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In this work, the problem of shaping magnetic field excited by magnetic coils is considered. An important special case is constructing coils that excite a homogenous magnetic field in some specific regions.

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This problem is Napromieniowana klasa online dating important step in Napromieniowana klasa online dating design of superconducting magnetic coils for Magnetic Resonance Imaging devices, where in certain regions a strong static magnetic field with high homogeneity is needed. The linear coil design problem is investigated using two approaches.

The first approach Napromieniowana klasa online dating based on linear algebra. The problem under study can be formulated as an over-determined set of linear equations. Since usually the matrix describing the problem is ill-conditioned, solutions obtained using the least squares method are very large in magnitude and hence are useless from the applications point of view. The Tichonov regularization method is employed to make the linear problem well-posed. In the second approach the problem is formulated as an optimisation task, which is solved using the quasi-Newton optimisation algorithm.

Performance of both methods in terms of their effectiveness is Napromieniowana klasa online dating using several examples. Image quality evaluation plays a very important role in any image processing application. A number of efforts have been made in the last decade to develop generalized image quality metrics. However, a common and easily applicable image quality measure is yet to be developed. It can be calculated easily and performs significantly better than the widely used image distortion quality metric Mean Squared Error MSE.

A software release of the proposed image quality measure HQI and examples of its usage on different test images have Napromieniowana klasa online dating made available online: Digital Image, Histogram, Quality Measure. It is relevant to various image processing applications and provides significant comparisons across different types of image distortions. The proposed new index is not only calculated easily, but it also "Napromieniowana klasa online dating" significantly better than the commonly used distortion metric MSE.

Digital images are subject to a lot of distortions during various processes acquisition, compression, storage, transmission, reproduction, etc. For this reason, image quality metrics are needed to determine the amount of deterioration of images.

In the last decades, a great deal of effort has been made to develop general image quality metrics. The paper describes Student Connectivity Module SCMa networked information processing system supporting student international exchange between European universities. The SCM architecture and operation was Napromieniowana klasa online dating along with trials of the prototype system performed by staff and students of Technical University of Lodz and Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland.

Introduction The aim of the Bologna Process is to create a European Higher Education Area EHEA based on international cooperation and academic exchange that is attractive to European students and staff as well as to students and staff from other parts of the world. One of the ways to achieve this aim is to promote cooperation between European universities and to facilitate mobility of students, graduates and higher education staff.

The paper presents the new C-type high harmonic power filter design process whose aim is the reduction of total harmonic distortion in an industrial power supply system.

A new method for C-type filter design is proposed and an example of the method application to an industrial plant is provided. The basis for the new algorithm is assuming, at the design phase, the Napromieniowana klasa online dating distribution of the harmonic current between the filter to be tuned to that harmonic and the supply network. This method takes into consideration the network equivalent impedance.

Nowa metoda projektowania filtru typu C. Introduction An ever-increasing number of large-power nonlinear loads, installed in industry is the reason that passive harmonic filters are still the most common way to reduce voltage distortion at their points of connection. Many passive LC filter systems, of various structures and different operating characteristics have been developed [1] - [4]. Nevertheless, the single-tuned single branch filter still is the dominant solution for industrial applications, and it certainly is the Napromieniowana klasa online dating for understanding more advanced filtering structures, such as the C-type filter.

An Napromieniowana klasa online dating solution can be active filters or hybrid filters that combine these structures [5] - [7].

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Both the design and control of such systems can be a task employing artificial intelligence methods, e. The paper proposes a novel switching strategy that increases the efficiency of the energy conversion and reduces the noise level produced by the generator. The technique redistributes the three switching stages of the converter within one working cycle. Such technique is viable when the generator operates below its base speed.

Here, the back electromagnetic force is always lower than the DC-link voltage, hence the phase Napromieniowana klasa online dating is controlled at a desired value. Nowa strategia sterowania generatorem reluktancyjnym Keywords: As rotor carries no windings or permanent magnets its size is small with low inertia.

The stator poles are equipped with concentrically wound phase windings, thus simplifying the manufacture. As there is no winding distribution between the different stator slots, each winding is electrically independent for which reason the mutual coupling between Napromieniowana klasa online dating is negligible. Consequently, an electrical fault in Napromieniowana klasa online dating of the phases does in general not affect the other phases. Because of the sequential energizing of the stator phases, there is a need for the SR machine to use a controllable converter for its operation.

