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Big community funding update! The big lesson here? March 27, 9: TWOP's forums will remain until May 31st. I actually like some of the TWoP forums.

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We've tried to establish a separate media forum no less than twice but it petered out each time. God knows I'm watching enough TV. This is a stunner. The odds are higher they will recap one-off or odder shows than TWoP would. I Previously tv forums shopping channels be sad when they shutter it. I loved the idea of the TWOP forums, but did not love the execution, and stopped trying to visit a while back after my antivirus program kept throwing up malware warnings.

A successor will rise, of this I am sure. It will all be saved in the digital ether, but not be available to the public.

Well, this is terrible. I recently rewatched the first three seasons of Alias and had to reread the recaps too. I can't believe they won't be preserved online.

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TVwhich has a ton of articles and only just the other day opened up some forums. Maybe a non-compete clause expired or something? They stopped for a little while and then started it up again. And that would have hurt. Oh snap, thanks theatro for the new site! I was wondering what happened to Sars! I'd contribute articles too. Like, some sort of group blog with open submissions that would get approved by a small group of editors?

Ugh, this is a bummer. Despite the crazy moderation and maybe also because of it? I have great and fond feelings about TWOP.

I was there when it was Mighty Big TV. I met my best friends on those forums and spent a vast amount of Previously tv forums shopping channels and engery there.

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I had 40 people from all over the country come to my house and watch Buffy for a weekend. I go on at least one vacation a year with the girls I met on the Buffy boards and I love every one of them dearly. It's time I think for it to move on.

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Even though I Previously tv forums shopping channels actively posted there in years, I would go back and check recaps for certain shows. Because back in the day, their recaps were awesome replacments for shows you missed or wanted to catch up on. The last few times I've checked the recaps, they either weren't recapping the show I expected them to be Really, not recapping Grimm?? That's like their bread and butter of oldor the recaps were very short, bitchy and essentially told me nothing about the show I missed.

Part of the reason I and a number of my friends left the boards was because things like Facebook and Twitter allowed us to keep up with each other in a more immediate way. The other part of the reason was the eventual frustration that occurs with a social site because of the inherent dramas of BigNameFans and Fandom.

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I don't know that any fandom site can survive for a very long time in the same state, but TWOP had a good run.

It seems bizarre to me that TVWOP has spent years generating all this content, and it's just going to be thrown away. That seems pretty counter to how the internet works in terms of this sort Previously tv forums shopping channels thing. This is terrible news. Even though I haven't participated for a while, the forums were incredible.

I particularly have fond memories of spending quite a bit of time in the 24 and American Idol subforums because the people there made bad tv so much fun.

I love PreviouslyTV! There are...

And for the actually good shows, West Wing and Mad Men for example, some of those subforums were legendary in their beautiful obsessiveness. Really excellent moderation as well. The recaps were also a thing of joy.

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TWOP will be deeply missed. I'm not as present there anymore, but I still go poke around and read stuff. The end of Fametracker spawned Snarkfest, which has had Previously tv forums shopping channels few incarnations but is also still around, and those boards are also good, if quiet. It was the best of forums, it was the worst of forums. Even before NBC bought it a lot of the site was just toxic as hell.

Going by the Buffy recaps and forums, you'd think Marti Noxon had personally strangled 20, kittens. But still, it had a lot of great content. Okay, this is totally braggy, but I'mma mention it anyway. Those of you who were TWOP regulars - remember the banner wars? In particular, remember the "Tara Is Dead" banner that gave birth to the phrase "Seriously.

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What would it cost to keep up Previously tv forums shopping channels static archive? I also loved TWoP back in its early years I seem to recall finding it around ish? I kept reading some of the recaps, though, because aggravating moderation or not, there were some seriously great writers at TWoP. Then Bravo bought it, the good writers left, not-good writers took their place at least for the recaps I readand -- if the very few times I ventured back into the forums was any indication -- the modding had gone off the fucking deep end.

I was nearly banned over a comment in a Kitchen Nightmares thread about the availability of decent pizza in L.

I honestly never hear or...

Still, I enjoyed reading the forums for random shows that weren't recapped elsewhere, especially as there was always great insider gossip in the RuPaul's Drag Race forum. So all told, I'm not surprised, but I'm still sad to see a once-great site finally come to its end. And I agree that it's bizarre that the content isn't going to be saved anywhere.

And holy hell, count me in as a YES!!!!!!

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The Whelk's comments about Mad Men are a thing of beauty and joy. What is the logic behind not keeping the site up? I mean, that's craptons of content, right? People still go there and read old recaps. It's pageview after pageview where they can still stick ads. Am I missing something obvious about why they feel the need to remove these? I used to go there faithfully.

I don't go there for the new stuff anymore, and that's probably why they're discontinuing the new stuff, but I do still swing by when I get nostalgic about an old show, and want to refresh my memory! I'm about to start recapping for Previously tv forums shopping channels site in a couple weeks Game Of Thronesand if I like doing it, I'd definitely be up for recapping some other show at a later date for a MeFiTV site.

Fuck, looking at my posting habits, if there was MeFiTV, my overall participation on the Blue and Green would probably dwindle to "normal Mefite" from "omg go outside or something".

And not that there wasn't great recapping of quality shows there -- and probably still is -- I just can barely keep up with the TV I watch, let alone reading about it as obsessively as I once did. Like a very significant loss. Perhaps in no small part because meeting people IRL who knew and liked specific recappers was very significant to me back in "the day.

Guess I wasn't there for the days of toxic sludge.

1 day ago SuprSuprElevated replied...

Never was on the site during the Buffy heyday. By the middle of Previously tv forums shopping channels last decade, any attempt at flamewars was very quickly snuffed out in Previously tv forums shopping channels subforums I was reading.

And there were plenty of attempts by slightly too obsessive fans of various American Idol contestants. Has mathowie ever considered a TV subsite? I think the problem with a spin-off site is that they very rarely obtain a critical mass of users, but if it were official, or at least log-ins were connected behind the scenes you wouldn't have that problem.

Oh man, talking about pageviews I still remember when they didn't have full navigation within recaps, so you had to keep clicking next if say, you wanted to skip to page 8 of the recap because that's where you stopped previously or whatever.

Or just know how to manipulate the URL, but anyway. Empress, That was you!!!! I may have spent far too much time designing a Spander banner.

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