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Bi skype chat

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Persistent Chat allows the Skype For Business users to create topic-based discussion rooms that persist over time. This feature allows users within an organization to discuss either casual or business related subjects in chatrooms dedicated for a desired purpose.

In this post we are going to show how easy it is to use Power Bi tool and to visualise some interesting statistics about the Persistent Chat usage in one of Bi skype chat dev environments.

The goal with this Bi skype chat is to be able to display the 5 top users for any desired chatroom in a classic bar chart.

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Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence cloud service that provides business users with tools for aggregating, analysing and visualising data. It did not take too long to get used to its simple interface as it is quite similar to other widely used Microsoft products. One great thing about this service is that it Bi skype chat possible to get data from multiple sources. Another very good aspect about Power Bi is that the user has a very wide range of clean, neat and customisable charts to choose from.

Not surprisingly, many more type Bi skype chat charts can be downloaded from the Marketplace.

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There are Bi skype chat different versions: The professional version has a paid subscription attached to it and it offers more storage, more frequent data refresh cycles and much more streaming data consuption. First thing to do is to authenticate against it with an Office account. After authenticating the user is guided to the start page which has a form to create a new project. As expected the user is prompted with a menu that allows it to choose where to get its data from.

In this case we want to get the data from the Persistent Chat database in our Skype For Business dev environment. After selecting SQL Server database option the Bi skype chat ask the user to fill in the server details and the database name. In addition it is required to specify which Data Connectivity mode we prefer:. In this example we suggest to select the Import option as we want to be able to do transformation and data manipulation.

Now that we have tested that we can connect to the Persistent Chat database we are prompted with a navigator that allows the user to select which tables they Bi skype chat to import.

We will select the three tables that were mentioned in the previous section: Since tblChat has thousands and thousands of rows it will take a while to load all the rows.

But first we need to define the relationships between the tables! So click on the Relationships icon.

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