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Internet dating scams afghanistan casualties


What makes these scams so appalling is that they assume the identities of military personnel supposedly stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan. They "Internet dating scams afghanistan casualties" internet dating sites and reel women along for months before springing the scam and asking for money.

After writing about the Festus Smith fraud, he decided to leave a comment on this blog. Then I worked for the Military and later Got promotions becoming an Officer. Notice anything interesting about those two comments, other than the terrible English spelling and Internet dating scams afghanistan casualties Check out the IP addresses! Real troops ALL have military email accounts. There is nothing illegal or wrong with this.

Stories That Are Lies

All PostsMilitary Scams Tags: Please help see if he a scrammer. Also a friend of mine is talking to a Micheal Ronald Webb, stationed in Afghan, any information will be helpful. Has anyone been contacted by Richard Morgan, goes by the name Richie Morgan, he said he is stationed in Nigeria as a Commander Officer.

I have send him money and I believe "Internet dating scams afghanistan casualties" scammed me. Has he asked you for anything else besides Internet dating scams afghanistan casualties Dewilliams Jordan and he sent me he emailed me his commander emailed he is trying to get home but he needs Has anyone been contacted by Richie Morgan Richard richiemorgan gmail. I am posting one for my friend. She has been communicating with a certain Tony Flores and he is supposedly deployed in Syria for peacekeeping.

They first chatted on POF. Then, she asked if they can video chat and the guy said he is not "Internet dating scams afghanistan casualties" in the base even if in sleeping quarters. My friend wanted to see if this guy is real. He sent her lots of pictures but she felt something is not right. So if someone could answer these, I would appreciate passing this information to my friend. Are they not allowed to have video chat in their Internet dating scams afghanistan casualties rooms?

This guy claimed he is Army patrol at the Kobani Base in Syria. First, he said Damascus then Kobani. He said he was in Afghanistan for 5 years and video chat is allowed there but not in Kobani.

Does this make sense? Any input is greatly appreciated. Said he based in west Africa. Use the app Google hugouts. Please email me at: How can i find out if the person i talk to is for real.

He says he is stationned in fort hamilton brooklyn ny. I tried to email the base but still no answer. Strange thing is he never said he was working oversees. Did asked for money. All i want to know if this person is stationned there or just warn the person who is in the pictures. Hi my name is Vieiecha Richardson and I was talking with him for over a year and I have sent him money a few times omg….

An Owen Alex Smith hit me up on Hinge. Sent me tons of photos and told me that he is deployed in Iraq and can only use government issued equipment to take new photos. I feel bad if he is real and I just became paranoid but too many scums and scammers out there. I met a girl from Nigeria and want to Internet dating scams afghanistan casualties here Sunday I have to send money to micheal Sandra Country Nigeria zip Is this a scam.

These guys are more stupid than their spelling. Although English I used to live in west Africa so very aware of these scams. They are so obviously not who they say. She says she is a sergeant in the US Army on a peace keeping mission. She is constantly asking my son to send Itunes cards and he is sending hundreds of dollars of them to her.

There is lots of lovey dovey song lyrics for messages and terrible grammar and I think my boy has been sucked in. Please confirm that Ashley Farrell or the other way round is who she says she is. This is definitely a scam. Soldiers can buy their own iTunes cards.

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We Internet dating scams afghanistan casualties not have any soldiers on peacekeeping missions there over. Do you have someone in the military by the name of Jefferson Parker? He says he is currently on tour in West Africa and currently in a war zone. He has all sorts of pictures supporting his identity, but refuses to video chat.

Fake soldier pretended to be...

There is a lot of broken english and strange phrases in the conversation. But would he be allowed to call? More regarding Jefferson Parker. Was told he is a paratrooper originally from Fort Bragg, NC. He Internet dating scams afghanistan casualties currently in "Internet dating scams afghanistan casualties" working with the UN soldiers to help keep peace due to the Boko Haram terrorist attacks that are getting worse.

And exactly how homey would a dining room of a base camp appear? He has so many pictures! E-9 Sergeant Major a Key assistance and advisor to the platoon leader is currently serving in Syria for about months. He is a signal support specialist, supervise, installs, maintains and troubleshoots signal support systems and terminal devices.

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Email I was given is randyjones Internet dating scams afghanistan casualties. He says that his birthday is Feb 19 so Internet dating scams afghanistan casualties would have just celebrated his 54th birthday.

Randy also states that he will be retiring soon. All messages that "Internet dating scams afghanistan casualties" get from Randy are stating at the bottom are coming from a military base system. Randy is stating that he has served 27 yrs. He is also stating that he has been widowed for 8 yrs. Can you please advise me if this person is a scam?

This happened last fall. Guy tried to scsm me. Single father Internet dating scams afghanistan casualties Phoenix said he had to go to England, calls me from England and has Nigerian accent.

I used a phone no app. I had to block him. This one sounds just like yours ladies beware. I immediately noticed the gross misuse of the English language. You are such interestingI am here looking for serious and long term relationshipa woman i can get married with and spend the rest of my life with together and grow up with. Do you think that we can exchange our email address or number so that we can get to know more about each other through there and see where it lead us to?

Wow my guys name that they gave was Steve Andy with the exact same info he gave you. Are you still in contact with him? Randy is claiming to be retiring in a short time serving 27yrs. He just celebrated his 54th birthday on Feb 19th.

He has not asked me for anything but his time. Is this person the who he says he is? An Internet dating scams afghanistan casualties address if have is randyjones gmail. Do you have a military member by the name Helen Grundy E6 Sergeant stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan on peace keeping mission? As I was reading the blogs on this website I noticed there were scams with I-tunes gift cards involved. This particular person happened to ask for an I-tune gift card yesterday.

This person then made statement about thinking I would go to Walmart and send it. There have been just too many yellow flags with what is being said in messages between us and want to know if Helen Grundy really exists. Caught one today Facebook account for Bob e Rogers. I was suspicious early. Wanted me to hangout instead of Facebook chat. Same old stories too. Feel free to report him.

Stationed in Iraq wife left him young son blah blah. And online dating or so-called “romance scams” are a big chunk of that The FBI said that in alone, victims in Florida lost more than $ Scammers, Not Soldiers: Internet Romance Cons Get a Military Twist.

If someone says to send the mail to Ghana because they can't get mail in Iraq or Afghanistan, Right now, we're seeing a lot of victims in Denmark.". Heather had sent more than $ to an online lothario who said he Military romance scammers steal U.S. soldiers' photos — and money — from lonely people Unlike Heather, Mary Smith managed to elude financial losses, but The former, top U.S.

Army General in Afghanistan, John F.

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