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Best exercises for seniors

Sexy Photo Best exercises for seniors.

What is the best workout for seniors? See what some of our forum members had to share about this great topic. You really are never too old to start living healthier.

For older adults, the best...

It is important for mature adults to continue or begin a healthy lifestyle to live a long and healthy life. Include exercises, sets, reps, rest periods, etc. As a senior citizen, do you or somebody you know follow a workout routine?

Has it helped you or them? There are two types of benefits that exercise can provide for a senior. The first is psychological well being and the second is physical. These are totally separate benefits where one effects how the brain operates and the other effects how the body operates. This is the most important reason why seniors should consider Best exercises for seniors exercise regimen.

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The stats are alarming; in America alone there are Even more of a wakeup call should be the fact that the chances of heart diseases and attacks increase as age increases. The reason Best exercises for seniors this is a number of factors such as the arteries hardening, and the heart not being able to sustain as much of a workload or in essence becoming weaker.

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Exercise decreases the risk of heart disease in a two fold way. First of all it along with diet increases the amount of HDL cholesterol which in turn reduces the amount of LDL cholesterol which is the bad kind, clogs arteries and is a factor in heart disease. Second of all it strengthens the heart and makes it better able to maintain its current workload.

Remember the heart is a muscle Best exercises for seniors gets strengthened when it's put under stress like all muscles. This too is another very important reason why seniors should exercise.

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High blood pressure by itself isn't bad but the negative effects are the things that end up getting many seniors in the end. Again like heart disease the risk of high blood pressure increases as age increases which should be alarming for all seniors who need to start exercising.

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It is estimated that 50 million people have heart disease in America, the risks of high blood pressure are numerous and all of them aren't pretty. Here a few of the risks of high blood pressure:. First of all the increases Best exercises for seniors blood pressure does has an effect on the blood vessels. It could potentially damage vessels in the kidneys, and even worse could result in blindness because of damage to the blood vessels in the eyes.

Because your heart has to work harder it could also be a factor in heart disease and attacks. If this isn't enough high blood pressure also increases the chances of stroke which is a blood clot Best exercises for seniors forms in the brain because the arteries become damaged from the high blood pressure.

Plaque is easier built up on the artery walls and eventually blood flow can be restricted to the brain causing a loss in brain function. Also because of the increased pressure of vessels in the brain, a vessel can hemorrhage or burst; this is another kind of stroke which inhibits brain function.

Exercise along with diet helps lower blood pressure which in turn reduces the many risks induced by it.

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However exercise also reduces fat levels which is another Best exercises for seniors in high blood pressure so therefore reducing the fat levels would result in lower blood pressure.

Because exercise creates increased oxygen demands, the lungs adapt to this by becoming more efficient and better able to uptake oxygen. This is an ideal benefit for seniors since people become weaker and less able to complete physical tasks as they age which should come as no surprise.

With greater oxygen capacity seniors will be better able to complete physical tasks such as walking to the store or taking strolls through the park. Regular exercise is a great way to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis which is a disease that severely weakens the bones. Bones like muscles respond to stress by becoming stronger. For example when lifting weights stress is put on the bones, or when running, the bones have to take on the impact force of the legs pounding the ground.

Having stronger bones is a great benefit for seniors since as Best exercises for seniors become older their bones become weaker. Because of this seniors are more Best exercises for seniors to injury and aren't able to complete certain physical tasks such as climbing the stairs. However having stronger bones will help seniors increase their mobility and they won't be limited by having weaker bones, so they can do things like take longer walks in the park or climb stairs with ease. Strengthening of the muscles is yet another benefit that exercise gives seniors.

There are many great effects that stronger muscles have and one of them is similar to having stronger Best exercises for seniors.

Not only will it make physical tasks easier but also having stronger muscles will reduce things like back pain since the back muscles will be able to tolerate more stress. Exercise may help seniors keep from being slouched over since the back muscles and chest muscles will be more balanced with exercise. Also the back muscles will be strengthened so it will prevent the chest muscles from pulling the body into a slouch.

One note here is that doing exercise will prevent bone and muscle loss to a greater extent as seniors age.

Exercise may help seniors keep...

Since testosterone slopes off as we get older muscle mass cannot be maintained and therefore results in muscle loss. Bone mass is also reduced because when we age our bodies aren't capable of doing as much physical activity as it was Best exercises for seniors and therefore the density of the bones decreases.

So basically exercise acts as something to slow down the process of both muscle and bone loss. As we all know exercise burns calories and in turn reduces fat levels.

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This is an excellent benefit since high fat levels have numerous risks. First of all reducing fat levels also reduces the risks of heart disease and blood pressure and since high blood pressure is reduced it helps prevent an Best exercises for seniors of problems. Also by keeping fat levels low it reduces the pressure put on bones and joints which increases their efficiency. Because of this a senior would prevent things like knee and back problems.

The evidence isn't yet concrete but there are links to exercise and reduced risk of cancer. For women, the risks of uterine and breast cancers is lower when exercise is performed regularly because of the fact that exercise reduces body fat levels and also estrogen which is the female sex hormone.

Because of this the growth of certain cancers is limited since estrogen helps cancerous cells grow. For men certain researchers think that exercise can help reduce the risks of colon and prostate cancer. For those who don't know prostate cancer is the number one cancer for men over Specialists think that because exercise moves food through the colon or large intestine more quickly, it reduces the time that waste is stored in the colon and therefore reducing cancer.

As seniors age we all know their immune system doesn't work as efficiently and they are more susceptible to certain bacteria and diseases. However exercise has a positive effect on Best exercises for seniors immune system. A Dutch study Included in references was conducted on men and women whose average age was The results although weren't concrete, showed that exercise does in fact give seniors and increase in the immune function and their ability to fight off certain diseases.

Like muscles and bones our joints wear down as we get older because of the constant everyday use. However exercise helps the joints stay flexible and builds muscle around the joints to support it. Cartilage tissue is also strengthened with exercise and this will help prevent osteoporosis and arthritis which is a very common, annoying, and painful bone disorder.

Exercise for the majority of people gives them better self confidence and esteem, or in general makes them feel good about themselves. I mean who doesn't feel great after they leave the gym after a Best exercises for seniors workout.

The scientific reason is because exercise activates endorphins which is a chemical that makes Best exercises for seniors feel good. This is great for seniors especially when this Best exercises for seniors a time when their looks start to decline a lot of people feel down about that part and they are retired and need to fill their lives with something. Exercise can provide them with a hobby and something they feel good about themselves doing. As a matter of fact exercise benefits the brain so greatly that it can be used to treat depression and emotional pain and distress.

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Long story short, neurotransmitters Best exercises for seniors stimulated during exercise which in turn helps ease depression. This ties with the above point since a lot of people feel depressed about the fact that their looks are deteriorating, or they aren't as mobile and can't do things they used to do. Exercise also tends to cause relaxation partly because of the natural good feeling after an exercise bout.

Not only is this great to relax but it also helps people sleep better and will give seniors increased energy levels which is great because aging also ends up in decreased energy levels.

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