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Charles is here on a weekly basis to help you cut through the B. Please post feedback or questions to Charles directly in the comments below this article. I've been pondering a new approach to my training for a few years now.

Train to Preserve Aerobic Capacity

Mind you, I think this approach led to significant secondary fitness gains and health benefits along the way. But from now, I view my training as having not just one, but four primary directions:.

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I find the affection many people have for long-term endurance capacity to be somewhat puzzling. Nevertheless, that nagging thought continued to trouble me on some level.

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Say it takes me 18 minutes. It would be unacceptable because at age 56, I might not ever be able to restore that lost capacity. If you run an minute mile at age 26, you can probably improve that to something like a minute mile in a few months of regular training. But at age 56, not so much. This same logic can and should be Mature on the train to other fitness capacities such as mobility, which will be another primary training target for me.

I think of this approach as the hourglass model.

Then, in their late teens and early twenties, they begin to specialize in their chosen sport. John Rusinas well as more walking and cycling.

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By attending to the four targets of relative strength, body composition, mobility, and cardiovascular endurance, I anticipate secondary gains in terms of other fitness capacities such as agility, power, and coordination. This will serve as a way for me to keep score, so to speak.

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So for example, a lb deadlift might indicate a perfect score for relative strength, and a minute mile might represent the same for cardiovascular endurance. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock. Get updates and special offers delivered directly to your inbox.

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