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Rules of dating a tattoo artist

Naked 18+ Gallery Rules of dating a tattoo artist.
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Tattoo artists are just like any other artist—their work is their life. They focus their feelings — whether frustrations or excitements—into their work.

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They can become engrossed, obsessed, and even a little temperamental, at times. And everything becomes about the work….

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When you begin a relationship with an artist—whether a tattoo artist, street artist, or any other format—you have to understand this: The art comes first. For some of us, this means having to learn to step back and understand that they may just need time to work alone, in peace, in order to process something that has happened in their life.

rules of dating a tattoo...

Sometimes, inspiration can strike at the spur of a moment, causing them to disappear into their studio, their shop, or whatever space they might be using to create their work.

You never know until you get into a piece how long it is truly going to take.

On occasion, the client may have an extremely low pain tolerance, leading to them having to take frequent breaks to rest and recoup.

Most tattoo shops also have crazy hours.

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Think about it, when do you see most people in movies and tv getting tattoos? In fact, my entire social life revolves around the shop these days.

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Which, I have to say, helps, as we both face the same quirks and habits and have found a way to work with them. It comes with its own set of complications.

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I can recognize the difference between different types of tattoos. I can explain the difference between a rotary and a coil machine. I get the concepts of how each style of tattoo is done and the technique required to do each one.