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Amatuer strip contest wife

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Amateur Strip Contest BY: Suze I am new to this site and am finding a few things that I may respond Amatuer strip contest wife. This actually happened to me several years ago quite by accident.

I had recently gone thru a divorce and decided to lose some weight, get back in shape and start my life again.

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We were there for the weekend and coming back on Monday morning. We did all the gambling things, saw a show and had some fun. Late Sunday night we were having a drink and I said to Pam I want to do something crazy on our last night.

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So we decided to go down to Old Town and ride the roller coaster at the top of the Stratosphere. Well we got down there and it was not running for one reason or another and neither Amatuer strip contest wife the Big Shot which is also up there. So we went back to the bar and had a drink to try to think of something else to do. About that time a guy came over to talk to us and bought us some drinks, so my friend Pam said Suze wants to do something wild tonight but the thing is shut down.

Do you know where there is a mechanical bull she can ride? He said, you want to do something Amatuer strip contest wife I know a place you can go.

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I said sure, what is it? He said it is an amateur strip contest that they hold on Sunday nights. He said, why not, no one here knows you, you have a great body, and it is your last night so what have you got to lose.

My clothes, for one thing I said. Well, we joked about it and laughed about it and had several more Amatuer strip contest wife. All the time Pam was saying go for it. She said, you know how your ex always said you were too conservative, that would show him! Finally they talked me into it but I was thinking I could always Amatuer strip contest wife out once there and I had never seen one of these.

So we went with Bob down to a place called the Palomino Club.

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Now I was hooked and it would be harder to back out but at least Pam and I were in it together. Once inside we went into the main showroom and there was a girl dancing. We watched some girls perform and I must say it was a real eye opener as they stripped completely and left nothing to the imagination.

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I began drinking more heavily but knowing that I did not have to compete with the professionals and was free to take off as little or as much as I wanted. Well the moment of truth came and all the girls who were going to enter the amateur contest were called back stage. I almost backed out but Bob and Pam encouraged me to go. So I went back and there were about 5 Amatuer strip contest wife there and some were very tall and well endowed who I later learned were not amateurs at all. Well the emcee explained the rules to us and said that we had to get completely NUDE by the last song.

I was thinking what have I got myself into, how can I get out of this now; is there a back door, etc.? Well I started to plan my strategy and they called the first girl.

I kind of watched as she danced and took things off but my mind was spinning about a million miles an hour. All I remember is that she came back to the dressing room Amatuer strip contest wife anything on and she had definitely been on stage.

The reality hit me that this would soon be my fate as well. Another girl was called and the same end result. Then it was my turn. Everyone's welcome to watch or join in The emcee announced my name and where I was from and it started.

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I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and shorts and had decided to remove my bra before going Amatuer strip contest wife stage so I would have one less thing to worry about when I got out there. Since my shirt was kind of long I thought that I could kind of keep my shirt on until the last thing and be pretty much covered even if I removed everything else.

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