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Sexy football jersey dresses for women


It's football season once more. You know what that means. No, no, I'm not talking about your Fantasy Football League gearing up again. I'm talking about ladies thinking it is a good idea to go around wearing football jerseys.

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Excuse me while I throw up into the bag I keep just for this purpose. Look, I support boyfriend jeans and oversized button-downs. I've got no beef Sexy football jersey dresses for women ladies wearing ties or a shoe that could be described as "mannish". I've long been a fan of Annie Halland as such, I think ladies who can pull off that look should! I just think that broads in jerseys are the exception to this rule.

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Sure, you're supporting you team, but couldn't you do it with a hat? Or by waving a pennant flag?


I'm not saying you've got to oust your team spirit in order to be fashionable. I'm just saying Sexy football jersey dresses for women there are alternatives to doing it while wearing an item of clothing that is designed to make everyone look like a fat, terrible sandwich. Lots of ladies try to rectify the jersey's inherently unflattering shape by making it "sexy.

None of it works. Just wear a tee-shirt, dudettes. I promise you, the world will be a better, happier place for us all. Fashion clothes trends workout gear. Rebecca Stokes September 16, at 4: Do you "Sexy football jersey dresses for women" ladies look okay in football jerseys?

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We surveyed real life women, lots of 'em, about the shorts, shirts, and shoes they want you to wear to the gym. to do it (do not underestimate how sexy women find a man doing pushups). The Shirt She Wants You to Wear.

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