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Mens guide to masturbate

Hot Nude gallery Mens guide to masturbate.

You always do it the same way, so why not change things up for a better experience?

Chances are, you already have go-to moves that will get you off in mere minutes. But sex Mens guide to masturbate yourself can get boring in the same way that missionary only sex with a partner can become stale. But even if you already have go-to moves to get you off in mere minutes, sex with yourself can get a little stale, the same way that having sex in just one position for the rest of your life can get old.

Chris Donaghuea psychologist specializing in individual and couples sex. Plus, switching things up alone can make you better at having sex with a partner, he says.

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Try one of these four techniques the next time you have some solo time. The answer is almost always no. If you always sit while masturbating, try standing or lying on your back.

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