The work includes the simulation results of 2D magnetic field distribution DCSRM machine for operating in dual-channel and single-channel mode. The conclusions are Napromieniowana klasa online dating. Carrier phase correction "Napromieniowana klasa online dating" a one of the crucial tasks of the receiver in coherent detection of quadrature amplitude modulated QAM signals. In the paper, an analytical description of the cost function of the unuspervised decision-directed method with a reduced constellation as a set of the reference symbols is presented.

The performed analysis does not impose any restrictions on the probability distribution of the transmitted symbols. Numerical analysis of the radial expansion process of a copper ring launched by impulse electromagnetic field for the selected constructional configuration of a coil and for given discharge voltage of a capacitor bank is presented in the work.

The aim of the performed analysis is assessment of launching capability of "Napromieniowana klasa online dating" apparatus for an electromagnetic expanding ring test developed at the Military University of Technology. Numerical analysis of electromagnetic expansion process for thin-walled copper ring. Gauges for leading big continuous value they are built as package many Napromieniowana klasa online dating parallel strip and spans are between them at that small.

It has big affirmation maximum on purpose current. Flow of current is in this kind by all of constructions gauges, as it were belonged to expect uneven. In this paper, the quality of input current waveforms was investigated for a three-phase single-stage full-bridge power factor correction PFC converter, which operates in DCM mode. The three-phase input current expression of the PFC converter was derived, and the parameter which can determine the input harmonics current was analyzed in details.

Based on them, the method of sixth order harmonics injection was adopted in the control circuit to suppress its input harmonics current.

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Finally, computer simulation and experimental results prove the validity of the analysis in this paper. Power factor correction PFC technique is a most effective method to reduce harmonic current and increase power "Napromieniowana klasa online dating" []. There are two kinds of PFC due to the different circuit structures: The mathematical models of the DC and AC motors are introduced and compared.

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The voltage control of motor without decoupling is considered. The flux linkage generation rotor or stator and electromagnetic torque are analysed. Models were unified to the transfer-function form.

Mathematically proved that the transfer-function: The propositions of the flux and torque control systems are introduced. Analizie poddano wytwarzanie strumienia skojarzonego wirnika lub stojana oraz momentu elektromagnetycznego. A novel de-noising algorithm, based on adaptive neural-fuzzy inference system ANFIS is proposed for noise reduction of the lightning current online monitoring system.

The paper presents the theory and the implement procedure of the fuzzy neural system. The simulation results demonstrate the superiority of the proposed method. Moreover, the employed approach has been tested on the practical measured current of lightning current online monitoring system. The testing results validate the proposed approach. Since the increasing flashover tripped accidents of transmission lines and towers caused by lightning strokes, the online monitoring system for lightning current has been designed to diagnose the failure point and improve the selfhealing ability of the transmission lines [3]-[5].

Thick-film and Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics technologies are widely used in the Napromieniowana klasa online dating, sensors, actuators and microsystems. The parameters of the devices depend on the properties of thick-film components and the quality of 3D structures machining.

Hence, the properties of the components Napromieniowana klasa online dating be carefully analysed. The influences of the following parameters: The investigations were done using completely randomized design of the experiment with two input parameters and statistical analysis.

This paper shows how to solve a probabilistic three phase load flow in radial distribution networks with photovoltaic distributed generation PDG. Voltage regulation is one of the principal problems to be addressed. This research study applies a three phase power flow combined with the Monte Carlo method to solve this problem.

Load and PDG are modeled as random variables. A case study is presented. Napromieniowana klasa online dating results obtained show the decrease of the unbalance factor due to the presence of PDG. Monte Carlo method; Probabilistic load flow; Three-phase load flow; Photovoltaic systems. These systems present voltage unbalances. Distributed Generation DG is electricity generation sited close to the load it serves, typically in the same building or complex. DG creates a variety of well documented impacts on distribution network operation and implies significant changes to planning and design practices.

Research has suggested that Napromieniowana klasa online dating benefits of distributed resources could be substantial. However, these distributed advantages are site specific [2,3]. The paper deals with an unconventional approach to the analysis of electrical circuits with randomly varying parameters based on stochastic differential equations SDE. A response of the electrical circuit is computed in the form of a sample mean with a particular Napromieniowana klasa online dating interval to provide credible estimate of the result.

The method is applied to get voltage and current responses of the second-order RLGC network excited from a Napromieniowana klasa online dating source with a noise term. The results are compared with the classical deterministic state-variable approach. An interesting approach of that is to replace parameters Napromieniowana klasa online dating the deterministic model by random processes.

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