where does Andy fall? Amanda says we talk game with him when we need to. McCrae says that he thinks he is more with Helen.

Amanda says if you have our back, we have your back. Spencer says I just get funny looks from Helen and Elissa. Amanda tells Spencer to keep Gina close. They head to bed. She needs to go! McCrae tells her that would be too early. Amanda asks who would care besides Elissa? We could make something up.

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Amanda says but only Elissa would be mad. I am already worried about. McCrae says that Andy is already kind of split. How many people play in the veto, 6? McCrae says he hopes it hold em, fold em. McCrae says all I would need to do is fold every single time till the end.

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