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Pua text messages

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I just been super busy lately on other media posting pickup content. I wanna briefly touch on a topic that I hammer to death a while back, and that is the strategy of using False Time Constraints in order to:.

PUA text game has always...

So, here it is: How do you accomplish this powerful frame? Simply tell the girl that you have to go. Makes you appear non-needy and non-desperate 2. Makes the girl look forward to Pua text messages again 3. Makes the girl see you as a guy who has shit going on for himself 4.

That technique will NOT work when done that way! You will stand out from among the 30 chodes who will have inboxed her that day. Not only will most guys try to push lame convo with interview-type questionsbut the girl will eventually ignore them by the 3rd message. Instead, in mini sequences over days or weeks. You talk to her today via inboxend the convo abruptly. Hit her up again, perhaps 2 days later. Then hit her up again the next Pua text messages. Then hit her up days later.

Bear in mind that all these hitups in her DM, should be kept brief!!! Anyway, you will see me demonstrate just that in the following screenshots with 2 different hotties.

BTW, these 2 chats were from today. Hence, this is the initial round of convo.

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Most importantly, note that I create a sexual tone from the get-go! They never comment on my posts, nor have we ever interacted prior.

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And notice that I told them that we will chat another time. None of this took more than minutes.

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And I instantly created an attractive vibe. So, why do I get sexual and forward so early? To indirectly let the girl know my intention to fuck without outright telegraphing it which I often do anyway. The fact that you said it will do! You can keep on messaging if you want to!

What often happens too is Pua text messages the girl will be so captivated by your unusual style, she will often try Pua text messages keep you there by keep on messaging you, even though you told her that you have to go.

It will often shock them that a guy wants to end such a spirited and fun convo… so fast. So this fucks with their sense of value, while simultaneously sparking attraction as she subconsciously sees you as a rare specimen of equal to higher value. Looks very meaningless and trivial.

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And why do girls shame guys for such Pua text messages lame opener? This is why in classic pickup, the order is: You cannot try to fucking gain rapport before making the girl attracted to you to your vibe! How would you take to that? You would blow him the fuck off and get weirded out by such a request!

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The girl would get weirded out and turned off! That is an extremely Beta and Weak way of approaching women! It is low value! So why the fuck state the obvious!?

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It makes you look inept, stupid and lacking social Pua text messages and intelligence. Plus it makes you look unsure of yourself! Okay guys, another instructional post for ya. What I want to touch on, is staying-power in Game over text to be exact. What do I mean exactly? I mean, how to game a girl for a LONG period of time, without actually speaking to her much over that long period, while avoiding the friend zone at the same time, and ultimately get to the girl to commit to having you come over.

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Usually, when a girl gets iffy about seeing me, I sometimes delete her and keep it pushing. As you will notice in the screenshots, I first started to game this girl last year November when I picked Pua text messages up. Pua text messages hit her up 2 days ago for the 1st time in like 3 months. This morning, she finally committed to seeing me, so she gave me her address playfully soso I can stop by her later in the evening.

That is friendzone or text-zone shit right there! With such an approach, I waste no time whatsoever. What is a 5 minute conversation every months? Additionally, you ought to take into consideration the fact that women jump in and out of relationships like getting out of bed in the mornings.

I gathered a list of...

Four, 5, 6 months later: Thus, more open to meeting up. I wanna briefly touch on a topic that I hammer to death a while back, and that is the strategy of using False Time Constraints in order to: Build the attraction by making the girl anticipate chatting with you again 3.

Good old text game. I...

Have the girl think while creating Preselection and giving off a high-value vibe. BTW, I do this very very often when gaming girls on social media. Also, this sort of game works best on the hottest girls who get the most attention.

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May 30, 3. How does this tie into women online? July 30, 0.

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July 23, 0. June 16, 0.

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Now, the trick is to OPEN STRONG (with wittiness and humor) as your initial inbox message/DM. You cannot open with some lame, generic shit. PUA text game has always said to be aloof. Be distant. But that thinking is obsolete. Learn the new way to text girls to get them on dates and.

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